World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2050

Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou half step walks into the green mountain cave, here has a slate, so long as uses Primal Chaos Fire Token to open, can contact to be stranded in 9th level space inside Nine Spirit Kings. After turning on that slate, presents the Deity King image again, but is fuzzy. Deity King, I found Four Beast's Divine Weapons, how now can do?” Shen Xiang hastily asked that because outside transmitted one to shiver at this time intermittently, obviously some people were attacking this Illusion Formation, probably must be broken through was the same. It seems like you have met danger(ous), my previous time does not obtain formation plate here, can transmit from here, can transmit, haven't you used?” Deity King asked strangely. Was useless, that formation plate lost the function, possibly is because this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace formation strengthened.” Jiu Hanrou said that Shen Xiang initially had given her formation plate: Deity King, here was being attacked, I was worried to support soon, how can we be able to go in the 9th level space?” Shen Xiang, you initially fused all Primal Chaos Fire Token, inside should have some spirit pattern, altogether has nine groups! You have a look carefully, then defers to order, 11 draw the spirit pattern quarter with your Divine Power, can open a gate to 1st level space, enters that gate to arrive at the 1st level space.” Deity King speech time, Shen Xiang started to carve to draw. hōng hōng hōng! Outside the cave transmits an intermittent bang, this huge green mountain is swaying! Outside, not only a person, it seems like Divine Country these fellows here is ambushing!” Yue'er said: Must before they come in completes!” Shen Xiang diligently drew spirit pattern in very carving, but the explosion sound continuously, the ground swayed at this time violently, in this cave fell many stones. Bang! An incomparably huge sound transmits, somewhat shakes the Shen Xiang heart to be uncomfortable. They came in!” Yue'er startled shouted, but the influence of Deity King was also fuzzy.

Good!” Shen Xiang when this key, carves to draw spirit pattern, his front presented Space Gate, he draws Jiu Hanrou hastily to step to go. When they enter this Space Gate, that green mountain was hit by the blue light together, turns into dust instantaneously! They? Died? I come, induction to them in that mountain!” Wears golden robe old man to say. Should die, for absolutely safe, we ruin here!” A man said that at this time he behind with the person also starts to shell here deep green prairie. Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou entered the 1st level space, this 1st level space is narrow and small, only then yard such, they also thought before very in a big way. Very stable space, even if attacks forcefully is also very difficult to wreck! This is the Nine Firmaments God Emperor construction, he is really an outstandingly able person, he forges Divine Weapon divine tool Legend, is spreading in our Star Law God Territory, but formation frequently was also said by my grandfather.” Yue'er said. The Yue'er grandfather founds that anything Heavenly Devil Earth Fiend one, definitely is skilled to the [say / way] of formation, therefore is also familiar with Nine Firmaments Sacred Land. Jiu Hanrou nodded: This 9th level space they are unable to break including Nine Spirit Kings from inside comes out, it can be imagined is strong!” Shen Xiang starts to carve to draw second group of spirit pattern now, under this enters 1st level space spirit pattern, is not complex, with beforehand is the same, now he did not have such to worry a moment ago, therefore he can carve to draw slowly. This 9th level space constructs very mysteriously, if no key, is unable to enter to deeply that 1st level, even if ruins the 1st level space, that 9th level space will not have the matter, but must come out from inside becomes more difficult, design time had not planned from inside 1st level 1st level walks, but is uses any thing direct transmission outside. Complex, perhaps only then Nine Firmaments God Emperor are clear, especially arranges time, Yue'er is only thinks to think big, because this is complex, requires a lot of time to arrange!

Is several God Emperor comes, perhaps is unable to destroy the 9th level space!” Yue'er said that now under Shen Xiang in the 6th level space, spirit pattern that his Primal Chaos Fire Token obtained entered the 1st level space, simply did not have, at this time he somewhat was also disturbed, if could not come out, he with Nine Spirit Kings such, was stranded does not know that multi- youngster can come out. Shen Xiang has used the half-day time, finally arrived at the 8th level space, from 1st level to the 8th level space was the same sizes, does not know that the 9th level space was what kind. Shen Xiang has rested the moment , to continue to start to carve to draw spirit pattern, this enters the 9th level space spirit pattern to be more complex, but front is quite easy. Must enter the 9th level space, Shen Xiang carves to draw spirit pattern of three double-hour, at this time finally opened leaf of Space Gate! Finally to the end!” Shen Xiang long sighed, feels relieved, then and Jiu Hanrou enters Space Gate. Arrives at this 9th level space, lets Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou feels very accidental, this inside unexpectedly is a small mountain village, after Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou appear, seeing ten children on a stretch of lawn to play. This small mountain village is not very big, all around is the white space wall rampart, but the small village is very beautiful, has the mountain forest rivers, the Lan Tian white clouds, the warm sunlight shines on child that adorable small face, making their smiling faces brighter. Little nine younger sisters!” Chu Yunhui sees Jiu Hanrou in the distant place, before dodging arrives at the Jiu Hanrou body, with Jiu Hanrou tightly hugs. At this time Shen Xiang saw hut of Deity King from village to walk, he wore the homespun cloth hempen garments, on the face is hanging the temperate smiling face, just started only to see him to come in the distant place ta step, but he has trod several steps, arrived around Shen Xiang. Good, Four Beast's Divine Weapons on you, I have thought that we can start!” Deity King has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile frank: You imagine me are more outstanding than!” Jiu Hanrou looks at Deity King, invests in his bosom, was weeping gently, Deity King was similar to her father.

Girl, before you should not have now, was so silly!” The Deity King affection is patting the back of Jiu Hanrou gently, smiles was saying. Elder sister she also has the important matter, therefore has not come.” Jiu Hanrou has wiped tears, was smiling to Deity King: Other God king?” Speaking of other God king, on nearby Chu Yunhui face full was sad, but Deity King also smiled at this time very reluctantly, understood at a glance that had not the good matter. Not in!” Deity King builds on the shoulder of Jiu Hanrou, he also as far as possible maintains light by himself, but his sound is having a grief, that is his brothers, survived with him in this world was very long, now actually already completely not. After Jiu Hanrou hears, almost cannot come to a stop, Shen Xiang hastily was holding her in the past, this for her is very huge attack, other God king are similar to her heart the family member is also ordinary, in her mind was recalling past childhood these God king instruction knowledge gave her, although some God king were very severe, but actually also protected her. Now they not in! Also can resurrect?” The Jiu Hanrou tears cannot help but fall. Deity King shook the head: Young nine girls, do not use sadly, before they just before leaving, making me pass on to you and big nine girls, you somewhat inherited their mantle, they can with you in!”