World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2051
Nine Spirit Kings now only then Deity King, Shen Xiang thought has doubts, other eight God king not in this? How can die? Moreover their strengths are not weak! Jiu Hanrou similarly is also doubtful, Deity King sees the vision that she casts to have doubts, then sighed: They to preserve these subordinates of tomb, these subordinates are not only our subordinates, once was our Imperial Father.” Before Shen Xiang they passed through that short mountain group time, saw these short mountains summit split open to be completely many hole, actually was inside expert ran! Then situation was critical, Divine Country came troop expert, they also know that in the grave has many Senior to close up, that is the present can create existence of huge threat to them, therefore they must destroy it!” Chu Yunhui walks saying: At that time had very intense fight, Nine Firmaments Temple is therefore ruins!” Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou in saw Nine Firmaments Temple to turn into the ruins! Chu Yunhui continues saying: That side Divine Country was very strong, and God king is equally formidable, other eight God king to preserve the subordinate, using secret method to hit together strength of whole body completely, penetrated the 9th level space, killed that God king, then the method told us, we can be safe!” Now Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou understand why present Nine Spirit Kings looks like so weak, actually passed through such matter, big Deity King cultivation base is quite high, therefore he lived, other eight God king have disregarded the life and death, to sacrifice own way to penetrate the 9th level space strength, rescued these subordinates, this procedure made Shen Xiang cannot help but have profound respect! strength that Nine Spirit Kings joins up penetrated to be also not much left, but still sufficed to strike to kill expert that Divine Country came. Does not use sadly, we were old, do not visit me now a young appearance, but we are that time, exactly to the end.” Deity King sighed gently, they were stranded so are here long, obviously has not been promoted, to waste their many time, is unable to break through means that life essence drained quickly.

Even if they can exit, does not have enough time to make them practice! Therefore they planned that leaves these subordinates the hope, they for many years outside tomb practice, had very big progress. Then Nine Firmaments God Emperor? Can he resurrect?” In the Jiu Hanrou heart is one moved well ups, other eight God king died, she does not hope that Deity King goes to her, Deity King Yu her father is quite same, is good to them since childhood. Nine Spirit Kings shook the head: Perhaps is not good, Imperial Father Six Paths God Emperor does not have the resurrect possibility! Now we must do as far as possible strengthens our own strength, nine Divine Country that nine God Emperor, were the time abdicates now! In addition world of Nine Heaven unceasingly upwardly annexes, forms in history most formidable world, will have when the time comes certainly many influences to in world of Nine Heaven establish own influence.” Yue'er said: Highest God Realm was annexed was unavoidable, but also has the stronger world on Highest God Realm? Can world of Nine Heaven continue to annex upwardly?” Deity King notes Yue'er from the beginning, hearing Yue'er to speak, he cannot help but puts out a hand to trace Yue'er: „Are you cat clan?” Stars and Moon God Clan...... I have the bloodlines of cat clan.” Yue'er replied. Highest God Realm and Star Law God Territory are in same space inside world, although the strength is disparate, but does not need to surmount a higher level the space to enter, in this same space, several and Star Law God Territory equally powerful world! in other words, so far, this space was the end, after world of Nine Heaven Highest God Realm did not annex, was equal to Star Law God Territory is the same, because with being in a space, world of Nine Heaven is unable to annex in remote starry sky outside Star Law God Territory.” Deity King said. Naturally, you said that above whether has the space of higher level, that did not say, my Imperial Father once also had this question, afterward he definitely told me, this space already to the end, moreover this space was vast, can hold many similar and Star Law God Territory like this huge and powerful world.”

Yue'er meow: „If no space of higher level, then isn't able to break through the strength demarcation line in this space? This cannot continue Long Life!” Deity King smiles with sincerity: Is insufficient? Has that peak strength, the proof lived for a long time was very very long, hasn't sufficed exactly?” Truly has sufficed, but is not everyone thinks! The desire of life is infinite, this is also supports the life to develop one of the powerful reasons unceasingly.” Yue'er said that in Star Law God Territory that crowd of peak expert, because pursues Long Life, at this time broke the rule that they had initially established, captures and kills Undead God Clan to continue the life. Deity King sighed one: Most people live are also having other pursues, but these things are very often easy to obtain, will often be neglected! I was also stranded for many years to sense here.” Deity King looked in a village these children, with the simple and honorable villagers, on their faces full is the auspicious smiling face, they are the average people, but they actually live are content, their lives are very perhaps short, but they can discover own side most important these things, but was not hoodwinked the neglected thing for the desire. Kinship, the simple joyful, peaceful life, this truly is very importantly actually frequently neglected thing.” Yue'er also sighed one. Shen Xiang has not said anything, Feng Yujie has entered his Divine sea space, his Divine sea space on full shows this is he wants to pursue the life that regarding the average person this is the normal thing, but regarding him, this is actually extravagant demands! Deity King, do you restore now what kind of? Can we exit?” Jiu Hanrou asked.

Also good, must deal with outside these fellows not to have the issue!” Deity King looked at Shen Xiang, put out a black shackle to give Shen Xiang. What is this?” Shen Xiang receives, but felt that shackle has light warm feeling, is not heavy. Fifth Divine Weapon, Qilin Fire Chain, the usage are many and varied, can, when the whip pulls out the person, can tie up the person, can release very intense flame!” Deity King lightly smiled: I initially had promised you, so long as you found Four Beast's Divine Weapons to come, I give you this!” Jiu Hanrou asked curiously: This is also the Nine Firmaments Temple refinement? I had not seen before!” Imperial Father thought most precious Divine Weapon! Also was he takes many pains to refine to complete, but he has been useless several times.” Deity King said: Shen Xiang, you fuse all Divine Weapon, then found one group of spirit pattern that five Divine Weapon hid, and will fuse together, can transmit us!”