World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2030
The Jiang Sheng strength is limited, therefore he also can only watch the fun in the, Shen Xiang they are also so, facing that formidable Highest God, they cannot help. Yang Tianyi and Star Devouring Sacred Cow erupted very intense fight in the distant place, stands on the city wall, although cannot see their forms, but can actually see distant place that greatly to become by one piece that the rock magma covers red, an intermittent fierce earthquake is continuously, and is getting more and more fierce. Now looks like Yang Tianyi and Star Devouring Sacred Cow strength is similar, they hit equally matched, if this had continued, even if must decide the victory and defeat also to require very long time, like this drags is not the means that after all here makes these many matters, moreover there are expert that Divine Country sends here, Divine Country perhaps will meddle when the time comes! Before Star Devouring Sacred Cow had said that Divine Country will not meddle his matter, then, Divine Country and he had anything to agree, if he encountered the crisis, perhaps Divine Country can save him, after all this Star Devouring Sacred Cow had the good strength. Stars and Moon God Clan started the general attack at this time, although these elders they are fighting with Qi Shi, moreover was suppressed by the opposite party, they have to make the entire clan carry on the attack! However, Stars and Moon God Clan many clan actually turned into the birds at this time, then changes to together the spoken parts light, flew the four directions to vanish! This group of bastards!” star moon/month Beast King angrily said, he has not thought that meets suddenly to present this matter. This was Yue'er gave this crowd of not understanding the true situation Moon and Stars Mythical Beast sound transmission to explain all a moment ago, Yue'er was popular in Stars and Moon God Clan, many Moon and Stars Mythical Beast listened certainly her, especially knew that star moon/month Ancestral Emperor so treated Yue'er time, was angry. This crowd of Moon and Stars Mythical Beast are the star moon/month essence bred, gathers in Stars and Moon God Clan, only then few parts through multiplication birth, therefore they do not have what sympathy to this star moon/month Ancestral Emperor, they like bringing the happy talks and laughters to them frequently Yue'er, said again Yue'er for many years also once helped them. Extinguished them!” The Qi Shi goal is Divine Lion King, Divine Lion King mixes together with the Stars and Moon God Clan elder at this time, to cut the Slaughter God Lion King, must result in annihilates star moon/month Beast King.

Qi Shi issues order, these are ready to make trouble the giant god lion to launch the fierce attack, coordinates Qi Shi they, at distant place condense strength releases in the past, quick let the opportunity that the Stars and Moon God Clan elder has not reversed completely, in abundance loses the fighting spirit, only wants a bit faster to get rid of Qi Shi they, is good to flee from here to preserve the short remaining life. Qi Shi...... your my good and bad is the brothers......” Divine Lion King sees game is as good as lost, hastily to shout to clear the way, but Qi Shi actually does without sparing anyone's sensibilities, Lion Emperor sword heartless dividing in hand cuts. The Divine Lion King upper part was divided separation slantingly, Qi Shi coldly snorted and said: Qi Yan is also brothers, but was killed after by your son, do you do? If you work as the brothers us, you should not lead your precious son to come, should not make him continue to get down rampantly.” Qi Yan was killed by that Divine Lion King, Qi Shi recalled that this matter, will not be lenient, the Lion Emperor sword in hand raises once more, chops the current events becomes the innumerable blade shades, the flame is intermittent, lightning glow sparkles, Divine Lion King that turns into the main body the huge body to be chopped the ashes by this crazy blade instantaneously. After Divine Lion King was cut kills, Qi Shi joins the fights of White Tiger and these star moon/month elders, they must fight a battle to force a quick decision, they quite knew about Divine Country, in order to avoid delays to be disadvantageous to them. Soon, Stars and Moon God Clan several elders completely were struck to kill, although they have the formidable strength, lived many years, but under the attacks of White Tiger their these fearful ancient times divine beast, was rumbled not to kill the skeleton to save. Fortunately, Divine City and Temple do not have what to obstruct greatly!” Mu Chen float in the air is overlooking, although around Divine City and Temple turn into a stretch of open land, but has not actually received anything to damage. Now the people look at the fierce combat of distant place Yang Tianyi and Star Devouring Sacred Cow, the fight of this rank they do not dare to approach, recalled the flame stars that Star Devouring Sacred Cow releases, they have a lingering fear! Yue'er said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: This is Yang Tianyi up to mischief? He has not used skeleton Divine Soul strength to the present, he should fight a battle to force a quick decision is right!”

Yang Tianyi fused star Divine Soul, the strength strength has greatly promoted, but he has not actually used this strength! Also does not know that was Yue'er suddenly to Yang Tianyi sound transmission, the sound of distant place became bigger, moreover transmitted strength of the extremely fearful stars! Yang Tianyi came from Star Law God Territory, was closed is being full of star moon power Star Moon Hell inside many years, the strength of his stars is also very fearful, the aura that at this time this wells up, came from Yang Tianyi. Finally has used, this fellow is not lazy, displays well!” Yue'er sound transmission said. After Shen Xiang also wants tried the skeleton to fuse formidable Divine Soul, will be fierce, he has the skeleton now, the strength has been increased, but has not fused Divine Soul! Who is this person? Hides in gathering in British Divine City we do not know unexpectedly!” Mu Chen knits the brows saying that he looked at Shen Xiang. He Senior that came from Star Law God Territory, in Highest God Realm a period of time, is I rescues him.” Shen Xiang said that he has not said the Yue'er matter, because Yue'er and Divine Country have a grudge. Star Law God Territory? I have heard probably, it is said this place is very mystical, is very remote, be much more formidable than Divine Country.” Qi Shi said. I understand not many!” Shen Xiang does not want to go to Star Law God Territory, there cannot sell Divine Pill secretly, was discovered may probably be imprisoned.

Soon, distant place suddenly is peaceful, some people doubts, they think that the fight can continue a period of time, but now is peaceful, fought to finish? Really, the fight had ended, Yang Tianyi carries a fiery red cow to graze, on Yang Tianyi also the alarmed scars, have a blood hole in the abdomen. On that good buffalo and cow horns that he carries has the bloodstain, the blood hole of Yang Tianyi abdomen should be punctured by that buffalo and cow horns. little rascal, to you, this fellow was only severely wounded Divine sea and fleshly body, strength that temporarily has not revolted against.” Yang Tianyi shouted the one breath gently, looks at his present appearance, knows that he injures heavily. Shen Xiang jumps immediately from the city wall! Before had reached an agreement, this Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine Soul is his, he must it integration skeleton. The Shen Xiang's movement is quick, he arrives at the Star Devouring Sacred Cow side, immediately revolution Grasping Soul Devil Curse, comes Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine Soul devour. Prevents him!” The sky broadcasts the sound suddenly, this came from Divine Country these expert, what speech is a black armor middle age. This crowd of Divine Country expert responds now that Shen Xiang must take Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine Soul, Divine Soul of this formidable beasts is precious, moreover is also difficult to seek, can they make Shen Xiang obtain helplessly?