World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2042
Shen Xiang collected four Divine Weapon, moreover meets one saying that is elder brother Huang Jintian mysterious old man, this old man strength is also very strong. Although Shen Xiang cannot confirm that he is Brother Huang Jintian's, but he affirmed that this old man and Huang Jintian definitely have certain relationship, because this old man also understands Heaven's Divination Technique, otherwise he is unable to arrange Heaven's Divination Star. His did unexpectedly go to Star Law God Territory? It seems like he crossed that disaster, now crossed, is really the useless fellow! Since he is so useless, but must return to Star Law God Territory, isn't this courts death?” Huang Yantian frowned, somewhat angry said that looks like very looks like for the appearance that the useless younger brother worries about actually. Why Master can't he go back? He returned to very long a period of time, he will not have the matter!” Shen Xiang heard Huang Yantian saying that now also somewhat is worried about his Master, although his Master was Undead God Clan, but he now the place was Star Law God Territory, Yue'er had said that place had arrives at the peak expert. Huang Yantian looked at Yue'er that pokes head from the Shen Xiang package, sees many things, said: This cat also came from Star Law God Territory? She should be one of the God Clan, you can ask that her why your Master this idiot why cannot go back!” Shen Xiang looks at Yue'er, Yue'er meow, swung swinging: I do not know really that I left Star Law God Territory for a long time.” Huang Yantian somewhat is accidental: „Are you Law Enforcer? But you now this strength do not look like like!” I now am the weak time.” Yue'er shrank, she somewhat fears this Huang Yantian look, always thought one do not have any privacy before him. Huang Yantian said: Star Law God Territory has many old fellow to the end, the cat you should know exactly!” Yue'er searched: This I know that is the peak that the strength arrived at was unable to break through, after this peak staying long time, fleshly body and Divine Soul will be at the condition that one type soon dissipated, was life essence to!”

Huang Yantian nodded: Good, to this condition, reckless will pursue Long Life, majority will choose to seek for Long Life, but this is also the illusory matter, majority will pass away on the road! Therefore, once they run into the Undead God Clan person, Hehe, they will make anything, you should be very clear!” This...... This is unlikely, has strict rule limit in Star Law God Territory, even if......” Yue'er speaks of here, again has not said. Huang Yantian said with a sneer: Star Law God Territory rule? If the fellow who ten soon pass away, then can kill them with the rule, but 100, 1000? The Star Law God Territory regular right to speak, in the fellow hand that in that Gumma must march into the passing away condition. They cannot withstand this enticement, otherwise I will not be forced this place, you possibly come quite early, therefore does not know Star Law God Territory inside situation!” Yue'er silent moment, said: After a period of time my strength has sufficed, I will use our Stars and Moon God Clan secret technique, carries on a contact through the stars, when the time comes I know that something, I left Star Law God Territory already many years, truly for a long time did not have the Star Law God Territory latest news!” She is Law Enforcer, year to year runs outside, adds on as the sacrificial offering that Samsara offers a sacrifice, therefore she understanding Star Law God Territory, was many years ago matters. I can tell you now, Undead God Clan was ruthless, because of devour our blood, can the longevity! This is the rule did not permit, because afterward old fellow had no way out, took Undead God Clan to attempt, finally restored to the sporty condition! Therefore, old fellow in Star Law God Territory is close this news, finally takes Undead God Clan to violate the Star Law God Territory rule for the reason, captures and kills our clansmen wantonly!” Huang Yantian grips tightly double fist very angrily: Our Undead God Clan originally on few people, but faces is expert of that peak strength, their quantity are many, we at all are not the matches!” Although Undead God Clan undying, but does not represent them is very strong, was known after their blood can Long Life, there is this pitiful bitter experience not to be strange. Yue'er feels unbelievable, because this completely is not Star Law God Territory that she knows, she also feels regarding Undead God Clan was worried very much, because on her has the bloodlines of part of Undead God Clan, that is from the paternal grandmother, but now Undead God Clan had exterminated the clan, how she was worried about her paternal grandmother very much now!

You should better not go back, perhaps which day was one's turn your Stars and Moon God Clan, I fled Star Law God Territory in the past time, the cat clan started to evacuate Star Law God Territory, because the principle of Star Law God Territory collapsed, major God Clan thought that did not have the security sense.” Huang Yantian said. These God Clan are inborn has the talent, for example Stars and Moon God Clan can absorb star moon power inborn, this talent has come also very much to be envied the envy, therefore Huang Yantian will say. Cat clan...... The entire clan migrated!” Yue'er is one startled: You know that the cat clan did migrate to where?” Huang Yantian knits the brows: You resembled a moment ago said are one Stars and Moon God Clan? How you care about the cat clan, do you have the bloodlines of cat clan?” Yue'er nodded: My mother is the cat clan, my father is Stars and Moon God Clan!” Huang Yantian back and forth walked several steps, said: Cat clan and Stars and Moon God Clan, although does not have the contradiction, but for many years also little had occurring together, the cat clan and Stars and Moon God Clan are related trhough marriage are not many, I know actually has one pair...... Moreover this is famous to husband and wife, is it possible that......” Recalls these matters, Huang Yantian looks at Yue'er suddenly surprised, Yue'er meow, she knows that at present this Huang Yantian guesses right. Stars and Moon God Clan demon star and cat clan Princess daughter...... As far as I know, mother of demon star is my Undead God Clan elder, that should be your paternal grandmother, do you have three God Clan bloodlines now?” This Huang Yantian memory is very good, has thought all of a sudden of many matters.

Yue'er slight bow of: How did you know my paternal grandmother's present situation? I extremely am worried about her, she may be good to me!” Huang Yantian shook the head: She is first knows that we stared, but actually late, at that time she and did the elder to be responsible for resisting these to capture and kill our fellows, but finally our Undead God Clan only then several escaped, she is also uncertain of one's fate now.” The Yue'er look is somewhat dim, said: Then cat clan? Where moved? Do you have my parents' news?” Huang Yantian came here long time, the news that he understood was also many years ago, but regarding Yue'er, these news was still very precious.