World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2028
The arrival of Qi Shi let Shen Xiang and Yue'er is more relieved, at least this has been able to constrain Divine Lion Race and Stars and Moon God Clan a period of time, making them feel what was quite strange, your Stars and Moon God Clan Ancestral Emperor has not appeared! At this time, that Ancestral Emperor, if came out, even if Qi Shi arrived, perhaps was also strenuous! Divine Lion King float in upper air, golden armor under fierce positive illumination, dazzling incomparable, although Divine Lion Race these giant god lions do not obey his direction, but he is still self-confident, he thinks, so long as he can cut to kill Qi Shi, these god lions will follow his, they only follow expert. In the past Qi Shi was in the Divine Lion Race strong great war god, therefore these god lions see Qi Shi to appear now, induced to the Qi Shi aura, will hire oneself. I am a loser, but you are actually balls little rascal! If not for I used the life to spell in the past, Divine Lion Race was already destroyed completely, but you actually hide in the back, when we died on the control Divine Lion Race throne, this is also the quite reasonable normal matter, but your son has actually killed Qi Yan, but Qi Yan the past years defended Divine Lion Race sacrifice warrior, he killed our Divine Lion Race warrior, how can this account calculate?” Qi Shi looks at that somewhat panic-stricken Divine Lion King, loud voice angrily said. Divine Lion King is unable to refute this point, although the god lion on the scene the brain is stupid, but they remember these matters, because they only respect expert, respects the brave warrior, in the past Qi Yan and Qi Shi to protect Divine Lion Race sacrificed, this they in heart, now Qi Shi and Qi Yan resurrect, but Divine Lion King has killed Qi Yan. That most giant flame god lion suddenly roared, that suddenly crack the roar, shakes the people heart to jump, in the flame god lion mouth also spouts a flame, hits to Divine Lion King! Snort!” Divine Lion King grazes immediately, big palm wields, the blue light explodes dodges at the same time, that [say / way] fearful flame unexpectedly was refracted, meanwhile one group of blue Qi mist are towing the long light tail, is similar to the meteor strikes generally to the giant flame god lion. Although this flame god lion build huge like mountain, the strength also suffices, but attacks now his but Divine Lion Race Prince, this powerful strength is not he can resist. Qi Shi sees this, roared at the same time, the person has fired into that group of blue Qi mist, his body braved an intense white light, rolled condense fearful strength blue Qi ball to wash out that directly.

Suddenly, Qi Shi breaks through this Qi ball, arrived in front of Divine Lion King, but in his hand also left a lion's head to swallow the mouth the golden sword. This a sword emergence, all god lions sends out the air/Qi roar of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering! „The Lion Emperor sword, you went to the Lion Emperor tomb......” Divine Lion King to startle greatly, can obtain this thing to mean that in the Lion Emperor tomb Qi Shi obtained the approval of Lion Emperor, obtained the inheritance of Lion Emperor, this is similar to the future Lion Emperor general existence. Qi Shi had not said that sword already swift and violent chops, sword condense Qi Shi angry strength, is leaving the instance of blade, might dreadful whooshing roared from the sword, the entire ground caved in immediately, since flew upwards the intermittent lime soil, saw only a black great lion to appear in the dust indistinctly. This blade very fearful, Divine Lion King when Qi Shi leaves the blade, the balls trembled, especially sees this is the Lion Emperor sword time, he lost with the heart of Qi Shi to war. Divine Lion King has avoided this blade, but Qi Shi this blade does not come to him, chops directly to that by Divine Lion King that the prestige of sword frightens is unable to move sub-. The sword cuts the instance that falls, is similar to a black lion drills into Divine Lion King the body, only after hearing Divine Lion King roared pitifully, turns into a piece of black fragment. Qi Shi...... your unexpectedly kills my son!” Divine Lion King watches black fragment that scatters, the air/Qi results in the whole body to tremble. Your son damn, homicide my Divine Lion Race warrior, even if I do not kill him, here Divine Lion Race member will not let off his.” Qi Shi strength unexpectedly becomes so fearful, after he cuts has killed Divine Lion King sub-, the sword has put up on the neck of Divine Lion King.

But at this time the people can see, has light black Qi mist on Divine Lion King golden armor, seeing this Qi mist, Shen Xiang to look around White Tiger immediately, this was White Tiger the strength of Law of Darkness, Divine Lion King locks by this strength. Said quickly why you must come to here, broken matter that your bastard son annoys, but also being insufficient makes you use strength of entire clan to attack!” Qi Shi compels to ask, this Divine Lion King strength weak in Qi Shi, making prestige of Qi Shi in Divine Lion Race higher. Divine Lion King had not replied that he looked at distant place that Stars and Moon God Clan long hair old man, that old man waved, flies to project together red light, hits on the Qi Shi sword. Biting a resounding, the sword in Qi Shi hand was almost hit to fly. Also in this instantaneous, Stars and Moon God Clan old man arrives by Divine Lion King! Yue'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: This fellow is our Stars and Moon God Clan star moon/month Beast King.” Qi Shi also knows the opposite party probably, knit the brows: Is you? Has not thought that you can have today this altitude!” star moon/month Beast King that white long hair is dancing in the breeze with the wind, his gloomy and cold looks to raise stiff sneering shamelessly: Qi Shi, today's matter you should better leave alone, you walk now, I guaranteed after you, can live well, your Divine Lion Race broken matter goes to other place solution, so long as you did not meddle today's matter that's alright!” „Are you star moon/month Beast King are also what kind of? My Divine Lion Race matter has not been one's turn you to gesticulate, do I want to kill this fellow also to want you to nod inadequately?” Qi Shi said with a sneer: Do not think that I do not know broken matter that Stars and Moon God Clan that anything Samsara offers a sacrifice, your this group of bastards can have today's strength, should be sacrificed that to be only small the white cat!”

The Qi Shi words let the star moon/month Beast King complexion big change, because this is their Stars and Moon God Clan secret, cannot other to know that cannot make Stars and Moon God Clan clan know. Does not want to kill you, but your words were too many!” star moon/month Beast King is angry drinks, the palm explodes lightens one group of red raging fire, short distance flies to Qi Shi, carefully looked that contains the belt fearful strength meteorite together., Qi Shi backhands a blade to break out, blade Qi breaks out the meteorite at the same time, toward the star moon/month Beast King sputtering in the past, at the same time, howled to transmit, White Tiger has attacked. This was past Beast God Temple one of the four big Protector, now the strength also restores well, moreover was grasping the strength of very mysterious fearful Law of Darkness. Ancestral Emperor saves me!” star moon/month Beast King calls out in alarm, White Tiger suddenly appears surprises him, White Tiger and Qi Shi besiege him, he has at death's door one. Shen Xiang hears a star moon/month Beast King roar, immediately gives White Tiger and Qi Shi sound transmission: You a bit faster walk, this Ancestral Emperor is very formidable!”