World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2053

Bang! In Nine Heavenly Devil Palace erupts a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering rumbled sound, Devil Palace outside wall presents the fissure rapidly, the trim desert violently is shaking along with Nine Heavenly Devil Palace at this time, in Devil Palace gushes out black Qi unceasingly, was roaring Twin-Headed Devil Dragon started to decompose gradually, the body reappeared intermittent black Qi, overflowed along with black Qi unceasingly, the Twin-Headed Devil Dragon form was also getting more and more pale. Devil Palace starts to collapse, exudes bang the sound, the black and blood red Qi mist overflows the upper air, the stimulation makes a debut to say the blood-colored lightning. In Devil Palace of avalanche, is projecting together ray of light gradually suddenly, understood at a glance that is these hides in Devil Palace inside Divine Country expert. fight!” Deity King bellows, he behind that group of grey robe people completely disappear. Shen Xiang slightly one startled, sees only sky over Devil Palace to present several hundred ash-gray forms, these just Divine Country expert that came out from Devil Palace, but flickered to check, was rumbled by these several hundred grey robe person together getting rid the flying ash. „, Then is quite strong!” Deity King shouted. Really, in Devil Palace lightens golden light suddenly, a golden robe man appears, the long sword in hand sweeps, makes Sword Qi that an innumerable golden sword shade forms, this Sword Qi is similar to gets angry beast, attacks threateningly from the ground, shakes draws back the recollection person who these want to surround. Nine Crown Prince!” That golden robe man in great surprise, he has not thought Deity King unexpectedly came out, moreover is hiding these many strength. Deity King drinks in the distant place, airborne giant five claw Golden Dragon flash before, is opening the mouth, turns into the lightning to fire into that golden robe man. A dragon roar deafening sound, after five claw Golden Dragon hit that golden robe man, disperses instantaneously, that golden robe man was also hit to fly, the corners of the mouth are keeping the blood. Snort!” The golden robe man emits a giant Golden Bell suddenly, covers him, resists the following innumerable [say / way] crazy fierce golden color lightning attack. This is Deity King the attack that launches in the distant place, but so is fearful, the world changes color!

The golden lightning attacks shortly, that golden bell exploded dodged, vanish from sight. Ran by him, that clock is one transmits divine tool, can protect him to leave.” Deity King coldly snorted: This time calculates that he has good luck ever after!” At this time many Divine Country expert fly from Devil Palace, but completely was extinguished by these grey robe people kills, only then that golden robe man can escape a moment ago. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace collapsed completely, a Deity King big hand move, several hundred bring the lightning of intense flame to divide to hit, burns down that to turn into the ashes Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. Is looking at the front raging flame, a Jiu Hanrou face recollection, she crossed in inside in childhood. „Can they send Great Country Master to come?” Some Shen Xiang worries asked. „, Will not die before, they feared! Moreover they in also many issues must be solved now.” Deity King said: Now we must a bit faster construct good Nine Firmaments Temple!” Needs to help?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not use, you must prepare well, if nine Divine Country imperial thrones connect with, at that time we had are busy.” Deity King said: We must construct Temple to be quick, we are preserving the material, formation is also use ready-made formation plate.” Yue'er said: But you also need some energies to maintain the revolution of formation! Your Nine Firmaments Temple formation should the expended energy.” This does not need to be worried that we have Dragon Vein, so long as puts in Dragon Vein underground, connects good earth core, can obtain the energy continuously.” Deity King lightly smiled: You are busy your! Thanked you.” Deity King has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: In the future, we fight side-by-side!”

Shen Xiang nodded, Deity King looks to Jiu Hanrou, said: For these years, you and elder sister should have her matter to do! You have your association, there is a oneself friend, has your life!” Jiu Hanrou wants to stay here to help, but Deity King these words said very clearly. The Deity King present strength is very strong, moreover one group of formidable subordinates, this let Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou has felt relieved, at least present world of Nine Heaven very formidable strength, after do not need to be worried to annex Highest God Realm, was attacked. Shen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou after Deity King said goodbye, on going nearby a city, they through this city transmits to the Nine Heavens city, then returned to the place that Lu Qilian they hid from the Nine Heavens city. How? Nine Spirit Kings did they come out?” Lu Qilian induces to Teleportation Formation transmits the sound, dodges arrived here. Is a long story!” Jiu Hanrou at this time is somewhat sad. Shen Xiang said: Qilian, Qinlian here? I have the matter to look for her!” In Highest God Realm, Shen Xiang has complied with that crowd of Little Elf, must help them look for place of the safe finding a place to live, now here is the best choice, but before Lu Qinlian, obtains Little Elf, Shen Xiang has wanted to ask her to discuss this matter. In, crossed that mountain to see her garden, she and Ziqian has planted many poisonous colored poisonous herbs in that side.” Lu Qilian has referred to that side, then asked: „Do you ask her to do?” But Lu Qinlian Lu Qilian younger sister, although she knows that Lu Qinlian has that emotion to Shen Xiang, but thinks or thinks somewhat is not feeling well, she always thought that Shen Xiang must bully Lu Qinlian. In my Hidden Jade Ring has one crowd of Little Elf, I remember her there also one, therefore wants to ask her to chat, where making the Little Elf clan settle down.” Shen Xiang said that then calls very slightly very adorable daughter Elf from Hidden Jade Ring. After seeing, Lu Qilian and Jiu Hanrou are also very surprised, because they have only learned something from Lu Qinlian that Little Fairy, but they do not know that Little Fairy changed name is Little Elf.

You go, that only Little Fairy very much knew about here where she will tell you to be quite suitable this crowd of little brat.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang walks toward that mountain, Lu Qilian is Jiu Hanrou looks for Feng Yujie. Soon, Shen Xiang crossed that mountain, he gets down time, sees a beautiful green skirt female to jump in that piece of sea of flowers in the mountainside cheerfully. Below that piece of sea of flowers has various flowers, the color is bright, but is very fierce poisonous flowers! Naturally, most beautiful Lu Qinlian this richness coronata, moreover is also very poisonous, her body can release a strange body to be fragrant, is bringing acute poison, before Shen Xiang was almost killed by poison by this. Sister Qinlian!” Shen Xiang grinningly shouted in the distant place, after Lu Qinlian saw, first gawked, then grazed, she saw Shen Xiang, felt very pleasantly surprised. little rascal, you came back finally!” Lu Qinlian that delicate beautiful face is having the happy smiling face, but at this time is also flown by that Little Fairy Little Yao that she gave shelter. Unprincipled person, although many years disappear, but you look like that bad.” Little Yao with that tender and delicate voice shouted, is then making faces to Shen Xiang. Little thing, these many years you have still remembered me! It seems like I was also too bad, making your impression so profound!” Shen Xiang badly badly smiles, making Little Yao hastily hide in the hair of Lu Qinlian. Little Yao is crying out strangely: This rascal must play a dirty trick!”