World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2043
Huang Yantian has considered all of a sudden, shook the head: Does not have the big news, if you must look for the cat clan, should be able unable to find depending on your ability, as for your father...... This difficultly said that you should very clear your father's disposition, his mother be besieged, missing, how he will do, you are clearer than me! I suspected that he is your grandfather goes together!” Shen Xiang knows now that the Yue'er family is very fearful, her father was any demon star, mother is cat clan Princess, grandfather grandmother is also the ruler and empress of cat clan. The paternal grandmother is the Undead God Clan elder, grandfather definitely also has a high weight in Stars and Moon God Clan. Yue'er meow, then retracted to the backpack in gently, at this time her worried that Shen Xiang understood, but he is also helpless, now goes to Star Law God Territory is not the wise procedure. Some people entered my Heaven's Divination Star!” Huang Yantian suddenly said that then arrives at cave entrance, looks at the front. This person may be traces my, because before me, takes two Divine Weapon to alarm them, now some people will appear here, are very likely the plan to come to here to ambush my.” Shen Xiang said: Just this fellow came late one step!” Huang Yantian asked: „Does this person come from Heavenly Fire Divine Country?” Senior, how do you know?” Some Shen Xiang regarding this doubts. First time period here had ten saying that is fellow who Heavenly Fire Divine Country sent, but they were held by me, now has not died.” Huang Yantian said with a smile cloudy: Early knows that I massacred them, this can bring in a stronger fellow to accompany me to find relief, the beforehand these fellows, were very senseless.” Why Shen Xiang also will feel to Huang Yantian here curious, then asked: Senior, you and are Nine Spirit Kings friends? Are you helping them protect Divine Weapon here?” Um, I have promised them, helping them watch Divine Weapon, they said that if some people found this Divine Weapon, then is also they from newly appears, when this world! I am very confident to these nine fellows, they have promised me, once they solve here matter, will go to Star Law God Territory to help my.” Huang Yantian the time of Star Law God Territory leaving can infer, is Nine Spirit Kings Divine Country compels to have no way out, that truly compared with Huang Jintian late come here. But Yue'er come early compared with Huang Jintian. That intrudes this Heaven's Divination Star person, is Hao Ren, he is grasps Shen Xiang's, grasped Shen Xiang is quite Yu Li the great merit, will obtain many rewards, he thinks that was very excited.

He enters Heaven's Divination Star, difference that the thing that sees and you see! Here has Illusion Formation, therefore he now at present is the beautiful scenery scenery, but truly is these meteorites.” Huang Yantian lightly smiled: This fellow had not discovered now, moreover he is walking toward me.” Senior, this person fierce? Can you be victorious?” Shen Xiang asked. Strength but actually also good, but in my eyes is only small small shrimp one!” Huang Yantian disdains saying: I can kill him frequently, after all my this Heaven's Divination Star has used many year of arrangement.” Huang Yantian dependence this time Heaven's Divination Star was strong, strength that let alone he hides! Shen Xiang asked with a smile: Then Senior you and my Master which fierce?” Huang Yantian laughed: This is I am certainly fierce, that fellow completely is not my match, although I am a twin, but his strength difference were too many.” The disposition of this beautiful stench is actually same, in the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart. Came, you have a look at him the stupid type in illusion.” Huang Yantian said with a smile. Shen Xiang sees the man who wears the red armor rice to walk, then the squatting down body, like holds water in cupped hands to drink with both hands in Xiaoxibian, but here is really a stretch of open land and every large or small grotesque rocky mountain. Huang Yantian said: This fellow also good, you looked that he now is vigilant, compared with former that ten waste.” Saying, Huang Yantian puts out a disc, this controls a Heaven's Divination Star thing probably, he has pointed at with the hand above, sees only that the Hao Ren suddenly whole body on open land to tremble, obviously was frightened by anything.

I remove Illusion Formation, making him have a look at itself around the real appearance.” Huang Yantian happily said with a smile. Hao Ren comes, here is one sight of green abundancy, but is only the instance that he blinks, turned like this, did this let him not to be surprised? Huang Yantian flew, vigilant Hao Ren knows one fell into formidable formation, seeing some people to appear, immediately flies to run away, a standing net that but was actually released by Huang Yantian to the net in the ground, again is unable to move. Shen Xiang also flew at this time, after Hao Ren sees Shen Xiang, shouted: Shen Xiang......” „Do you recognize me?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: It seems like I now in Divine Country very famous!” I am Heavenly Fire Divine Country, I knew that some people must come to here to ambush you, therefore comes to here to inform you ahead of time! You make me admire in all that gathering outside British Divine City makes very much, I really do not think that you fall into the hand of Heavenly Fire Divine Country.” Hao Ren gets a sudden inspiration, looks at Shen Xiang with respect look. Huang Yantian said with a smile: Talks big must be struck by lightning, you confirmed a moment ago what you said is real?” Absolutely true, I to the Brother Shen respect for a long time, his fact in our Divine Country spreads, the young generation admires him!” A Hao Ren face said sincerely. The palm of Huang Yantian according to his head, that shameless sinister smiles, making Hao Ren very disturbed, he does not know that who this old fellow is, moreover is so fierce, used magic treasure to trig him all of a sudden, here fearful formation, likely was not the prepare just, before should be very long, existed. Hehe, your have lied! I had read your memory......” Huang Yantian to say with a smile a moment ago: Your this brat, is very dishonest, unexpectedly a lot of dirty tricks!” I...... I......” Hao Ren could not speak, but the complexion also became gloomy, shouted: Then you accompany me dead!”

Just shouted that Shen Xiang felt he was held, at present after one is black, heard a bang, then he discovered that one float in upper air, stood on flying disc, Heaven's Divination Star that below that piece of innumerable rocky mountain composed was being covered by rolling the dust, the earth of strenuous vibration presented deep gullies. Yue'er has a lingering fear said: that was close, walked a moment ago slowly, we possibly had bad luck!” Huang Yantian scolded: This damn young brat, unexpectedly has ruined my Heaven's Divination Star, early knows that does not make you walk into the frailest heart!” What had?” How Shen Xiang has not understood now. „The bastard used secret method from exploding, this type from exploding the technique was fearful, all Godhead and Divine Soul in within the body, added on Divine sea Divine Power simultaneously to explode again, procedure that this did not plan to be reincarnated completely, therefore the might after from exploding was fearful!” Huang Yantian is very indignant: Blames me, was too negligent!” For all that but I have to receive goods, in the memory of this fellow has that Heavenly Fire Divine Country matter, the Heavenly Fire Divine Country internal present is very chaotic, is God Emperor passes on the position to be noisy very much obviously, I must go to this Heavenly Fire Divine Country to stroll.” Shen Xiang said: Senior, can you deliver me to return to world of Nine Heaven? world of Nine Heaven has annexed Gods now, delivers me to go back to be very easy! My Master can achieve! I sharply am going back to put Nine Spirit Kings.” Rescues commitment that Nine Spirit Kings was he initially made, this must transfers to Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou!