World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2041
Shen Xiang leaves this piece to fill the burning hot forest immediately, leaves he also told this Patriarch, before , had greeted with him, at this time just and own clan carried on to say goodbye to this them to occupy many years in Hidden Jade Ring the places. Yue'er asked: Last White Tiger Divine Weapon distance here far? You take two Divine Weapon continuously, that side Heavenly Fire Divine Country definitely know that therefore you should better a bit faster pass, so as to avoid they arrange to ambush there.” Shen Xiang has also thought this matter, therefore he leaves this forest, uses the quickest speed to rush to the place that White Tiger Divine Weapon is. Is very far in that person of eye, but is very in my opinion near, possibly quite a while can go!” Shen Xiang clenched teeth, consumes own Six Paths Power crazily, carries on the ultra long-distance range teleport, this can make him go to that place quickly. ...... Then red armor rice man from Heavenly Fire Divine Country arrives to gather British Divine City from the wicked mire, he has not entered in Supreme Temple to inquire Mu Chen from the beginning, but eavesdrops on some news in the city first! Consecutively for news that several days obtain, making him very surprised, how astonishing matter because had, their these Divine Country unexpectedly do not know! This also no wonder, expert that because Divine Country sends died completely, only then that mysterious Prince and old follower were all right, but their master and servant returned to Divine Country, had not indulged in unbridled propaganda that this matter, this that Prince does not think obviously Shen Xiang had is too troublesome. This man investigated for several days, confirmed that the matter is absolutely true later, has not gone to Supreme Temple, but returns to his Heavenly Fire Divine Country immediately, but he just returned, actually meets on the road is the person who Heavenly Fire Divine Country sends, this is old man. Elder Li, what matter makes you go into action personally?” The red armor rice man asked that he had not said matter that directly one investigated, the matter that because he can discover through himself, flattered his lord, match but who can also suppress his lord, if this Elder Li knows that he must from plan newly. Was responsible for safeguarding Vermilion Bird Soul Bow that more than ten waste dead, I must have a look!” A Elder Li face is anxious. The red armor rice man knits the brows: Oh? this matter gives me, I am handle the Azure Dragon Divine Blade taken matter, Elder Li you currently definitely have very important matter to do, this matter gave me that's alright!”

I am to break through the moment now, is truly important! That had work Brother Hao!” This old man complexion became moderate, on the face has shown the smiling face: I closed up, certainly well will thank Brother Hao!” Does not need to be polite, after Elder Li breakthrough, after obtaining stronger strength, do not forget little brother that's alright.” Hao Ren smiles lightly. Elder Li returns to Heavenly Fire Divine Country immediately, but Hao Ren is dark smiles: Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, since had been taken, then Shen Xiang will take White Tiger Divine Weapon quickly, so long as grasps Shen Xiang, I have contributed to the great merit, this old stupid person unexpectedly to have given me this good matter.” Hao Ren knows that Elder Li year to year closes up, news is close, therefore does not know these matters. ...... Shen Xiang went to the place that White Tiger Divine Weapon hides now, this place very ordinary rocky mountain group, the only strange place, here rocky mountain majority are the same, or like the twin, is two two looks like modeling size completely same rocky mountain. Shen Xiang thinks interesting, looked here rocky mountain group, then directly soars the place that White Tiger Divine Weapon hides, in rocky mountain! This rocky mountain is very ordinary, but is actually here unique!” Shen Xiang comes, many rocky mountain have same, only this does not have. He reaches as high as around this thousand zhang (3.33 m) rocky mountain turned circle, had discovered a cave in halfway up the mountainside, he flies immediately, enters the cave. After going, he felt that very strange wind blows, this gust blows on him, making him feel body burning hot also feels cold, these two feelings also appear, making him feel very fearfully, because his present body will not be casual by this wind breakthrough, making him cold and hot, therefore he affirmed that will definitely have very formidable fellow in this cave.

Comes in! If I must kill you, when you just stepped into this Heaven's Divination Star died!” The sound that inside passes on makes Shen Xiang shock incomparably, that sound he is familiar, but he determined that is not that person who he is familiar with. In order to see the appearance of this person, Shen Xiang walked, he sees old man to sit cross-legged when a table above, was shocked thoroughly, that exactly the same that this person of appearance and he is familiar with! This...... How possible?” The person who Shen Xiang sees, unexpectedly and Huang Jintian has exactly the same face, he affirmed that this is not Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian is his Master, on his very clear Huang Jintian that makings. This old man said a moment ago here Heaven's Divination Star, knows Heaven's Divination Technique very much obviously! So-called Heaven's Divination Star, should be here rocky mountain group. You are look for White Tiger Divine Weapon?” This old man puts out a tray, above is suspending a black glove! Shen Xiang after year-end fair uneven that four Jiang Sheng refinements is Four Beast's Divine Weapons, has seen this ancient Old Bai tiger Divine Weapon illusion, the white White Tiger gauntlet (glove), truly turned black. Shen Xiang nodded, this and Huang Jintian has exactly the same appearance old man, although looked that is very severe, but after Shen Xiang contacts his vision, actually felt that the opposite party is well-meant, possibly because of the opposite party with his Master same appearance, therefore he thought that this old man is very at present gentle. „Had you found other three?” old man also asked that he also discovered that Shen Xiang was somewhat strange, saw his time was surprised, even if were surprised, should not be such response. Shen Xiang nodded. old man said: You, if can wrap, takes away!” Shen Xiang walked, makes this bind to the glove that looking like the black cloth makes very much with ease on own both hands.

„Had you seen me before?” old man somewhat is curious, because Shen Xiang does not have the vigilant heart to him, moreover looked his time probably looks at an old acquaintance. My Master and you exactly the same, and...... He understands Heaven's Divination Technique!” Shen Xiang said that he also is very curious. After old man hears, has gawked half sound, probably was startled by this matter, Shen Xiang sees a happy excited ray from his both eyes. „Does he name?” old man asked. Huang Jintian!” Shen Xiang replied immediately. I am Huang Yantian, is his elder brother! He now where?” The old man words keep Shen Xiang suddenly from responding. He went to Star Law God Territory, when comes back me not to know.” Shen Xiang thought that Huang Yantian this name is this old man temporarily takes, as for him is Brother Huang Jintian's, Shen Xiang is unable to affirm that this must find Huang Jintian to confirm.