World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2031
Shen Xiang seeks two Divine Soul from Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine sea, this is good, he also started to take out these two Divine Soul, will guide to the skeleton of his left arm on. Just started in him, these Divine Country expert from airborne, this is several middle age, afterward several old man successively appear, the influence is strong, understood at a glance that is surmounts too Divine Level other, but they are actually not the Star Devouring Sacred Cow matches. At this time Yang Tianyi was injured, perhaps if this group of people the joint effort, Yang Tianyi really could not have hit them! Stops quickly, this Divine Soul you do not match to have!” That black armor middle age coldly said, in his look full is the greedy ray, understood at a glance that he also wants to obtain this Divine Soul. I , if not match, you do not match!” In the Shen Xiang heart is very angry, but at this time White Tiger and Qi Shi they also in abundance flushed. Qi Shi coldly said: „Do you want to do? Who you should see a moment ago are defeat this cow, others give Shen Xiang this cow, why you said that he doesn't match?” This black armor middle age does not fear Qi Shi, after all he compares Qi Shi stronger: I said that does not match does not match!” The black armor middle age said that a fist hits to the Shen Xiang's head, starts very with raw hate, this fist foot made Shen Xiang be killed violently. The Qi Shi sword wields, White Tiger releases black fog, Vermilion Bird makes fire whip...... to prevent the attack of black armor middle age together. Black armor middle age fist kept off, was therefore enraged! Looks at this stance, great war is inevitable, when the black armor middle age puts out a long blade, the old iron chicken does not know where from fled, movement very rapid Min, in the hand is gripping tightly a short sword, arrives at the black armor middle age the back, punctures the nightfall armor middle age rapidly the stamina.

All these nobody expects, especially black armor middle age, he has not thought that Supreme Temple old man unexpectedly will sneak attack him . Moreover the movement so is neat! Also the old iron chicken was cloudy, after going well, runs quickly, did not have the trace suddenly, but the wound of black armor middle age stamina also braved intermittent black Qi, understood at a glance on the short sword of old iron chicken including bringing acute poison! The old iron chicken is the Highest God peak influence, ten nine Godhead, but this black armor middle age 20 Godhead, but he is actually defeated by the old iron chicken now. Quick, extinguished this group of bastards!” The black armor middle age covers the stamina wound, crazy gobbling up Divine Pill, his skin started to grow dark. golden armor middle age shouted: We collaborated to extinguish him, god good within the body had many Divine Soul and Godhead, when the time comes divided equally!” That red clothed man coldly snorted and said that in the air looks at: They come time should be informed cannot meddle here matter, may see the god cow to be defeated, produces the heart of embezzling! Naturally, they go back not to be blamed, because they obtain the god cow, but looked like they do not have now is so easy to go well!” old follower sighed: suddenly has these many matters, is really surprising! Has saying that this Shen Xiang is also a character, unexpectedly can solid this grade of expert, moreover these many people are protecting him!” The red clothed man nodded: These are his friend, this is natural!” ...... In the Shen Xiang heart gets angry anxiously, but he at this time in devour time, is unable to stop, otherwise he also therefore receives very serious wound.

Brother Yang, you now how?” Shen Xiang asked. I fortunately!” Yang Tianyi diligently stands, but just came to a stop, has spat a blood, then sits down exhausted in the ground. Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan have also caught up, although they know that they do not beat these to come from Divine Country expert, but they cannot look that Shen Xiang was cut to kill by them. Similar ten Divine Country expert attack in abundance, they have not put out weapon, is only with Divine sea strength, suddenly suppresses Qi Shi they! Your this group of bastards give me anxiously, when the father has the strength of Lion Emperor, first extinguished your dog country!” Qi Shi angrily said, turns into a white great lion, at this time his Divine Lion Race great lion also in abundance comes. Divine Country old man said with a sneer: Your great war, has consumed these many, let alone your themselves is the fellow who one crowd of rebirths have not restored many strengths, now we massacre you , after can avoid, you give our Divine Country to cause the massive loss.” During the speeches, White Tiger and Qi Shi were besieged by four old man, they coordinate very tacitly, is using four long stick attacks, the defense of White Tiger and Qi Shi is broken quickly, afterward has sword rain, these Divine Country old man, use divine tool magic treasure to attack, already Perfection, very sharp. But Vermilion Bird that comes also falls into, was used various formidable divine tool magic treasure wanton bombing by these old man. That several middle-aged man who Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan also, they face is fiercer, without using any method, light beats, makes them retreat in defeat again and again, on original cultivation base has very big disparity, but the person of opposite party are also many! Is about to extinguish their this group of bastards!” The black armor middle age of poison was roaring crazily, he felt his situation very terrible, therefore was angrier. Qi Shi their this time are sad, words that because did not rescue again, they will definitely be finished!

Originally Mu Chen and Xiao Changle must come, but White Tiger gives them sound transmission, making them not get rid, facing these Divine Country expert, are many they not to have anything to help, instead will therefore have harmed Six Paths Temple and Supreme Temple. Now White Tiger their strategies as far as possible delay the time, can only strange trust on Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi! Does not need to select strength, but also is very difficult to kill!” A golden armor man saw that White Tiger they delay the time the intention, sneered, the palm [gold/metal] explode immediately dodge, racket to Luo Tianjun! Hall Master!” The distant place hears one to drink tenderly, this is the Shui Bingyan sound. The Shui Bingyan flash arrives at side Luo Tianjun, on her intermittent fearful cold air also made the expert shock of Divine Country, because their coldly was frozen at this time, the cold strength emerged in their bodies fast. In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly worried, although Shui Bingyan is strong, but her strength is also limited, now also falls into during this fight, this is not the good matter. White Tiger they have not thought that this usually looks like the naive pure female, unexpectedly will have such fearful strength, the procedure is also very moving, unexpectedly to save them, did not fear that was involved during this strength disparate fight. „Does stupid girl, you do!” In the Luo Tianjun heart is affected, but blamed, because he was also clear Shui Bingyan not to be impossible to prevent these Divine Country expert. Turned into Qi Shi of white great lion also to counter-attack at this time, rushes to front of frozen old man, roared, ripped the fragment old man.