World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2039

Shen Xiang hears these words, all around resounds an intermittent blowing a whistle sound on suddenly, sees only all around big tree suddenly to present many finger sizes the hole hole, many burr suddenly come out from bough these hole Kong Feishe! Spinule of Shen Xiang nearby that bough by him was hit, he felt that a heat wave raids, these spinule beam energy spreads send out very strong heat, when these spinules fly shoots to prick his body, by his energy shield of body self- defense is actually given the parry. These burr aggressivity do not have, is similar to the toy of child in the Shen Xiang eye, just all around dozens big trees, the innumerable hole kondows are emitting this type of thing, seems like similar to the crowded drizzle raids, making Shen Xiang think one were burnt hot heat to attack by. Naturally, he has not received anything to injure, but thinks very hot! Bough suddenly opened quite big tree hole, is similar to the palm of Sir is so big, in tree hole there station a villain, the villain back is having the flower petal same red wing, clothes that the body wears also with flower petal knitting, looks like very attractive, although this villain is small, but seems like adorable, has one to the pitch-black long hair of waist, the small face is fine and beautiful. Little Fairy?” Shen Xiang remembers where one had seen this type of thing. He has thought quickly, initially opened these Profound Ice in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, has opened this Little Fairy, at that time was Profound Ice that Lu Qinlian Bewitching Sound Paradise found, therefore that villain also followed her. Previous time he meets Lu Qinlian time, had inquired that Little Fairy, Lu Qinlian told him Little Fairy to sleep, therefore has not seen. This big humanity knows our inherited nicknames, what to do?” That flower petal Little Fairy cries out strangely, sound is also of pleasant to hear. I am not an unprincipled person, I passed by! I had seen and your same little brat in a place before.” Shen Xiang shows the smile, making him look like does not have what hostility.

Heard him saying that Little Fairy really peaceful, all around bough also in abundance opened quite big tree hole, there are all kinds of villains, everybody had! But these villains are not quite same, some are the flower petal wings, some are the leaf wings, there is the butterfly wing, a dragonfly wing and bird wing, although is different, but looks like on them actually very coordinates attractively. Spirit clan?” On the Shen Xiang face is maintaining the temperate smile, this can make the opposite party relax the alert, can give the opposite party favorable impression. By him that tree departs an old spirit, should be that Patriarch, he has a pale-green maple leaf shape wing, flies, the wing can emit a faint trace red arrogance. Where have you seen our clansmen? Spirit name we very long have not used, we now named Little Elf!” This old Elf said. I in the named world of Nine Heaven place, that world am a newborn world, this matter is a long story, you should be Elven Race Patriarch! Is honored to know you very much, I called Shen Xiang, I came this forest seek for the same thing, I arrived here according to my feeling, has run then into you.” Shen Xiang including saying with a smile. On this old Elf that small shamelessness also reveals smiles kindly \; I am, is Elven Race Patriarch, I represent entire Elven Race to welcome your arrival!” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, this old Elf unexpectedly such quickly relaxed vigilantly, so believes his words! He thought that these Elf may is because believes the person, will discard their Sacred Land.

Here Little Elf several thousand, the quantity did not calculate probably little, Shen Xiang sat in the ground at this time, Little Elf has encircled, chirp was saying anything, they were very curious to this strange humanity. We are actually the Little Elf clans, in addition also has other Water Elves, Ice Elves, Plant Elves, Wind Elves wait / etc., our strengths are weakest, the build is smallest, for was not bullied by others, we always hide in the place that some humanity and beasts do not come to frequently.” Very helpless sighing, they are truly small and weak, strength of their entire clan gathered a moment ago together, made Shen Xiang have perspiration. Yue'er also ran came out to play with these Little Elf, because other these Little Elf saw Yue'er also to have the wing, therefore they regarded as slightly big Elf Yue'er, Yue'er also cracked a joke said one were moon/month Elf, she became integrated with these little things quickly, regarding these little things, rode in carrying on the back of Yue'er is a very aggressive matter, they saw the Yue'er such big small beasts to run away or hide before immediately, where has now such intimate contact. Palestinian Patriarch, your Sacred Land what's the matter? Why will be seized? That is Sacred Land very important to inside?” Shen Xiang asked that he thought that since came across such matter by oneself, must get rid to rescue , helping these pitiful little things. Leans on the walking stick that a small branch is making, said: Sacred Land is very to us important, that supports our Eternal Life place! Naturally, we can also construct Sacred Land, once just constructs, will be wrested away by that group of unprincipled people, two that we construct both were wrested away by them.” Shen Xiang only knows that Undead God Clan can Eternal Life Indestructible, this Little Elf clan unexpectedly have this heaven defying ability. Looks other Yue'er and Little Elf that stomps are kidding around, cannot help but he he smiles, but has sighed deeply: If these rascal do not leave, we must migrate, this is the matter that we do not hope, because we found such a good place very much difficultly!” Yue'er said: Puts in Hidden Jade Ring them, then brings to take to world of Nine Heaven, there Dragon Vein should suit them, they should be the same with Plant Elves evidently, excels very much to the planting and cultivation of plant.”

Nodded: Right, although we do not have Plant Elves to be big, does not have them, but we on planter flower grass, are not weaker than them! Here is a stretch of being infertile open land, but undergoes our these many years planters, turned into a beautiful beautiful place.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth have pulled out slightly, here strange fire attribute plant, unexpectedly is they plants, has saying that they are very fierce, in such burning hot place, originally not suitable growth plant, but they changed the characteristics of plant, making the plant heat-resisting, and absorbs here heat growth! Shen Xiang reorganized Hidden Jade Ring, and lets when the time comes well accompany these little things to play in Hidden Jade Ring inside small lightning, he had decided that must bring back to world of Nine Heaven the Little Elf clan. Patriarch also highly believes Shen Xiang, immediately nods to comply, because Shen Xiang and they said that will help them migrate to a very safe place, for them has the forest-trees not to be unimportant, important Sacred Land was not seized that's alright, Sacred Land that so long as they construct can use to them, they can plant the flowers and plants trees.