World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2029

Shen Xiang just gave them sound transmission to end, airborne speedily crashes also to want the big more than ten times of flame stars compared with the city, the time of pressing, that burns the hot arrogance to be similar to places oneself in the stove, but around the city does not have mountain forest that formation protects, at this time burns the raging flame. Mu Chen and Xiao Changle see, immediately soars, Vermilion Bird is also involved, afterward the old iron chicken, Luo Tianjun, Zhu Xiangyuan and Yi Baidong these elders also come up, reveals Divine Ability respectively, lets place that this giant incomparable flame stars deviation pounds to fall. In the high place, can prevent luckily with enough time! This flame stars fall in the mountain scene forest in distant place, the violent earthquake transmits, distant place that piece of dark green mountain range by the flame air wave crew cut, that scalding hot hot wave had been swept across the surrounding area thousand li(500 km). At this time entire gathers British Divine City and Supreme Temple is attacked by the hot wave, the hot wave is wreaking havoc the earth, completely vanished in these villages near Supreme Temple at this time. Big piece of mountain forest is destroyed in a moment! The people heart startles incomparably, if that stars fell on a moment ago directly gathering on British Divine City, that entire Divine City definitely will vanish, here will also turn into deep hole! In a minute, here turned into piece of sea of fire, only then Supreme Temple and gathers British Divine City not to be affected! ...... red clothed man float in upper air, looks sea of fire that the following raging flame forms, exclaims: Is the fellow who which comes so fearful? If falls in the city, perhaps we must meet with a disaster!” That old follower angrily said: Young Master, this matter must tell God Emperor, you were almost killed a moment ago!” expert that Divine Country comes is also the heart is at this time startled, they have not thought that this Highest God Realm dispute, unexpectedly pulls so fearful expert, they were also very strong, but that Ancestral Emperor strength can actually kill them.

sea of fire just appeared shortly, rains on suddenly, is only in an instant, the fire was put out . Moreover the ground have not frozen, a moment ago bustling, now the cold air is intermittent, this transformation is quite strange. At this time, sees only a young robust man to walk from the ice surface, this male heavy features, on the valiant face full are the ominous color, does not get angry from the prestige, is only the contour gives people one fear and constriction. This is that stupid cow that Yue'er and Yang Tianyi said often, is Stars and Moon God Clan Ancestral Emperor! His specially devour young star practice, but these young stars are quality very good that various attribute he can devour, therefore he can Ice-Fire dual-purpose, this is not strange, how Yang Tianyi this bastard has not come out!” Yue'er worries very much: Now Divine Country these fellows fear, perhaps they could not resist, if this stupid cow made 12 stars to come again, Divine City must not have.” The people look that this Ancestral Emperor swaggering walks, could not speak, very obviously a moment ago was the stars that this fellow released, the people thought that definitely was not the real stars, but was this person uses strength of instantaneous condense fearful stars to come out, thought of this, the people were afraid. Hands over the cat, your anything matter did not have!” The Ancestral Emperor sound is very hoarse, roars is similar to the stuffy thunder covers the world. Sees Ancestral Emperor to appear, star moon/month Beast King also had the energy, at this time Stars and Moon God Clan one group of elders in abundance flushed, attacked White Tiger and Qi Shi. Vermilion Bird sees White Tiger they to be besieged, cannot give a thought to that many, immediately rush over, before Mu Chen and Yi Baidong them, and White Tiger chatted very much comes, the opposite party had difficult, they naturally must pass. Cat in conceal in this direction, I can induce obtains! Do you intend to hide her? Also good, I butchered you first, then slowly looks.” star moon/month Ancestral Emperor giant palm presents the long blade that flame turns into, is cutting to a White Tiger blade in the distant place. White Tiger must be divided shortly time, turned into piece of black Qi to avoid! Qi Shi they are battling with the Stars and Moon God Clan elder at this time, what making them not think, airborne suddenly presented giant stars, this stars compared with mostly, fell, in Supreme Temple and gathers on British Divine City, if pounding, definitely will turn into the ashes.

expert that these Divine Country come does not plan to meddle at this time, this Highest God Realm strength was weakened is they loves, for them this is the good matter! The giant flame stars are sending out red light, covers in gathering sky over British Divine City, at this time poly British Divine City inside person in abundance flies, looks in Divine City and Temple to the sky, is similar to a side burns the universe of flame to press. Shen Xiang flies the upper air immediately, he only wants completely his strength to prevent the formation of this crash, but at this time, he saw in the roofs in their shop to stand in the upper air in a guy. Is Yang Tianyi, he came out, in the roof in that shop! Such big sound, Yang Tianyi definitely was awakened, moreover he also when this key fusion star Divine Soul! Yang Tianyi stands in the roof, the palm to the sky, has made a white light! White light that he releases only then arm size, contrasted that to cover the giant flame stars of hundred cities is really too small! However, when this spoken parts light moves the flame stars, the surface of flame giant star presented fissures, afterward the Yang Tianyi white light coarsened, had the water jar to be big, has passed through the entire stars. At this time the people can see this intense white light not only to penetrate the stars, making the stars surface full is the fissure, unexpectedly also makes the stars slow down the speed of crash. Stupid cow, you are also mediocre!” Yang Tianyi laughs wildly, originally only then white light suddenly of water jar size becomes incomparably huge, has covered the entire flame stars! Time that this bunch of white lights present is short, almost dodges to pass, but that flame giant star disappeared with the white light.

After Yang Tianyi destroys completely the stars, dodges the upper air instantaneously, then dodges to the city wall outside, stands in front of star moon/month Ancestral Emperor, they are generally big! After star moon/month Ancestral Emperor sees Yang Tianyi, wrinkles his thick big eyebrow: I do not know you, why do you want to meddle my matter? Who you are, like your this strength also only then in Divine Country has! However Divine Country has promised me, does not meddle my matter!” You do not know me, but I actually know you! You are Star Law God Territory famous Star Devouring Sacred Cow!” Yang Tianyi indifferently said, after star moon/month Ancestral Emperor hears, immediately retreat several steps. „Are you Law Enforcer?” star moon/month Ancestral Emperor startled shouted. „It is not, but kills you to be enough!” Yang Tianyi no longer rubbish, the fist has pounded on the face of star moon/month Ancestral Emperor. star moon/month Ancestral Emperor was hit to fly the distant place immediately, where the naked eye could not see him to fly, but here fight is actually continuing, this is White Tiger Qi Shi they and Stars and Moon God Clan fight! Many people are confused at this time, according to clue that they know, all these are because a cat causes! This was really too absurd! For a cat, almost ruins Divine City and Temple, if not for personally experiences, definitely will not believe. Really is danger(ous), was almost a moment ago finished!” Jiang Sheng arrives at side Shen Xiang with a laugh, he initially was looked for Qi Shi, he had found evidently, but also had a mourning clothes guy by Jiang Sheng. Shen Xiang recognizes from his aura immediately, he was past Beast God Temple Bai Jue, initially was he went to the Lion Emperor tomb with Qi Shi.