World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2049

Nine Heavenly Devil Palace that Shen Xiang summons now and previous time has very big difference, previous time be fiercer, listening to Yue'er saying that can guess correctly Nine Heavenly Devil Palace inside formation had been modified, in addition Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend grew some killing formation, this Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou went , the affirmation that meets and previous time had very big difference. Dead souls cloudy ghost gate must start!” Yue'er said that just said that the ground drills a troop skeleton, stood in the both sides of front door, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou both feet also cannot help but walked. What to do now can?” The Shen Xiang body cannot help but moved, he was unable to control the body at this time, the both feet half step walks in the middle of skeleton group, moves toward that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace front door. Yue'er unexpectedly had not been affected, obviously she has the means to deal with this situation, she said: This does not need to be worried that sooner or later must go in any case, now you are safe, in enters me to have a look to have any formation again, this Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend has 81 small compositions, but we will not meet completely.” Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou have walked quickly into Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, after going, inside garnets, carefully look, unexpectedly is piece of blood sea, the blood sea middle has the road that a snow white pirate-like skull spreads, only suffices three people to walk shoulder to shoulder. With previous time has very big difference!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he sees in blood sea to emit once for a while bubbles, as if below has any monster to be the same. This is Heavenly Devil blood ghost, these blood are not the life flow, but concentrates through formation, this formation must pay attention do not fall into these demon blood, this demon blood is scalding hot, the interior is also containing very evil strength, seeps to Divine sea, basically was finished.” Yue'er said: This road has the issue, best not to walk above!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to increase, then lets the mirror surface toward below bottom, arrives above with Jiu Hanrou, controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to fly, although the speed is not fast, but will be safe! The ray that the Divine Mirror of Six Paths mirror surface illuminates has the strength of very strong purification, flies slowly after the road of that white pirate-like skull, was illuminated the place that goes to turn into the red immediately, is the blood-colored pirate-like skulls, already by striking back primary form. If walks in that road, then on danger(ous).” Shen Xiang looks at these blood-colored pirate-like skulls, in the heart the secret heart is being startled.

Jiu Hanrou nodded: Has Yue'er luckily, otherwise our time comes in certainly to use energy!” Saying, her is tracing Yue'er, now she understands why Shui Bingyan liked Yue'er, Yue'er itself was very adorable, in addition she so was fierce, she at this time wants to hug her. Shen Xiang controlled Divine Mirror of Six Paths to fly fast this piece of blood sea, after arriving at the opposite shore, Jiu Hanrou has referred to a direction, said: Nine Firmaments Temple in that side!” Rides Divine Mirror of Six Paths to be safer, itself Divine Mirror of Six Paths contains various killing formation, so long as Shen Xiang can control inside killing formation familiar, responded that flexible, depends upon this Divine Mirror of Six Paths to make very strong attack. After crossing blood sea, is a black forest, under the obscure ray illumination of blood-colored, appeared very fearsome, Shen Xiang controlled Divine Mirror of Six Paths to enter in the forest, he planned to fly to cross the forest, but flew the high place time actually saw the red lightning, therefore can only enter in the black forest. Yue'er, is this forest formation?” Jiu Hanrou asked: In this became changed beyond all recognition, can only take one's bearings through the feeling including me.” The Yue'er nod said: Also is formation, formation that but this is to grow! Should absorbs the blood sea energy, breeds the trees that this type can send out the red cloud.” Before Shen Xiang opens him, Dao Heart Eye that cultivates, really sees these black trees to have the narrow tube that the red flows, here fills blood-colored red light, is the Qi mist formation that these trees release, when accumulates turns into the thick cloud in the upper air, the collision produces an intermittent lightning. This formation currently did not have what aggressivity, is only in adolescence! It seems like we do not need to be worried small that these grow, these small not enough time adolescence! Naturally, if adolescence gets up, regarding me, these small is most fearful, because knows nothing about them!” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang picks up the speed to fly now, he has made Divine Mirror of Six Paths turn over, they stand on the mirror surface, the mirror surface releases a pale white brilliance, making them feel that is safe. Across the black forest, Shen Xiang they saw a piece of short mountain, this piece of short mountain Shen Xiang remembers, because here is a tomb, it is said was burying Nine Firmaments God Emperor in the past the formidable subordinate! Yunhui!” Jiu Hanrou urgently shouted, she sees these short mountains the mountain tops to split hole, then was extremely worried. Initially Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou came here time, met one to defend the female in grave, named Chu Yunhui, was good with Jiu Hanrou relationship! The tomb that now she protects presented the so big accident, Jiu Hanrou cannot help but was worried. She shouted several, do not have any response! Be careful!” Yue'er urgently called one. Shen Xiang also induces to having any danger(ous) thing is approaching, his hastily controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to fend fast, long spear flies to shoot, punctured spatial, hits on the hill of distant place, that hill was being wrapped by the raging fire instantaneously, suddenly on vanish from sight, where only leaves behind flame to burn down. Yue'er said: This fellow is very fierce, we could not cope!” Shen Xiang also wants to fight to try with the opposite party, but heard Yue'er saying that immediately stimulated to movement Divine Mirror of Six Paths to fend the flight fast, Jiu Hanrou is also hugging him, Divine Mirror of Six Paths some of speed run were not steady.

Across the tomb, Shen Xiang sees that somewhat dilapidated Nine Firmaments Temple quickly, the entrance of that 9th level space in a Nine Firmaments Temple back garden, Shen Xiang previous time has come, now was familiar, directly soars that back garden! Here has Illusion Formation!” Yue'er said. This Illusion Formation needs Primal Chaos Fire Token inside spirit pattern to untie, Shen Xiang previous time Xie Guo one time, now is very relaxed can be completed, entered in that Illusion Formation, that chased down their things also to lose the goal! This fellow unexpectedly also in this!” Jiu Hanrou surprisedly said: Is previous time chases down our that Imperial Family honored people, this bastard has not walked!” Breaks Illusion Formation, Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou in a piece of prairie, here has green mountain, with previous time is the same! Does not know where Yunhui went, if she has any accident, I will certainly not let off outside that bastard.” Jiu Hanrou thinks of Chu Yunhui to be missing, cold sound said.