World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2032
White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan also immediately counter-attack, old iron chicken also suddenly that hides braves, Shui Bingyan has won very precious time of attack for them, they are certainly rare and precious, with trying to carry on fearfully strikes! The instant, five Divine Country expert were struck to kill, but White Tiger their paralysis in the ground, remaining several Divine Country expert also has also worked loose freezing of Shui Bingyan, a middle age dodges immediately to Shui Bingyan, a palm hits vigorously on the Shui Bingyan abdomen! The Shui Bingyan pain shouted that flew, she had released ice cold strength of whole body a moment ago, wins that time, the person is also exhausted, walking without rest strength did not have! Feng Yujie hastily flies to catch Shui Bingyan! Bingyan!” Shen Xiang forehead full blue vein, roared, he wants to receive the hand very much immediately in the past, but he, once receives the hand, he will also receive the severe wound, when the time comes is also disabled person one, is useless. Yue'er hides in the Feng Yujie backpack, expression somewhat sad saying: Bingyan, are you all right?” Luo Tianjun puts out several bottles of Divine Pill to throw hastily, Feng Yujie just wants to receive, but was actually destroyed by Divine Country that several people. You must die, unexpectedly revolts against Divine Country!” Middle-aged gloomy and cold said. Died all of a sudden several Divine Country expert, before this is, has not occurred, moreover was killed by the match of this rank. Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine Soul is attractive, moreover Divine Soul, the luck good also to cause some Godhead to come incessantly together, therefore they will get rid to rob.

tut tut, you are really also weak, unexpectedly died these many!” Suddenly presents a white clothing man, in him behind also more than ten youth, understood at a glance that is Divine Country. Your unexpectedly has been hiding!” A middle age is cold the face saying that if these youth morning a point comes out, perhaps they will not have such big loss. Shen Xiang looks at whole face thin and pale Shui Bingyan, the whole body is trembling, he has been ready that fights at risk of life, so long as he fuses this Divine Soul smoothly! Hehe, on this fellow has Divine Mirror of Six Paths you are not does not know! In the past Six Paths God Emperor with that Divine Mirror of Six Paths cloudy several God Emperor, got rid to him rashly, this was not the wise procedure, should be is observing a period of time at the same time!” The white clothing man is with smile on the face, looks at Shen Xiang , to continue saying: Looked that he was compelled in this share unable to be what kind, should not understand that uses Six Paths Temple that move, therefore I felt relieved that came out.” The white clothing man looked at ground these corpses, shook the head: It seems like my procedure is wise, their preying also were very a moment ago splendid, trade to be us possibly also to meet with a disaster, what a pity was a pity that these deceased people had big development space.” Now our person are many, Divine Soul of this god cow we must divide equally!” The white clothing man walks toward Shen Xiang step by step. Divine Country expert originally dying half, but suddenly emits ten now, now had 15, if obtains Godhead and Divine Soul of god cow, sufficed to divide equally. But the white clothing man them will obtain, but the middle age and old man died half, the loss is serious, obtains are also least, in their hearts angrily! Time that the white clothing man walks, suddenly sees sky suddenly of distant place to have a small highlight, when he carefully looks, the complexion suddenly big change, only hears his pitiful yell, flew.

In a moment ago that instantaneous, the people see a thing to pound on the handsome face of this white clothing man, that thing likely is a book, but is transparent! Sees this transparent book, in the Shen Xiang heart the great happiness, that Huang Jintian's Heaven's Divination God Record! Huang Jintian in antique is expert, because is just unable to cross great tribulation, causes his unceasing rebirth! Now his suddenly appears, crossed great tribulation very much obviously, not only restored the memory, but also restored the strength! Who is plotting against me? But from Divine Country?” Although that white clothing man complexion was pounded blossoming, dripping with blood, but he actually maintains calm, with that ice cold and calm audio inquiry. Plots against you to be also what kind of? Fellow of killing a person and taking his possessions!” The Huang Jintian's sound conveys, the person also along with it arriving, stands in Shen Xiang they reluctantly. Master, quickly how had a look at Bingyan!” Shen Xiang hastily said to Huang Jintian that he is extremely worried about Shui Bingyan at this time. Consumption is excessive, in addition body receives some internal injuries, Divine sea has not obstructed greatly!” Huang Jintian looked at Shui Bingyan, indifferently said: She is Dao Spirit, cultivated innate Dao Body, is not easy dead!” Huang Jintian looked at Divine Country this group of people, coldly snorted: Your these Divine Country or same as usual!” Who are you?” A middle age asked that although they could not see Huang Jintian's cultivation base, but actually knows that the strength was very strong, otherwise that all of a sudden, is unable to injure the white clothing youth a moment ago, but also injured so seriously.

Yi Baidong relaxed secretly, he knows that Huang Jintian is that very famous old undying Senior, if not for he through Heaven's Divination God Record, is unable to recognize Huang Jintian! Now Huang Jintian understood that attacks using Heaven's Divination God Record, explained that Huang Jintian has awakened his memory. I am Shen Xiang's Master, you bully my family little rascal not to have the backer is right?” Huang Jintian suddenly dodges, falls back on Shen Xiang behind, a palm pats back of Shen Xiang's: Passes to your sutra according to me, a bit faster completes the skeleton to melt the soul!” The skeleton melts the soul, hears this, these Divine Country expert have frightened one, White Tiger Mu Chen they are also same! Shen Xiang Highest God is not, unexpectedly congealed the skeleton, if fused Divine Soul of that god cow again, later became Highest God, the strength could not imagine. With the Huang Jintian's help, Shen Xiang has absorbed quickly three formidable Divine Soul and five Godhead integrates in the skeleton, at this time his arm also inflates, looks to contain unapproachable strength. The white clothing man scattered some sparkling powder on the face, that injured face quickly restored, his coldly said: Does not need to fear him, he is only cultivation base is slightly higher than us, we collaborate to cope his!” With our Divine Country does to is out you to know, especially these divine beast.” The white clothing man looked at White Tiger Qi Shi they, looked that has sneered to Shen Xiang: How skeleton will melt the soul, today you certainly will die!” Huang Jintian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Prepares to use Divine Mirror of Six Paths, waits to pour into Divine Mirror of Six Paths my strength, then defers to controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths that I said that stimulates inside some marks!” Huang Jintian stands in Shen Xiang behind, builds on his shoulder, starts to instill into his vast god profound strength secretly, after Shen Xiang feels, in the heart is startled, Huang Jintian that vigorous god profound strength enters his body, makes him feel that one like is the mud, momentarily will be pinched by that strength rottenly.