World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2047

Lu Qilian and Shen Xiang have not the small contradiction, although reconciled finally, but Yan Zilan they do not know that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian have developed that relationship finally, knows this matter also has Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er their several!

Sister Qilian, how do you come such quickly?” Shen Xiang and Yan Zilan intimate action, although was seen by Lu Qilian, but he has not thought to have anything, this made in the Yan Zilan heart scold one tenderly, facial skin unexpectedly was so thick. Zilan subpoenaed to me, she has not possibly told you! Was you she had not said to opportunity.” Lu Qilian has led one group of females to develop very formidable influence now, when restored her to govern that ruler same air/Qi field of Hundred Flowers Palace in the past. Lu Qilian also wears one set of purple skirt at this time, style with Yan Zilan looks like very much, but gives the feeling of person not to be completely different! Yan Zilan to the person a noble and gentle feeling, especially coordinates her gently beautiful smiling face, to person a graceful bearing, but sweet beauty! But puts in Lu Qilian, when to person a noble feeling, but also is bringing the arrogant aggression, especially when she does not smile, that elegantly beautiful beautiful highlights her keeping aloof might. Yan Zilan is just thinking how to Lu Qilian to explain when she and Shen Xiang's relationship, has not actually expected Shen Xiang unexpectedly to grab the hand of Lu Qilian, Lu Qilian forward depends slightly, poured in the Shen Xiang's bosom! Lu Qilian also wants to struggle, she does not want to make Yan Zilan see itself gentle and charming side before the beloved man, but why actually does not know, she pours when the Shen Xiang's bosom, feels Shen Xiang body temperature, feels Shen Xiang that to rouse the aura that her heartbeat accelerates, that is tying tight the tender body suddenly becomes soft. Lu Qilian one, then slightly raises head gently, is soft looks that Shen Xiang that is bringing the handsome face that badly is smiling. Surprised Yan Zilan, responded all of a sudden that she has not thought Lu Qilian unexpectedly also by the Shen Xiang's violent treachery, her present suddenly understands that Lu Qilian looked at her strange look a moment ago, because in that look was having a light jealousy. Looks at Lu Qilian that gentle vision, Shen Xiang cannot bear, closely grasps her tender body, holds her wing celtis mouth, kissed the small moment to be separated. Yue'er already guessed correctly that Shen Xiang is a sentimental type, but has not thought that so will be wild, hides in backpack her, exudes meow shouted lightly.

Good adorable cat, is this Yue'er that Bingyan mentioned frequently?” Yan Zilan somewhat was a moment ago awkward, after seeing Yue'er, she will immediately have hugged. Lu Qilian also puts out a hand to trace Yue'er, then said: Zilan said a moment ago you do want to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, if wanted and some Sister Feng also Hanrou say one?” Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou extremely cared to this matter, because they are Nine Spirit Kings create, now Shen Xiang must rescue Nine Spirit Kings, regarding their sisters is very important matter. This...... Good, you told them! But do not let Xianxian they know.” Lu Qilian also understands that Shen Xiang does not want to make Xue Xianxian they be worried, previous Shen Xiang enters the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace matter to be known by them, was worried about the period of time. Soon, Yan Zilan opens the door, only then Jiu Hanrou arrives, she said: Elder sister she does not come, she said that lets me and you goes together!” Lu Qilian told Jiu Hanrou and Feng Yujie in the pass on message a moment ago briefly, therefore she will say. Jiu Hanrou compared with before her the demon emperor of that counterfeit must attract, is the same with Feng Yujie, the whole body fills to bewitch to seize soul the strength of charming, she looked at the Shen Xiang's time a moment ago, slightly has used her strength of attracting, which knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can resist. Shen Xiang holds in the arms Lu Qilian and Yan Zilan grinningly, if not for this, he really somewhat is also hard to resist. Lu Qilian and Yan Zilan were being hugged by same man, thinks somewhat strangely, they have struggled, discovered that Shen Xiang hugs very tightly, gave up. Now walks!” Jiu Hanrou wraps white skirt remove that reveals one set of black tight-fitting packing up.

Shen Xiang has kissed the cheeks of Yan Zilan and Lu Qilian separately, then goes out of the saloon car, stands in Teleportation Formation. Lu Qilian and Yan Zilan before leaving, with being full of the kind look look at Shen Xiang, has not said anything, they know that Shen Xiang can certainly come back safely. ...... After Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou walk, Youyou of Yan Zilan in the saloon car said: Sister Qilian, has not thought really you are so good with this little rascal's relationship, when are you on good?” Lu Qilian sighed lightly: For a long time! This does not have anything unable to think that do not look at Hanrou this, before she and Shen Xiang, although crosses enmity, but Shen Xiang has also helped her, when they come back, perhaps already...... This little rascal is this.” He...... Can handle Hanrou really!” Yan Zilan is somewhat surprised, because she knows that Jiu Hanrou itself is very strong, moreover Nine Spirit Kings creates, was half Nine Heavens Goddess. Yujie had been handled by him, did you say?” Lu Qilian said that controls the saloon car to move toward not far away the architectural complex. Sister Feng she...... She really?” Yan Zilan and Feng Yujie also frequently contact, because Feng Yujie is alchemy, after refining Spell Bound Pill, will give her, their relationship are also good. Moreover before Feng Yujie, still has stayed in Goddess Palace, she also has the prestige in Goddess Palace audiences Goddess, to the feeling of Yan Zilan, is the same with Lu Qilian, is that keeping aloof female expert. Lu Qilian smiles: She told me, did this have the vacation? However, initially after you were injured, because the matter is related with me, this brat wished one could to kill me, at that time I first time felt that he was so fearful! You are very important in his heart! Said how you knew his, I want to understand.” After Yan Zilan hears, in the heart, then starts to narrate that warmly when she and Shen Xiang first time meets the matter, because at that time she was cultivate Spirit, but Shen Xiang happen to was also, but also taught cultivation technique to give her......

...... Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou transmit through that Teleportation Formation to one look like the quite lonely cities, this city also has more than ten Teleportation Formation. Transmission time is by Jiu Hanrou decided that because she knows where is quite suitable to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. Jiu Hanrou is bringing the veil and bamboo hat, Shen Xiang follows in her behind, to go out of the city quickly. All the way, Jiu Hanrou did not speak, Shen Xiang asked her words, she was also the casual response, this made Shen Xiang think that she was the same in life Qi/angry. Little nine elder sisters, or I use teleport, this will be quicker!” Shen Xiang holds on her arm. Jiu Hanrou turns the head , the look that is full to attract visits him with that type.