World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2027

Yang Tianyi is still fusing Yue'er to give his star Divine Soul, the time of requiring has gone beyond the expectation of Yue'er. expert that these Divine Country come, plans to watch the fun at this time, because they come time, had been requested, cannot meddle here matter, especially the disputes of some influences, regarding Divine Country, here influence the weaker the better the control. Yue'er said: Yang Tianyi is still closing up, should be about to come out! We go to the city wall to have a look, if that stupid bear came, suddenly does not dare to act unreasonably, here has Divine Country Prince, his many will have scruples.” The competition was also announced the suspension, Supreme Temple expert went into on the city wall at this time. Shen Xiang they also quickly rush, stand above, only sees outside on a city wall big stretch of open area, has hundred background huge silver lion, these silver lion are towing the giant saloon car, great lion that in addition, many colors vary, these are Divine Lion Race are unable to change the god lions of turn into a human shape! At the same time moreover is many melts the turn into a human shape Moon and Stars Mythical Beast, their quantities are many, tens of thousands, the overall strength is very strong, looks like does not compare to have Divine Lion Race of many giant god lions to be weak. Divine Lion Race these giant god lions are similar to hills are placed outside the city, including biggest unexpectedly are higher than the city wall, this biggest great lion suddenly rave, other god lions have also roared, that sound shakes the city wall in shaking slightly, the sound wave transmits the distant place, sees only these mountains to crack, the earth was torn, this grand imposing manner shocks, making many strength small and weak humanity fearful and apprehensive. Divine Lion Race, our Supreme Temple may not have the enmity with you, is this what intent?” Mu Chen may not have to be frightened by that imposing manner, float in upper air, sound, if the mighty bell, loud voice asked. His sound rolling like the thunder, is only a person of imposing manner, was not weak in former that flock of lions roars. You insult our Divine Lion Race Prince, is similar to insults our entire clan, this is the enmity of cannot live under the same sky, this is our purposes in coming! Now we give you two roads to walk, either fights, either kowtows to our Divine Lion Race the apology.” In a garage broadcasts the ice-cold sound, this thinks that is Divine Lion Race Patriarch...... Divine Lion King!

Must kowtow the apology is impossible, moreover this matter is Divine Lion King extremely rampantly caused! Mu Chen is having doubts, Divine Lion Race should not wage a war for this reason, but now besides Divine Lion Race, Stars and Moon God Clan. Stars and Moon God Clan, you? You may not have what rampant Prince to come our to bring contempt upon oneself!” Mu Chen has prepared great war, therefore spoke also has no scruples. Once small white cats appeared in this your Supreme Temple, right! We come for this, this cat now also your here, so long as you hand over, we walk immediately, if not hand over, then also only then fought one.” That side Stars and Moon God Clan has white long hair elegant old man float to arrive at the upper air, was saying to Mu Chen. Yue'er here, she at this time wants to come out to say anything, delays time, so long as and other Yang Tianyi came out to be good, now contrasts, both sides are evenly matched, hit definitely mutually wounded, but that side Stars and Moon God Clan Ancestral Emperor is also hiding. Even if humanity can suppress beast clan, but laughs last definitely is that Ancestral Emperor, he has not gotten rid now, must wait for a best opportunity. Yue'er had been plotted against by that Ancestral Emperor in the past, that Ancestral Emperor cloudy, she is clearest. Mu Chen they only know that small white cat and Shen Xiang together, but Shen Xiang has not brought now in the side! Previous time your Stars and Moon God Clan has sent the elder to come, that small white cat already left, the elder also confirmed that therefore not here.” Mu Chen said that now he has not seen the small white cat with Shen Xiang. That can only we look to look!” Stars and Moon God Clan old man said with a sneer.

Makes our Divine Lion Race shoot!” A great lion flushed, speed very rapidness, moreover this great lion also whole body braves the intense flame, running time, treads the earth greatly to shake unceasingly, that stretch of open area presented many fissures. This is similar to the city wall equally big god lion is very strong, has Divine Level strength other too, such dashes, definitely to gathering British Divine City protection formation will cause the damage. At this time, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird have prepared to sell, repel this most giant flame god lion! flash, stops to me!” The sound conveys, a person's shadow appears in the sky of that great lion suddenly, this sound Shen Xiang they are familiar. Hears that sound Shen Xiang to know that Qi Shi came! He is true Divine Lion King! Qi Shi arrives, these do not have the Shapeshift god lion to crawl in abundance, is worshipping their rulers likely! Long ago, Qi Shi had the prestige in Divine Lion Race, but here these giant god lions in the past were the young masters, they remember certainly that Qi Shi aura, Qi Shi was the King in their heart! Qi Shi went to the Lion Emperor tomb, at this time he can come back, thinks that obtained the inheritance of Lion Emperor, moreover aura that released a moment ago from him, this time strength is also very strong. That called Yao's huge Fire Lion to stop, he listened to the Qi Shi words very much! flash, after I had said you, in the past can be long very greatly, now really so! Was only a pity...... A Yan died!” The Qi Shi fist grips tightly, murderous aura rises suddenly, covers entire Divine City, Lan Tian is cloudy immediately, blood-colored lightnings keep waving, crazy was roaring.

A Yan that Qi Shi said a moment ago, is his younger brother Qi Yan, is Ancient Fire Beast! Knew Qi Yan dead, these crawled in the god lion of place hold up the head to cry loud and long, the howl filled miserably sad. Mu Chen and Xiao Changle these two Palace Master naturally know that the Qi Shi matter, Qi Shi can come at this time, they are accidental, before the roar of flock of lions was scary, but all people are infected by group lion that dismal roaring hiss now! A Yan is that Divine Lion King kills!” Qi Shi angrily said, both eyes jump project two golden light, infiltrates a giant saloon car. little bastard, comes out to me!” Qi Shi roars, that saloon car was broken the powder, that Divine Lion King lost the past calm, on the face full is frightened, because he has not felt the angers of several hundred god lions to concentrate together is such fearful! In Divine Lion Race, most god lions were Qi Shi in the past trained, now has grown up, they knew that Qi Shi was also living, only recognized Qi Shi for the king. Divine Lion King could not sit still, he has stood, his appearance and that Divine Lion King are somewhat similar, his coldly said: Everybody do not believe him, he is only a loser!” Present Divine Lion King and Qi Shi also brothers, but actually not same mother, moreover they were also in sharp opposition before.