World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2038

Now Shen Xiang with feeling, the place that mentions is burning hot, making him feel what is very strange, although here can be hot him sweats profusely, but here is actually growing various very emerald green trees and colorful beautiful flowers. Here looks like a stove, but unexpectedly can also grow here these many plants, is really inconceivable!” Shen Xiang put out a Saint to be colored, just took, this red Saint flower became on suddenly withered and yellow, unexpectedly because of here too overheated circle ancient times, causing the interior to be dried! Yue'er surprisedly said: This is very likely in Highest God Realm the famous too hot place!” Shen Xiang takes off a leaf, asked: What place is this?” He put to arrive in port that leaf has chewed, then immediately spat, because after he chewed the leaf, leaf inside juice burnt to burn, burns his tongue. „Don't you see now? Here all plants are because here that mysterious too grows hot, Legend here plant is the flame transforms.” Yue'er said: Naturally, here the adolescence beasts are also fire attribute different divine beast, some strengths are also very strong.” Shen Xiang said: I do not want to meet these things, I now am not hungry!” He only wants a bit faster to find Divine Weapon, then returns to world of Nine Heaven and own wife reunion, he thought of Xue Xianxian they. Because before , had been sneak attacked in that wicked mire, now he becomes very energetic, uses itself space domain to go into hiding in the independent space, this can cause the aura not to flow exits, only if induces very keen ability to discover him to the space. Arrives at this mountain scene forest, Shen Xiang hotly, even if he uses the space isolation to test, that strange heat will seep.

Yue'er is spitting the small tongue, is the whole body sweats: Is hot, what thing is this too hot? Can unexpectedly penetrate the space? If Bingyan because of were good, she hugs me certainly to make me feel very cool!” Shen Xiang also understands the use ice cold strength, but has not been skilled, but can let him and Yue'er felt that is more comfortable. It seems like Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon hid certainly in this place!” Shen Xiang definitely said that Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon is fire attribute, before he had seen this most ancient Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, looks like somewhat worn-out, but is actually Nine Firmaments God Emperor refines, the might is definitely fearful. Shen Xiang is wearing Black Tortoise Cloth, repeatedly helped him resist the fearful strength attack, Azure Dragon Divine Blade he only has also used, but the might was evident, is only he now also not with the Azure Dragon Divine Blade fusion, therefore stronger strength has not displayed. Yue'er, Azure Dragon their these four were divine beast exists very much long time ago? Nine Firmaments God Emperor refined these Divine Weapon in the past time, Beast God Temple inside White Tiger should they not be born?” Some Shen Xiang doubts, Nine Firmaments God Emperor their Nine Firmaments Divine Country were very early existed, was definitely remote than Beast God Temple, these Divine Weapon also at that time refined. Yue'er said: Naturally is not, White Tiger Azure Dragon they after several generations, to their this generation, should be the ninth generation, I only know that our Star Law God Territory has the third generation to exist, third-generation four divine beast and Fire Qilin are famous in Star Law God Territory, now died, after dying, they will inherit many things to get down! For example Azure Dragon he will choose a dragon to inherit his all.” Is when life essence exhausts carries on the inheritance?” Shen Xiang asked that if were not this, who gave up to inherit oneself? Yes, I guessed that Nine Spirit Kings in the past their resurrect, for stable world of Nine Heaven, later they definitely also will help Nine Spirit Kings they!” Yue'er emotionally said: White Tiger their potential are huge, the inheritance that because they obtain from is strong in that type, be only the time can kill their beast emperors, and has been through repeatedly many generations, accumulates to their this stages, it can be said that very huge inheritance.”

Yue'er also said: Has Legend in our Star Law God Territory, which world is White Tiger they arrives, which world will become very prosperous and powerful! I listened to Star Law God Territory some old men saying that in the past Star Law God Territory was also weak, moreover various internal disputes, afterward were because the third generation protected divine beast to appear, Star Law God Territory powerfully to an unprecedented altitude.” Shen Xiang crawls to a big tree on, takes off a fruit, puts fruit inside fruit juice, the fruit juice is more fearful than the rock magma, his hastily abandoning, because of Yue'er already already heat. Shen Xiang jumped down, said: White Tiger are they the ninth generation inherit? World that then front eight generations of institutes are, becomes very powerful? Besides your Star Law God Territory, what powerful world do you also know other?” Annexes here in next world of Nine Heaven, annexes nine Divine Country again, then here overall strength, should be similar to Star Law God Territory, so long as develops a period of time, surpasses Star Law God Territory is not the issue. Shen Xiang defers to the feeling, is walking in the forest slowly, at the same time and Yue'er chatted, he came in this mountain forest also to have small for quite a while, but has not actually met other lives, actually at this time, heard very weakly chirp the sound. Is the bird? Also likely is not, sounding some people to speak probably, but the sound is very small!” Shen Xiang according to own judgment, distinguishes this very tiny sound to transmit from any direction, immediately walked. After the past, sound still in passing on, but Shen Xiang anything has not actually seen, when he felt strange, Yue'er said: Sound passes from the trees, inside has the thing!” Shen Xiang carefully looked at all around bough, discovered that above has concealed the trace, has probably any thing to drill a hole in the bough, then lives in inside.

Here trees thickest needs several people able to joint hold, in Shen Xiang has met in many old trees, this is quite thin, but must be occupied by the person in inside actually appears somewhat small and narrow. He arrives by a tree, the ear is pasting the bough, really hears the interior to broadcast very tiny sound...... Grandpa Patriarch, what to do can we? These fellows have stayed in this place, destroyed our Sacred Land, but we have no alternative they, words that continues, our Sacred Land will be ruined.” Yes, Sacred Land was occupied by them, we ate have been a problem, this way, our entire clans will exterminate.” Oh, we do not have means that we lived here many years, has not come across such matter, where knows that this place met suddenly to have big humanity to appear, and also occupied our Sacred Land, the resident time so was long.” This hears the quite old sound together, after he said that suddenly shouted: Some people outside!”