World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2044

Shen Xiang does not know that in this Highest God Realm whether can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, even if, he does not plan to summon here, here distance that nine Divine Country were too near, therefore returns to world of Nine Heaven to be safer.

He worried that Huang Yantian does not send back him, therefore he stressed especially Huang Jintian can achieve, like old fellow that this viing for supremacy tries to outdo others, even if did not plan to do, now also the meeting believes the oath to say broad and level one can. Naturally does not have the issue, the piece of cake, do you want to go back now? You go back now, later must come to this place not to be easy, only if you arrive at certain cultivation base.” Huang Yantian said that he and Shen Xiang float in the air, on him condense greatly strengthened space power, he must open Space Gate at this time. Shen Xiang nodded, this going back, did not plan to come again, because of world of Nine Heaven can devour here, he not need the shuttle space to come not long again. Huang Yantian used own strength to open space passage, what making Shen Xiang surprised was, in instance that he turned the head, this Huang Yantian unexpectedly changed an appearance, turned into that from exploding Hao Ren. This fellow named Hao Ren, I will disguise as him to go to Heavenly Fire Divine Country to stroll, understood more matters, after waiting for Nine Spirit Kings comes out, my acquired news may use to them.” Huang Yantian laughed, this turning other person of appearances, infiltrate the enemy internal method are also Shen Xiang frequently use. Shen Xiang has this clever trick, under Huang Jintian's gradually influences to train, this Huang Yantian is also a lot of wicked idea, this truly and Huang Jintian looks like very much. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Said goodbye!” Walks!” Huang Yantian nodded with a smile, Shen Xiang plunges into that space passage, after space passage closes, Huang Yantian also flies toward the upper air. Nine Divine Country hide in starry sky deep place, moreover many formation shield, helping them to hide very well, before Huang Yantian, does not know where these Divine Country, his of Heavenly God previous killing that more than ten from Heavenly Fire Divine Country were lost, they do not know how to go to Divine Country from here!

But this time, Huang Yantian meets Hao Ren, has gotten so far as the Hao Ren memory, knew how to go to Heavenly Fire Divine Country, as well as massive Heavenly Fire Divine Country material. ...... After Shen Xiang enters space passage, appears in sea. Where is this?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, has felt the air/Qi of here Spiritual God, discovered that unexpectedly is similar to Highest God Realm, did not have what difference, this makes him be similar to Highest God Realm is the same. This was world of Nine Heaven! Beforehand Gods may not have such high quality energy, in the past shortly, promotion to this degree! How does Nine Spirit Kings cause that world of Nine Heaven?” Yue'er feels very surprisedly, she quite knew about these matters, but she does not know that Nine Spirit Kings has used any means that making world of Nine Heaven have so quick adolescence speed. Shen Xiang puts out finger of road formation plate, but this has not affected slightly, because before the present world is not, that! Only can walk carelessly!” All around cannot see the end sea, he has chosen a direction, fast teleport in the past. After teleport several times, he stopped, surprisedly said: I carry on teleport here, resistance unexpectedly is so big, compared in the Highest God Realm also stronger resistance!” in other words, his teleport most long-distance range is not far in Highest God Realm, showed that this world be stabler than Highest God Realm, not long, can carry on more further devour, will annex all around these more higher world!

Although range attenuation of teleport, but Shen Xiang has used the small half-day time, arrived at the land! May be more than Highest God Realm in this world of Nine Heaven person, world of Nine Heaven had many sect influences, then Gods also many Temple, now fuse together, the quantity of humanity were more! After Shen Xiang arrives at the land, quick sees the person, that is a squad, must go to sea evidently the capturing and killing sea beast, is some guys, they drink generally, walking that at the same time is merry on road, understood at a glance that is the straightforward person. Shen Xiang walks, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, the question and answer: How many friends, the recent city walk? I encounter a problem in the sea, was flushed.” That side has a Lan Hai city, inside has many Teleportation Formation.” A guy has referred to a direction. Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest grateful, then hastily dashes, he goes to the Highest God Realm time, although is not very long, but the time and Highest God Realm of this place are different, perhaps here passed many years! In addition here experiences many matters, Divine Prison inside evil person has run, the annexation of world of Nine Heaven, causing here world structure to have very big change! Shen Xiang finds from Jiang Sheng there, this world of Nine Heaven at present quite formidable is Nine Heavens Sect, is Yun Xiaodao they organizes, afterward Demon Execution Heavenly God their and the others joined, was the Shen Xiang relationship very good old friend. Has again is the influence of Lu Qilian in secret development, is the female composes, occupied Dragon Vein, as for developing what kind, Jiang Sheng was unknown, in brief not too bad that's it. Shen Xiang arrived at the Lan Hai city, the city wall in this city is very new, inside construction understood at a glance that just constructed shortly, this city is very young, but so is prosperous, thinks that is because approaches that piece to have the sea of massive sea beast!

Shen Xiang arrives at transmission plaza that Teleportation Formation is, he saw „the Nine Heavens city quickly these characters, moreover from here the person who must go to the Nine Heavens city are many, five Teleportation Formation can the standing person, the Nine Heavens city develop any degree all of a sudden obviously at this time! This world also starts to use divine yuan stone now, does not know that is who guides, many Profound God understood that causes to think profound strength condense divine yuan stone! Can use divine yuan stone, explained that here process long-term precipitation, will have the massive divine yuan stone circulations, Shen Xiang thought here at least passed for over several hundred years! The Nine Heavens city definitely grasps in Yun Xiaodao their this batch of person hands, moreover such a powerful city, can stabilize, explained that Yun Xiaodao their this time influences were strong, therefore nobody dares to provoke! Shen Xiang has arranged the team of less than half double-hour, finally was one's turn him to enter Teleportation Formation, each Teleportation Formation can only transmit 300 people each time, needed thousand divine yuan stone, it can be said that was quite expensive, but the person of these back and forth transmission, majority were quite rich. Quick, Shen Xiang transmitted the Nine Heavens city, this Nine Heavens city was only transmits plaza to be giant, Shen Xiang went out of Teleportation Formation, looks that this was almost spacious cannot see transmission plaza of head, cannot help but the heart was startled, at this time was having groups of people to come out from many Teleportation Formation , many departures! Transmission plaza of this scale, is similar to a very formidable empire like that this has into a formidable Divine Country trend indistinctly!