World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2048
In the Shen Xiang heart criticizes immediately, now is making the proper business, this Jiu Hanrou unexpectedly entices him once for a while, moreover that firepower full that. On this piece of nobody's prairie, Jiu Hanrou is taking off women's clothing slowly, although does not have to take off completely, but this type was covered up the enticement of several spots is most powerful. „Are little nine elder sisters, you doing!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he is really bewildered, this Jiu Hanrou what's the matter. Jiu Hanrou lightly snorted, picks to wear the clothes, said: Your this fellow clings to beauty, I worried that you enter Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to be out of control to entice! You are clear, since previous time you summoned, Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside trap completely was different, these Divine Country improved these traps! As far as I know, they start from your weakness!” However your weakness is to cling to the beauty! The elder sister had said before, sometimes this aspect truly is your weakness, but your resistance ability is also sometimes strong, I probed before time, because you are holding Qilian and Zilan, in the heart to the beauty evil desire shifts to them on, therefore that time does not calculate! I had probed a moment ago one time, finally satisfied me quite.” Jiu Hanrou has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Elder sister said well, you resistance strength in this aspect are truly strong!” Shen Xiang aspirated: Scares to death me, I also think that you are living me to be mad, actually is testing me!” Jiu Hanrou nodded: I did not speak with you before, slights to you, to let you thought that I ignore to you, at this time your in the heart hopes that I and you spoke, therefore I attracted at this time, but did not have what effect!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Little nine elder sisters, next time, I do not worry like this really very much you pay no attention to me to dislike me!” Jiu Hanrou tenderly snorted and said: „Can my what dislike you? My name is you takes!” Then, had not revealed her of smiling face to smile, making in the Shen Xiang heart have a spring breeze has blown the feeling.

Little nine elder sisters, you do not use that type to attract strength, so long as smiles to me, can my fan probably the Divine Soul inversion!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Do not be loquacious, a bit faster is bringing my teleport!” Time that Jiu Hanrou lightly smiled, she smiles truly is full of one type to let the Shen Xiang whole body weak gentleness, therefore Shen Xiang hope to see this gentle side frequently, will name to her is Jiu Hanrou. Shen Xiang is pulling her soft white hands, opens space passage, starts to hurry along. Yue'er with his, must deal with the trap of that position, but also needs the Yue'er help, Yue'er is skilled to these. Two days passed by, Shen Xiang under the direction of Jiu Hanrou, arrived in a big desert, here is desolate and uninhabited, the air/Qi of Spiritual God is thin, moreover is far away from the city, will not have any person to come. „Are little nine elder sisters, you and Qilian they together what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked that because before Jiu Hanrou, has come and gone freely. Is together very well...... Has not thought that your strength of attracting was fiercer than me, has attracted these many attractive outstanding females!” Jiu Hanrou mixes together with that group of females all day, where can not know the Shen Xiang's love matters? Shen Xiang thought that Jiu Hanrou definitely has not known Feng Yujie now with his matter, otherwise she such lightly will not regard this matter. „Was here OK?” Shen Xiang looked at all around: Looks like is a very good place, here summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Jiu Hanrou nodded: Your did Four Beast's Divine Weapons collect? When the time comes do not make a mistake, we must enter in that 9th level space, if has a mistake, we must be stranded in inside!”

Collected, otherwise I will not come back!” Shen Xiang also releases Four Beast's Divine Weapons, after Jiu Hanrou sees, nodded. Although looks like is quite crude, but Jiu Hanrou is actually recognizes, she had also seen these Divine Weapon images before. Shen Xiang has put out seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, at this time Yue'er also extended the small head, before Shen Xiang and she has said that summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace time was quite attractive. Under the control of Shen Xiang intention, sky suddenly turns into the grey, the thick cloud is densely covered, lightning flash thunder cry, earth crazy is shaking, strong winds curl up, has raised very giant sand storm in the desert. The sound that afterward crazy Dragon roared conveyed, the vibration of ground was fiercer, but also exploded gushes out black Qi mist. The sand storm stopped, the earth had been covered dark, purple-red lightning continuous glittering, is illuminating the earth, causes the earth covers by intermittent purple and red flash alternately. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace appeared, the Devil Palace entrance has dozens Twin-Headed Devil Dragon to protect, compared with the previous time many, these double headed big dragons previous time was also bigger, they were fastened by rough and work-soiled shackles, at this time roared crazily, that over a hundred black fearsome dragon head swayed to roar unceasingly, eyes red light sparkled, in the mouth was spitting the true evil black ghost, saw to be scary in the distant place. With previous time was different, this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace at this time also became very strong!” Jiu Hanrou sees front door opening of Nine Heavenly Devil Palace gradually, unexpectedly to have a fear, hastily grips Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang also hastily her poster, making her feel that is safer! This formation Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend from Star Law God Territory, altogether 9981 types, but these dragons are the double headed Heavenly Devil dragons, breeds through formation!” Yue'er said suddenly: I very long had not seen, before you mentioned with me, I think somewhat familiar, now personally see, has not thought that unexpectedly can be this Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend!”

Hears the Yue'er words, Jiu Hanrou cannot help but to be startled, because before her, listens to Nine Spirit Kings to mention, but she heard at that time is not very clear, only knows that is called any Earth Fiend. Yue'er, are you familiar with this formation?” Jiu Hanrou asked that because of the Shui Bingyan reason, she was also quite familiar with Yue'er, after Feng Yujie came back, because had the matter to be busy, once gave her Shui Bingyan, she also protected to Shui Bingyan. Familiar, my father has the research to this formation, I naturally understood! My grandfather in the past was one of the formation pathfinders.” Yue'er happily said with a smile, could see that she is confident. Jiu Hanrou stares, background unexpectedly of this cat is so big, before she listened to Feng Yujie saying that Yue'er is that mysterious Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer. But Feng Yujie does not know is, the Yue'er whole family background is very big, this was Shen Xiang afterward knew. The Yue'er father in Stars and Moon God Clan is any demon star, the grandfather is not definitely simple in Stars and Moon God Clan, unexpectedly is one of the anything Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend pathfinders. Shen Xiang asked: How this does formation spread here?” Yue'er shook the head: I do not know, because participated in the person who founds being many in the past, altogether over a hundred people, at that time therefore grasped also some these many people, will spread to nine Divine Country are not strange! This palace was prohibited by this formation, this formation quite fierce place, is the change are many, can grow some killing formation and various Illusion Formation.”