World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2052
Shen Xiang fused Black Tortoise Cloth, other does not have the drop of blood fusion! Naturally, he can obtain these Divine Weapon, explained that Gods has approved him, only misses the last step to fuse, if Divine Weapon does not approve, even if the drop blood is also useless. Shen Xiang puts out not to have fusion Divine Weapon, after the above 11 drops of blood, these Divine Weapon has had very close induction with him immediately, can turn into Qi mist same to enter his within the body, is similar to his flesh and blood is ordinary. After fusing all Divine Weapon, he nosing Divine Weapon interior, quick found these spirit pattern that Deity King said a moment ago, in each Divine Weapon one group, can fuse together, but records separately in Divine Weapon! „Does inside have spirit pattern?” Deity King asked that because he has not nosed Divine Weapon, this need dropped the blood to examine that he knew from the Nine Firmaments God Emperor mouth. Shen Xiang nodded: Must draw to require time these spirit pattern quarters, has not completed quickly.” At this time he started to draw spirit pattern with the fingertip baseless, these spirit pattern was containing his Six Paths Power! You only need to draw these spirit pattern, spirit pattern can absorb the hideaway energy here, then lets transmit here village, should appear in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace side, when the time comes you must ruin Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” Deity King said: Ruins Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to need five Divine Weapon and seven Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Jiu Hanrou some do not abandon: This is Nine Heavens Temple, although hides in inside Nine Firmaments Temple has ruined, but this is your many years establishes after all!” No problem, these were the past things, after we exited, can construct Nine Firmaments Temple quickly! Do not forget my Imperial Father that group of subordinates, they may be fierce, now continues to close up practice in the village, I and other will go to greet with them, tell them quickly to exit.” Deity King said that regarding the past Nine Firmaments God Emperor subordinate, Deity King must be respectful to them.

Yue'er flies from the Shen Xiang's backpack, asked curiously: Deity King, the Nine Firmaments God Emperor subordinate should very be formidable! But were they actually compelled the hopeless situation, what character that side Divine Country to come?” Before Deity King, has spoken these words superficially, but must let the character who eight God king sacrifices can eliminate, is definitely fearful, is not ordinary. Fellow named Great Country Master, from Nine Yang Divine Country, came Great Country Master luckily at that time, if other Divine Country arrive, then we were also helpless.” Deity King said: So-called Great Country Master, has 90 Godhead, five skeletons above! They have very high status in Divine Country, generally speaking, each Divine Country several such Great Country Master, some dedicated strength, some dedicated alchemy, or are dedicated set up formation refiner, is the Divine Country backbone.” It seems like in the past attacked my fellow to be Great Country Master, so is no wonder formidable.” Yue'er thinks that is mad, if not for by the expert attacks of these Divine Country, she will not become the sacrificial offering that Samsara will offer a sacrifice. Reason that initially Six Paths Divine Country was destroyed completely quickly, because of their six Great Country Master two revolting, causing their strength considerably to weaken, otherwise nine countries and they go all out, won has also met the gain does not equal the loss! Initially our Nine Firmaments Divine Country because nine formidable Great Country Master were going against, our nine brothers can live, but other nine Divine Country wrapped nine God Emperor also many Country Master also therefore to damage severely Yuan Qi, until now has not restored.” Deity King sighed: When 9 th Great Country Master went all out, makes the opposite party cause heavy losses with very violent way, this is strove for the time duplicate country for our nine brothers, who knows that we fall into here, has missed the most precious time.” Initially you vigorously tied with ten thousand beast God Emperor , helping Beast God Temple, to form an alliance with Beast God Temple, right?” Yue'er asked. Good, at that time ten thousand beast God Emperor also had to establish the Divine Country ambition, but Divine Country has not completed, ruinous was attacked! However ten thousand beast God Emperor have not actually received the too significant wound, he now the deep sleep under beast Divine Mountain, this fellow is quite special.” Deity King said: He has infinite life probably!”

If so, once that ten thousand beast God Emperor resurrect, the world of Nine Heaven safety does not need too to be worried that Beast God Temple definitely will be supporting, Beast God Temple four big Protector and Qi Shi this divine beast also awakening remembers, but requires some time to restore strength! Shen Xiang thought that White Tiger their this divine beast, later definitely becomes Great Country Master this rank will exist! When spirit pattern that at this time Shen Xiang quarter drawing he came in wanting more complex than before, luckily the consumption was not many, his Divine sea inside Six Paths Power was also very vast, must draw these spirit pattern to have more than enough to spare. Shen Xiang when carves to draw spirit pattern, is throwing over the grey robe, leading the person of topee to walk, their complexions are very serious, altogether several hundred, they stand together, making people feel that very alarmed and frightened, this should be the Nine Firmaments God Emperor subordinate, closed up in that tomb has practiced long time! After half day, Shen Xiang completes finally! Was good, everybody is ready, may have the fight!” The Deity King complexion is serious, puts out a long sword, but the villagers enter in the hut at this time. In the small village full is murderous aura, the atmosphere is very depressing, everybody has prepared great war! Float spirit pattern glittering the intermittent ray, the glittering speed is getting more and more fast, the transformation color of but also keeping, the ray also more comes to be also dazzling!

Deity King and that several hundred God Emperor subordinates are gripping tightly the fist at this time, strength seems has seethed with excitement, they must be delivered from oppression finally! spirit pattern dodges unceasingly crazily, the ray covers the entire small village, in glittering, Shen Xiang felt that very familiar aura, as well as light burning hot raids. spirit pattern stops glittering, vanish from sight, the small village had been transmitted gradually, just in a desert, but not far away is that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Dozens Twin-Headed Devil Dragon suddenly of Nine Heavenly Devil Palace entrance roared, Nine Heavenly Devil Palace unexpectedly gyrated slowly, aimed here that entrance! Ruins this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace quickly!” Deity King hastily said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang puts out seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, Divine sense simultaneously searches into seven Primal Chaos Fire Token and five Divine Weapon, discovered that in has together similar white light Spiritual Vein, he will fuse immediately. Sees only on him five Divine Weapon to fly to shoot from his body suddenly, that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token fuse a body, turns into five different light glow, infiltrates in five Divine Weapon, the Divine Weapon brilliance inspires greatly, simultaneously lightens together extremely intense light glow, instantaneously on direction of fire that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!