World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2033

These Divine Country expert arrive at Highest God Realm time, thinks one keep aloof, this Highest God Realm person is similar to the ants is ordinary, but now they so are aggrieved, but also died several. They cannot such run away, will be laughed dead!

These more than ten Divine Country expert approximately are quite probably same, immediately flies to rush, five fire into White Tiger them, more than ten are to fire into Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian. Feels this imposing manner, knows that the opposite party this time exhausted strength to go all out! Shen Xiang waved to emit a hexagonal plate, that white clothing man was sharp-eyed, immediately saw this thing, in the heart panic-stricken incomparable, because this was Divine Mirror of Six Paths! Cannot run away!” Shen Xiang sees strength that white clothing man releases to receive, this is must gather the response that the strength escapes. After Divine Mirror of Six Paths Shen Xiang throws, float in the air, releases several black light, these black light infiltrates these Divine Country expert within the body separately! Six Paths decides soul, and causes the soul unable to control the body through the paralysis soul to move!” When this is Shen Xiang opens Divine Mirror of Six Paths these marks knew that he before knows in Divine Mirror of Six Paths has fearful killing formation, his strength is just insufficient, is unable to open. Huang Jintian had met many strength a moment ago to him, making him open this Six Paths to decide soul, anchorage these Divine Country expert. After completing, Shen Xiang puts out Deicide Sword, at this time he did not want Divine Soul and Godhead, arrived in front of that white clothing man, wielded Deicide Sword to kill directly! The white clothing man cannot move, cannot say the words, can only stare the big that pair to fill the frightened eye, looks helplessly takes his life Deicide Sword to divide to chop on his body. A bit faster finished, the time is limited!” Huang Jintian jumps to old man in front of immediately, a palm pats, will rumble white ash. At this time the people on city wall, with White Tiger they, like this looks that Shen Xiang sword sword handle these Divine Country expert cut to kill to rumble to become Hui.

Was you injured Bingyan a moment ago!” Shen Xiang looks that lies down in the middle age of ground, this middle age the original looks like swooped to attack a moment ago, because was actually decided soul to hit by Six Paths, poured in the ground, their both eyes have been full of the fear, in the look full was the color of begging for mercy. Shen Xiang to this person of hating to the marrow of the bones, gathers full Six Paths Power, a sword detachment, makes silver flame, the flame drills into this middle-aged within the body, in addition that formidable Sword Force restrains by force, the flame incinerator violently, fires ashes the middle age instantaneously. In a minute, these want to seize the distracted cow Divine Soul person a moment ago, completely was extinguished kills! These come from Divine Country expert, said that kills kills, moreover kills these many, if Divine Country investigates that consequence is definitely serious! These to Divine Country some people of understanding, deep are fearing at this time, was worried that the Divine Country anger will burn they! In the upper air looks that all these red clothed men sighed gently: You said before can rob Shen Xiang's Heaven Refining Technique? Now you saw, this was the consequence! The person compels, are they will not care about you Divine Country, in their eyes only then revolts, because this is the only means of livelihood!” old follower is also fearful and apprehensive, before Yang Tianyi came out he had a scare, this expert was not they can cope, if not for Yang Tianyi, because hit mutually wounded with Star Devouring Sacred Cow, these Divine Country expert will not appear! Huang Jintian that then presents, strength is also astonishing, although has not seen his true fight, but also is very definitely fearful, he helps Shen Xiang stimulate Divine Mirror of Six Paths killing formation, perhaps also to conceal the true strength. At this time was similar to small mountain-like Bai Jue dashed, had Jiang Sheng on him. Feng Yujie hides the Yue'er backpack to give Shen Xiang, brings Shui Bingyan to enter in Hidden Jade Ring therapy, Qi Shi they ride on Bai Jue. Old Bai, goes to the Lion Emperor tomb!” Qi Shi said to Bai Jue. Had this matter, cannot return to Supreme Temple again and gathers British Divine City, will only implicate them.

The people were exhausted, moreover Yang Tianyi was also injured at this time, strength consumed, has met expert again , can only look at Huang Jintian's. Shen Xiang sits on Bai Jue, looked at the Yang Tianyi injury, looks like quite serious, but he said anything. This brothers' fleshly body was too fearful, my Divine Pill curative effect is not very good!” Luo Tianjun puts out grain of High-Grade Divine Pill, puts in the Yang Tianyi mouth. Rested for several days to be good, big matter!” The Yang Tianyi sound is somewhat weak, lightly smiled said. Huang Jintian looks poly British Divine City that passes gradually, implored the one breath: I come luckily quickly, moreover before I also calculate that will have an accident today, otherwise you must be finished completely.” White Tiger nodded, carries on the back in this Bai Jue, except for Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan old iron chicken these, majority is to know Huang Jintian's, but they also only know that Huang Jintian is Shen Xiang's Master, suddenly becomes such fierce they also thinks inconceivable. Big brother Qi, your Divine Lion Race? Don't you arrange them?” Shen Xiang asked. I told them, making them go to the Lion Emperor tomb.” Qi Shi smiled, poked his backpack, hears inside hears meow one, then said with a smile: That small white cat in inside!” Yue'er finds out the small head, sticks out one's tongue: Laborious everybody, somewhat involved everybody because of me, later everybody had the opportunity to arrive at Star Law God Territory, I will definitely not treat unjustly your!” Huang Jintian knits the brows: Star Law God Territory? You come from Star Law God Territory?” He does not know these matters, but he also knows Yue'er probably: In the past I had heard ten thousand beast God Emperor have mentioned the Stars and Moon God Clan Samsara sacrifice, has not thought that in this is also hiding many matters.”

Shen Xiang and Yang Tianyi are quite clear to this matter, but other people do not know that Yue'er also patiently told the people the process. actually also so many stories!” After knowing the truth, the people were sighing, Yue'er experienced that many pitiful matters, was not easy. You are Undead God Clan, your root should also in Star Law God Territory, Heaven's Divination God Record that you use, carries on according to the strength of stars, only then the strength of inexhaustible stars, can maintain your Heaven's Divination God Record to carry on the evolution uncanny prediction.” Yue'er said. Huang Jintian nodded, he is also very clear to his origin, his story are more, after all he has died many times. Old undying!” White Tiger their several divine beast simultaneously are startled shouted, because they have heard Heaven's Divination God Record old undying Legend. Huang Jintian said with a smile: In the past you very small time I have hugged you, but passed many years, my appearance had changed many times, you do not recognize.” Shen Xiang asked very much curiously: Master, did you live multi- youngster?” The Huang Jintian forced smile said: I also want to know that I also record am unclear, in brief I have gone to many places!”