World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2036
Is acute poison?” Shen Xiang smells an odor, then loses into low-grade Divine Blade toward the black mire, this is also very firm low-grade Divine Blade, but entered in the black mire also instantaneously to turn into black Qi. Yue'er looks at the front that vast black mire, said: This should be the wicked mire, Legend, because very virulent evil beast die here, will therefore turn into this, so long as do not fall to be all right, flies from above.” Shen Xiang soars, is flying to the induction of that Divine Weapon according to oneself, if in this wicked mire, must take is not the easy matter. „Is here very really safe?” Shen Xiang cannot help but asked that because he discovers few people to come, even if the upper air, does not have the birds to fly, must avoid this place. Naturally is not, this place was Danger Zone, careful was wonderful.” Yue'er said: Wanting is Danger Zone, will be hiding danger(ous), because Stars and Moon God Clan these elders little come to this place, therefore I did not know about here very much.” Suddenly, Shen Xiang enters the deep place of this wicked mire, he comes is the strength of use Law of Space carries on the shuttle, how long has not stayed in the surface, therefore has the thing to sneak attack him not to be easy. „Did this wicked mire have multi- youngster?” Shen Xiang asked that was filling intermittent death Qi in this wicked mire, occasionally the cold wind blew, will hang black odor Qi mist, especially arrived at the deep place time, to person a very sad feeling. That Devil Beast that many years, Legend died is existence of close Emperor Level, after he died, the poisonous blood stream comes out to putrefy his corpse, then spreads toward all around, the time is long, turned into this!” Yue'er said: What incorrect place have you discovered? I have not induced anything!” The Yue'er sensation ability is formidable, she has not discovered anything, Shen Xiang did not discover. Shen Xiang shook the head, said: stay here makes me very uncomfortable.” Yue'er said: This place this, here has massive death Qi generally, initially that Poisonous Beast here died, afterward definitely also had the massive lives to receive to affect dead. If that Divine Weapon conceal here, is definitely safe, no one wants to come to this place! Do you feel that Divine Weapon now?”

Nearby this!” Shen Xiang float on wicked mire, flies slowly to front one seems like the vortex place. When Shen Xiang must pass, Yue'er hastily shouted: Do not pass!” However Shen Xiang has flown above, hears yelling of Yue'er, he teleport avoids immediately, sees only under that vortex suddenly to project a black soft thing like lightning, dozens zhang (3.33 m), perpendicular incidence airborne, seems like a very long black tongue. that was close!” Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way]. Under you, be careful!” Yue'er also startled shouted. Shen Xiang hastily has displayed space domain, was isolated with this space by oneself, although under him presented a black vortex, but has not stretched out that black tongue. Shen Xiang is far away from this vortex, is losing beast meat of a bulk preserve to the sky in Hidden Jade Ring, that black tongue has sprayed, flexible cling that giant beast meat. Shen Xiang in a distant place sword detachment, makes Sword Qi that Six Paths Power concentrates together, that black loquacious cutting off! After the tongue cut off, trim mire suddenly is similar to the mighty waves turbulent ocean waves, fierce about fluctuates to seethe, Shen Xiang hastily float arrives at the upper air! Clearly has any thing to from the mire come out very much, should be that emits evil beast of tongue!

„The build of this thing is very big!” Shen Xiang in the upper air looks that the trim mire is fluctuating turbulently, can judge: What thing is this?” Quick he got the answer, braves unexpectedly that from the mire deep place is a dragon! Arrives at Highest God Realm, he first time sees the dragon, but this dragon is ugly, moreover there are these two varying two dragon head! This whole body full is poisonous putty Evil Dragon is not only giant, is long is also very strange, has to the foot, is similar to the centipede is the same, on big small two heads full is the black scale, that quite small head hangs is shutting tightly the eye, seemed like died such. Because possibly absorbs the blood of too many that Poisonous Beast, causing him to grow into this appearance, it seems like that Poisonous Beast is a giant centipede, this Poisonous Dragon will go to this place to integrate Godhead and Divine Soul of centipede will turn into this.” Yue'er said: „It looks like not formidabe!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: I can induce to Divine Weapon now am moving, nearby me, in the belly of this fellow? If so, is very likely Azure Dragon Divine Weapon!” Before centipede Poisonous Dragon, hides under through the Divine Sense induction, the after tongue of his small head cut off, lets his unusual ache, he immediately braves, has a look what's the matter, only sees Shen Xiang float in the upper air, in his heart is angry, to spout black venom. Speed that although the venom flies let alone, but regarding Shen Xiang is actually not anything, he has avoided very much with ease, immediately displays Breaking Soul Cut in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, direct attack centipede Poisonous Dragon Divine Soul. This centipede Poisonous Dragon is not very formidable, but the whole body is acute poison . Moreover the build is huge, ambushes sneak attacks under this mire, went well by him very much easily! Shen Xiang long jab centipede Poisonous Dragon Divine Soul, only hears Poisonous Dragon to send out angry roar, then the body fiercely is struggling, making the black thin mud be similar to the raging tide seethes carelessly.

Died!” Shen Xiang is releasing Creation Fire to centipede Poisonous Dragon body, burning down. In burning down, together azure light suddenly flies to shoot! Really is Azure Dragon Divine Weapon!” Shen Xiang one happy, anxious teleport held in the past. Beforehand Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has ruined, then the blade is huge and aggressive, but this appearing slightly, the middle also has [gold/metal] Wen. Is complete?” Yue'er asked that Black Tortoise Cloth that before Shen Xiang obtained was lacks Godhead and Divine Soul, is Divine Weapon that did not let completely. Complete, will otherwise not run around, has not thought of his unexpectedly parasitism in this centipede poisonous Dragon Body.” Shen Xiang grips tightly this Azure Dragon Divine Blade, is dividing to the following black mire, he has not used Six Paths Power, Qi Energy that but in Divine Blade stimulates actually cuts together the deep gully. Feeling is very good! Now only bad difference!” Shen Xiang closes the eye, Jing Jing (quietly) induces the direction that other Divine Weapon are. The moment passes by, he had not felt, but Yue'er actually induces to some people came toward here: „More than ten fellows erect come, worries evidently very much, comes to this centipede Poisonous Dragon?”