World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2037

These ten come personally quickly, Yue'er just told Shen Xiang this matter, they appeared! Centipede Poisonous Dragon had been burnt down by Shen Xiang, at this time is still burning! Was you have killed Poisonous Dragon?” A guy asked that that some sounds of shivering appeared very angry. Is I kills, how?” Shen Xiang conceals nothing whatsoever, Poisonous Dragon attacks him in first, he also has the reason of killing. Shen Xiang said that is the homicide, that side has more than ten swords to puncture immediately, probably and Shen Xiang has enmity of such cannot live under the same sky, the crazy bayonet fighting comes, Shen Xiang teleport avoids, in the heart is also secret took a deep breath, if a moment ago did not shunt, definitely will receive the severe wound. This was our treasure, unexpectedly is killed by you, then you also died!” That guy angrily said, the big sword in hand dodges, turns into several hundred, has swept directly. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Also good, since Poisonous Dragon is your treasure, then you accompany him dead!” Azure Dragon Divine Blade appears in his hands, chops horizontally, opens long sword that two puncture. In his hands, snatches quickly!” The guy sees Shen Xiang to release Azure Dragon Divine Blade, on the face full is pleasantly surprised, when attack was cut-throat. Shen Xiang facing ten skill good Heavenly God, but actually accomplishes a task with ease, now his moon/month understands that these several people should already know in poisonous Dragon Body to have this Divine Blade, but they are unable to take, moreover they have used any secret method, is always paying attention to the Poisonous Dragon trend. Therefore Poisonous Dragon dies, hides immediately ran over in nearby them.

Said that you should also know the background of this blade!” Shen Xiang dodges suddenly, keeps illusion same place, the honorable person is arriving at a youth behind, had double Divine Veins and to fuse the god cow Divine Soul left arm to gather full strength, hit to the waist of that youth. Shen Xiang has not used in left arm replenishment Six Paths Power, but is strength of direct use body, for all that but strength is still fearful, in addition that extremely quick speed exits to the fist, exudes an intermittent sonic bang sound, restrains by force the tearing space, presented a faint trace black fissure, so fearful fights with the fists, more than ten people on the scene were shocked immediately. The fist approaches that youth waist one inch place, the youth entire body was torn by that strong forcing, the Shen Xiang's fist looks like probably wraps any fearful Divine Power, the fist has not been moving any body of that youth, but actually the direct penetration body, tears the body. Bang! The fist shakes white flame, the body that the youth disrupts turns into the ash instantaneously! Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Divine Blade, said with a sneer: On your this strengths, has not matched me to use Divine Blade.” „Who are you? Can you know our origins?” The opposite person sees Shen Xiang to know about Divine Blade probably, moreover itself is also very powerful, calms down. I do not want to know that you are any origins, I know that you must kill me a moment ago, but no matter how now you said that I must kill you!” Shen Xiang said that separates the spatial fist, his fearful left fist coordinates his space strength, like is enters space passage, the fist separated the 1st Stage distance to brave, hit on old man, the old man torn body was fired the ash by the white flame instantaneously. Run!” The guy who that takes the lead had estimated at this time probably Shen Xiang's strength, is not they can cope, the speed that they escape is also fast, but they have actually discovered very fearful time, regardless of they are running, unexpectedly marks. They in Shen Xiang's space domain, the certain principle of this space are formulate by Shen Xiang at this time, they cannot be inescapable. Space cuts!” The Shen Xiang blade chops, the space that these more than ten people of institutes are was cut many scraps by him, the bodies of these people also turn into the fragment, finally was burnt down the ash by him.

However has jade token together actually not to be burnt down, this is on that guy! Shen Xiang picks up jade token, above writes Heavenly Fire Divine Country four characters! These fellow unexpectedly are Heavenly Fire Divine Country, but so to be how weak?” Shen Xiang said that although he first time knows this Heavenly Fire Divine Country, but very obviously is one of the that nine Divine Country. They should be are responsible for safeguarding this Poisonous Dragon, as for must cope with Poisonous Dragon, should be the Divine Country inside these expert matters, they know probably Four Beast's Divine Weapons can let Nine Firmaments God Emperor resurrect!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang also misses two Divine Weapon to be able collection uneven four, when the time comes can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, then enters inside that 9th level space, coordinates fifth Divine Weapon in Nine Spirit Kings again, can come out from inside! Here!” After Shen Xiang induces to third Divine Weapon, immediately teleport in the past. ...... After Shen Xiang leaves the half double-hour of wicked mire, a giant meteorite crashes here, leaves behind huge deep hole in the wicked mire, float is wearing the flame red armor rice man on this deep hole, this male that cloak is burning the raging flame, flies upwards with the wind, looks like very dazzles very much. Poisonous Dragon was killed, Divine Blade had been won, that several waste material also died! This Shen Xiang's strength unexpectedly promotes such quickly, if were found Four Beast's Divine Weapons by him, then Nine Firmaments God Emperor may be able very much resurrect!” The men tighten the brow, puts out together jade token, likely in sound transmission. After his sound transmission moment, exclaims: unexpectedly died! This what's the matter? They may surmount Highest God Realm cultivation base, will also be killed in this place unexpectedly!”

What this man is surprised is sent to participate to gather British Divine City that big ratio several expert, initially they must rob that Star Devouring Sacred Cow Divine Soul, they were collaborated to kill by Shen Xiang. Must go to Supreme Temple to ask!” The men dodge disappear. ...... Shen Xiang does not know that at this time has expert from Divine Country to appear, but Yue'er actually induces anything. Strange, had the thing from airborne to fall a moment ago, was the Divine Country fellow comes?” Yue'er said: These Divine Country on the stars of deep space, they, if knew that Poisonous Dragon was killed, should also be about half double-hour can rush.” „The previous that group of killed fellows are also Divine Country, these Divine Country have not known probably!” Shen Xiang somewhat worried: I compare to worry that Supreme Temple and will gather British Divine City therefore to be implicated by us!” This does not need to be worried that Supreme Temple and Six Paths Temple have some strength that Nine Spirit Kings leaves behind, at crucial moment will have an effect, if must have an accident, I think that Mu Chen and Xiao Changle will have the means to avoid as Palace Master, the best way is to dismiss these two Temple.” Yue'er said: „The matter of present urgent matter found other two Divine Weapon.” Shen Xiang with feeling unceasing walks in a direction, he does not know where one, only know that he is away from another Divine Weapon to be getting more and more near.