World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2035
Yang Tianyi said: Old does undying, with me how return to Star Law God Territory? You now are weak, you only then return to that place to become stronger, should you very be also curious in Star Law God Territory also do have your Undead God Clan person?” The Huang Jintian nod said: Good, I go back with you!” The people arrived under the Lion Emperor Divine Mountain, this is also the Lion Emperor tomb, in big mountain scene [lineage/vein], on the Lion Mountain that only gigantic chest has a gate, initially in Qi Shi was enters obtained the inheritance of Lion Emperor. Shen Xiang also anxiously must find other three Divine Weapon now, a bit faster makes Nine Spirit Kings come out, otherwise world of Nine Heaven such adolescence gets down, sooner or later will stare by the formidable influence. Several days pass by, the people restored, Shui Bingyan was also better, after she and Yue'er said goodbye, stepped into space passage that Huang Jintian opened with Feng Yujie, went to world of Nine Heaven! Yue'er must with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang also need a very experienced navigator in this Highest God Realm, but Yue'er is the best choice. Huang Jintian and Yang Tianyi were better, returns to Star Law God Territory together! Although Yue'er also wants to go back, but she planned after restored the strength, goes back again, she thought words that now this appearance goes back, definitely will lose face. Qi Shi must develop his Divine Lion Race now with single-hearted devotion, in future big storm, he may probably preserve own Divine Lion Race not to be destroyed completely! Feng Yujie returns to world of Nine Heaven, on the one hand must goes back skeleton Divine Pill some divine medicine as well as Divine Pill divine medicine, obtains these Divine Pill in world of Nine Heaven earlier, can be a bit faster formidable! ......

Shen Xiang has been far away from the Lion Emperor Divine Mountain, he seeks for other three Divine Weapon according to his feeling, that feeling is very fuzzy, has not informed his direction is any Divine Weapon, therefore he is not clear, sometimes felt that also will vanish. Nine Firmaments God Emperor still in that 9th level space, may be able resurrect! Perhaps the resurrect words, with other God Emperor like that life essence soon exhaust.” Shen Xiang said that initially he in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, Deity King such told him. Actually I will not die, I am same as your Master, has died many times.” Yue'er happily said with a smile: Has a secret I only to tell, actually I and your Master Undead God Clan has some origins.” Shen Xiang is not very accidental, Yue'er came from Star Law God Territory, moreover any Law Enforcer, the strength is very strong, dies that time can also live, is not definitely simple! Yue'er continues saying: In this Highest God Realm, Divine Lion Race and Stars and Moon God Clan did not say that but truly exists! But here Stars and Moon God Clan is not legitimate, is a branch! Star Devouring Sacred Cow within the body also has the bloodlines of Stars and Moon God Clan, but other beasts are also so, because they can absorb the star moon/month strength practice inherent!” Then Divine Lion Race? Also has Divine Lion Race in Star Law God Territory?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this Highest God Realm ten big God Clan unexpectedly such have the background. In Star Law God Territory, Stars and Moon God Clan also has humanity! But Divine Lion Race and Dragon Clan are beasts, they belong to God Clan!” Yue'er said: Naturally, has six big God Clan in Star Law God Territory, the beasts have three, Divine Lion Race, Dragon Clan and cat clan, other three are Stars and Moon God Clan, Undead God Clan and Titan clan! And Stars and Moon God Clan quite alternative, is beasts and humanity has.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Yue'er, is the cat clan and has some relationship?” The Yue'er nod said: Um, my within the body has the bloodlines, Undead God Clan, Stars and Moon God Clan and cat clan three God Clan! My mother is cat clan, but my father is Stars and Moon God Clan, but my father within the body has the bloodlines of Undead God Clan and Stars and Moon God Clan, therefore I inherited.”

Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Then, your grandfather and your paternal grandmother separately are Undead God Clan and Stars and Moon God Clan? You inherit the bloodlines of three God Clan, is very strong?” Yue'er haughty said with a smile: I am very certainly strong, you think that Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer is casual can work as? I inspected in the past many time passed!” Xiao Chou and Zhu Xiangyuan are the Titan clans, moreover their strengths are good. Yue'er, is the Star Law God Territory Titan clan what kind of? My that bald apprentice has the bloodlines of Titan clan, can they later receive him?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally will receive, in the past I left Star Law God Territory time, the person quantity of Titan clan was few! After these many years development, has to scatter in other world, and can also obtain adolescence clan not to be many!” Yue'er said. world of Nine Heaven has the dragon and cat, Highest God Realm has Stars and Moon God Clan and Divine Lion Race, obviously that Star Law God Territory several God Clan are fearful, unexpectedly developed here, moreover each clan was not the generation of commonplace! Shen Xiang also asked: These six big can God Clan very be strong? Is they formulates in Star Law God Territory these rules?” At this time Shen Xiang stopped the rest, Yue'er flies to eat the thing, licks Shui Bingyan to leave her sweet ice fruit juice with the tongue. „It is not, six big God Clan support this rule, is not they formulates, moreover they were also being limited by many rules! These rules are mainly in every way the influence jointly are set, to restrain each other, this can avoid the large-scale war, no matter who must observe, because of currently speaking, strongest has the God Emperor rank! But God Emperor cannot raise any storm in Star Law God Territory, punished God Emperor also has.”

These rules of formulation, are to these big influence advantageous many, mainly limited many strengths to be low, for example sold Divine Pill not to permit secretly, can only the influences of these formulation rules be able to sell, to depend upon alchemy to earn divine yuan stone, can only hire oneself these influences. After rest, Shen Xiang suddenly has a feeling, Four Beast's Divine Weapons is away from him not to be far, moreover in motion position. These Four Beast's Divine Weapons what's the matter? Runs around!” Shen Xiang is very depressed, if fixes in a position, he sought for that's alright directly. These intelligential Divine Weapon divine tool will hide in the danger(ous) place generally, these danger(ous) places regarding humanity, therefore you are more careful.” Yue'er said: Divine Weapon divine tool of God Emperor refinement, the fiercest that type can also attack the person, the words that does not pay attention, Highest God must be cut to kill.” At noon, the sky is the ash-gray thick cloud, although does not have the fierce positive illumination, but this dark day also makes the person have a depression, Shen Xiang tracks down that Divine Weapon, arrived at big black thin mud side, he threw a big stone in the past, after the stone moves these black thin mud, immediately falls, afterward emits black smoke!