World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2045

Shen Xiang leaves to transmit plaza, walks on a very spacious avenue, a ten layers high blue stone construction of front near avenue, was City Lord's Mansion, this City Lord's Mansion was away from Teleportation Formation to be near, came out to go immediately, was very convenient. The person who City Lord's Mansion passes and out also has many, should be handles matters, this city is giant, many shops must hire , some matters need to be solved through City Lord's Mansion, therefore City Lord's Mansion is lively. Nine Heavens Sect Dean is Gu Dongchen! I have not guessed that wrong words, City Lord of this Nine Heavens city definitely is Wu Kaiming this Little Bald!” Shen Xiang looks at City Lord's Mansion that grand front door, then walked. After going, Shen Xiang had found one pretty female who is responsible for entertaining, inquired, knew that City Lord is really Wu Kaiming, then he said that must look for Wu Kaiming, was informed to find the Wu Kaiming person to be many, needs to wait for a period of time! Shen Xiang thought one can wait, but that female calculates that told him to need to wait ten days to be one's turn him to see Wu Kaiming! It is said Wu Kaiming is every day only presents more than half double-hour generally and has the person of important matter to meet, the common matter, directly looks for the steward solutions of other Nine Heavens cities. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, wants to find Wu Kaiming directly, to Wu Kaiming sound transmission, but actually discovered that here has to stop his Divine Soul formation! Obviously is because Wu Kaiming they are clear this method, will therefore set up this formation to prevent, Shen Xiang guessed that mostly here formation is Liu Meng'er Xue Xianxian their these females focusing on refiner set up formation does. Shen Xiang does not have the means temporarily, sits is waiting for anything in a City Lord's Mansion great hall and a troop person patiently, the great hall is somewhat noisy, suddenly is peaceful, simultaneously fragrant floats, Shen Xiang thought that this fragrant very familiar, lowers the head he of ponder to look up, is seeing one to wear the noble beautiful female of purple skirt to walk from outside. This female gait is exquisite, after walking into great hall, on the beautiful jade face light smiles, is greeting to the people, this beautiful woman smiles, making many male hearts on the scene acclaim unceasingly, good outstanding person. Yan Zilan!” Shen Xiang is secretly happy, he is thinking a moment ago still the means see Wu Kaiming, but thinks to meet Yan Zilan now, sees Wu Kaiming also No problem, if were known by Wu Kaiming, it is estimated that will have the impulsion of spitting blood. Sister Zilan, you are really attractive!” Shen Xiang to Yan Zilan sound transmission, he also slightly made change appearance, in addition he went into hiding the ability to be so formidable, Yan Zilan could not certainly bear him.

Yan Zilan is walking into the side gate of great hall, suddenly hears Shen Xiang's sound transmission, cannot help but stops the footsteps, the tender body also trembled trembling, her heart had already been abducted by Shen Xiang, their sentiments are also good! Previous Yan Zilan was injured, Shen Xiang kills that Flower Empress husband and wife for her angrily takes revenge, moreover they have the contacts of many ambiguous. Dead little rascal, has not come quickly!” Yan Zilan gives him sound transmission. Shen Xiang walks immediately, several steps step to Yan Zilan behind, many people think somewhat strangely, thinks that Shen Xiang is courting death, unexpectedly such approaches Yan Zilan, the Yan Zilan prestige is also famous in this city, moves the evil idea to her, does not have what good end. But Yan Zilan has not said anything, was only white Shen Xiang, on pulling his hand, was drawing in him that gate! The people in Datangli have gawked staring, always noble solemn Yan Zilan, at this time looks like unexpectedly very anxious drags the man...... In that gate is passage, after Yan Zilan Shen Xiang drags, Shen Xiang another hand has placed behind her willow waist, grasps her, making her fill the fragrant tender body to stick. Sister Zilan, does not see for a long time, you were really getting more and more beautiful!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile, Yan Zilan wants to work loose Shen Xiang's that to hold in the arms the bad hand of her waist, but this hand actually extraordinary vigorously. Such long does not see, you are actually getting more and more bad, meets each time plays a dirty trick to others, lets loose the elder sister quickly, was seen not to be good!” Yan Zilan is charmingly angry, the jade face has blushed slightly, she was not first time is sexually harassed by Shen Xiang. Because you float more and more attractively, makes me more and more bad!” Shen Xiang hee hee badly smiles, is caressing Yan Zilan that beautiful graceful bearing face lightly. He looks at Yan Zilan affectionately, facial expression becomes earnest: Sister Zilan, I think you really very much, these years you cross very well, I was very also happy! I worried that you cannot cross that disturbance.”

Yan Zilan looked at somewhat by the vision of Shen Xiang that burning hot cannot bear, dangles slightly, spat one tenderly: You can come back now, I am also very happy!” Then, she gained ground, at this time Shen Xiang also changes that handsome and face of maturity, she extends the white hands to stroke gently, the look somewhat blurredly looks at Shen Xiang, cannot help but when recalls and Shen Xiang together matter. Unknowingly, their two lips have bumped together, their sentiment is not kissing from forbidden land, closely is supporting, the emotion of many years having accumulated, erupts in this instantaneously! The time passed by probably was very long, dry cough let falling deeply in love Shen Xiang and Yan Zilan being enchanted by that from kissed violently wakes up. This...... You should pay attention to the field of points to gather!” What dry cough is a skull glistens the handsome man, is Wu Kaiming this fellow. Discovered that after Wu Kaiming bumps into, the Yan Zilan double cheek immediately is red drops the blood, bites the lower lip to lower the head slightly, but also stepped on a Shen Xiang foot maliciously. Shen Xiang not saying anything further, a palm of the hand hits on the skull of Wu Kaiming: You cannot pretend unable to see, can disturb us to be inadequate?” Young Martial Uncle...... Zilan she has the urgent matter to come, definitely is because bumps into you,...... cough cough.” Wu Kaiming has not said: Went to my place to say proper business!” Yan Zilan remembers the important matter, cannot help but charmingly angry: little rascal, is you, harmed others to forget!”

What important matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Wu Kaiming had not said that but was leading him and Yan Zilan walks into one to decorate not many studios. After arriving at this study room, Yan Zilan puts out a small jade box, said: This is skeleton Divine Pill, you transmit to the ancient leader!” Wu Kaiming nodded, now Shen Xiang saw, Yan Zilan is Lu Qilian their together, specifically is responsible for the operation pills business. Wu Kaiming said: Young Martial Uncle, what strength are you now? Some how many Godhead?” Yan Zilan also is very curious, because Shen Xiang initially left world of Nine Heaven to go to Gods, their many years have not seen, world Law of Time that in addition Shen Xiang is at and they are different, the time that they distinguish was longer. I at present...... Two Godhead, three Divine Soul, quick can concentrate third Godhead to come, when the time comes I can be Middle-Rank Heavenly God!” Shen Xiang said.