World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2046

Although Feng Yujie came back, but Feng Yujie has not said too the Shen Xiang's matter, therefore they do not know. Now Yan Zilan knows Shen Xiang's cultivation base with Wu Kaiming, somewhat is accidental, because this they expect is completely different, they think Shen Xiang at least also in five Godhead about. How long did Sister Feng come back?” Shen Xiang asked. „About 50 years!” Yan Zilan said. Shen Xiang has gawked staring: I and she distinguish few, here time and above different!” Wu Kaiming nodded: No wonder, but No problem! Depending on your talent, quick can practice!” Yan Zilan said: Important matter that we said that wants opposite party Hell to be weird, is the influence of Infernal Demon Emperor establishment here, they have developed in secret, after a period of time, world of Nine Heaven will swallow Highest God Realm, therefore before they want to approach at that time, here competes for more resources and good regions.” Now we in secret united several influences, preparation fight cope with Hell to be weird, when the time comes must counter-attack may, not only Hell is weird, other and Hell weird union ancient influence. Now Youyou and Ziqian have inquired the news.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „The back of Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow, but Divine Country strength, that unsurpassed old demon supports him in the back!” Yan Zilan shakes the head saying: That is before! Was initially unsurpassed the old demon to obtain Divine Mirror of Six Paths, using Infernal Demon Emperor, but Divine Mirror of Six Paths in your hands, the unsurpassed old demon naturally will not invest many on Infernal Demon Emperor now!” The backstage of unsurpassed old demon is very complex, but now the unsurpassed old demon definitely also involves in Divine Country in the disturbance of struggle of imperial throne, now in nine Divine Country a little strength, is making the prudent consideration, if standing wrong position, that consequence will be serious!

Wu Kaiming said: These skeleton Divine Pill, are we to win over other influences prepares, the Divine Pill that Feng Yujie comes back to bring, we will not sell, is only in the interior as the reward use, will pass also on this news!” When will then attack?” Shen Xiang asked that he also wants to move the leaving bone. Still in the inquiry news, us is Duan Sanchang and Xu Weilong is responsible, it is estimated that will have quickly the news.” Wu Kaiming said: If you must go, possibly some danger(ous), evil art of Infernal Demon Emperor practice, will let his advanced by leaps and bounds, their entire Hell weird strength is very powerful, at present this is we knows.” Shen Xiang asked: That Nine Heavenly Devil Palace? I summoned before, but also in that place?” In, vanish from sight, you do not summon?” Wu Kaiming one startled, he and Yan Zilan somewhat are panic-stricken, although they were quite formidable Heavenly God, but to that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace was very frightened. They do not know secret that in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace hides, but Shen Xiang this coming back, to rescue Nine Spirit Kings. Good, I must summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, moreover this was also Nine Heavenly Devil Palace last time makes an appearance!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Does not need to be worried when the time comes you knew, so long as I can succeed, after connecting world of Nine Heaven annexes Highest God Realm, our safety a period of time.” After Feng Yujie comes back, news Wu Kaiming that brings they also know that came from the threats of these Divine Country! Good, but you should in quite few person's place summons, best go to these Danger Zone! For example Night Demon Underworld, that place now is Night Devil, is very suitable to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile cloudy. Shen Xiang has also smiled, then said to Yan Zilan: Sister Zilan, leading me to look for Sister Qilian, temporarily do not tell Xianxian their me to come back, because I must go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, they know, will be worried my.”

Yan Zilan sighed gently, she also knows after one became the Shen Xiang's woman, later can also with Xue Xianxian their such gradually the day that was familiar with be very anxious all day. „Don't you see Senior Brother they? Xiaodao and Zhu Rong here.” Wu Kaiming said. Temporarily does not see, my present cultivation base was too low, is known by them, definitely will be despised.” Shen Xiang laughed: Do not tell them me to come back, do not mention me to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace with them! If they know Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to appear, let alone is I summons. About this matter, must keep secret, but can tell Little Featherhead or Demon Execution Heavenly God their these elders.” Yan Zilan brought Shen Xiang to walk from behind, at this time they were sitting in a car(riage), this car(riage) did not have the horse beast to haul, was depends upon formation to walk, this type of saloon car here also many. This type of thing is really comfortable!” Shen Xiang lies down in the saloon car on soft the beast skin cushion, Yan Zilan is red the foot, holds the knees to sit by him. This is Meng'er they make!” Yan Zilan said with a smile: Now they may be fierce, can refine fierce Divine Weapon divine tool, but also develops a special refiner clique!” Shen Xiang comes her building, making her lie on own body, is holding her beautiful jade face gently, said with a smile: How now is the Qilian empire founded?” Yan Zilan felt that Shen Xiang's is dishonest, light lightly snorted, the white hands have twisted a meat of Shen Xiang chest vigorously, said: She has absorbed Goddess Palace, Goddess Palace inside females are quite grateful you to reveal that Palace Master!” Goddess Palace...... Is one crowd of tender dī dī beautiful women.” Shen Xiang badly smiles, stand up, gentle and charming Yan Zilan below, she cannot help but tenderly shouted one. The saloon car under her control, entered has transmitted in the plaza nearby house, had Teleportation Formation that the internal personnel used in this inside, through this Teleportation Formation, the saloon car transmission left this Nine Heavens city.

little rascal do not act unreasonably!” Yan Zilan used not the small strength to shove open Shen Xiang: Drew near, was discovered is not good!” Shen Xiang opens the glass, sees only here is a piece of prairie, all around is the mountain, is not the city, where he does not know this, only thought that here air/Qi of Spiritual God is rich. This is second Dragon Vein, front was our residences.” Yan Zilan said. Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, because before his father, in this region, but separated was so long, did not know also in not here. Made Qilian come here that's alright, I do not pass!” Shen Xiang the small mouth of Yan Zilan, was opened gently in the gate of this time saloon car, Lu Qilian looks there, her lightly snorted, then enters in the saloon car, closes the door. Yan Zilan is nipping the red lip tightly, blushes to lower the head, she has not thought with Shen Xiang intimate time, was bumped into, moreover was bumped into by Lu Qilian!