World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2054
Shen Xiang is very speechless to this little thing, seeing his helpless expression, Lu Qinlian pū chī to smile: Your this little rascal, became famous now.” little rascal, little rascal!” Little Yao this Little Elf stretches out a small head from the hair of Lu Qinlian, was shouting to Shen Xiang. How long did you come back?” Lu Qinlian cracks into a chuckle, Little Yao is not earnest, is only quite mischievous. Shen Xiang puts out a hand to grasp Little Yao, but she has actually hidden, but also shouted loudly, stirred up Shen Xiang to smile. Just came back shortly after!” Shen Xiang arrives at Lu Qilian behind, is making her beautiful hair, because Little Yao hides in inside. Little Yao flew from the Lu Qinlian long hair, then hides into the Lu Qinlian front piece, in gullies between Lu Qinlian two chests: little rascal, grasps me, grasps me! giggle......” This Little Elf giggle smiles tenderly, the laughter is full of the provocation, at this time Shen Xiang's vision centralized on the chest of Lu Qinlian, this makes Lu Qinlian face one red, patted the racket to hide in her front piece inside Little Yao gently. „Do you have to look for Xianxian they? You should not come back to look my.” During the Lu Qinlian speeches, has grasped from the chest Little Yao, when grasps Little Yao to come out, in her chests reveals wipes the attractive scenery, she felt that the Shen Xiang's look was looking at one a moment ago, the face was also probably red. I have not seen them, I come back to go summoning Nine Heavenly Devil Palace with the little nine elder sisters, they puts Deity King! I listened to the little nine elder sisters saying that Xianxian they are very busy, should close up refiner.” Shen Xiang looks the jade face that Lu Qinlian that has blushing, hee says with a smile. Lu Qinlian tenderly snorted: What matter do you ask me to have?” Little Yao said immediately: He comes to play a dirty trick to you, you look at his look, the color narrow the eyes......”

Shen Xiang has not managed Little Yao, at this time his facial expression also becomes serious, said: Sister Qinlian, you should understand to Little Yao very! I in Highest God Realm, meet a Little Elf clan, they were also called Little Fairy before, I thought that Little Yao and they should be same race! That Little Elf clan has met some troublesome, needs to migrate the entire clan, you thought that here does have to be appropriate they the place?” Hears with the related matter, Little Yao appears very excited, hastily asked: Now they where? Are they much longer? So long as you told me, you were not rascal!” Shen Xiang cannot help laughing: They here, I have brought them, their quantity has several thousand...... Their appearances...... Quite diverse, for example their wings, have the flower petal shape, the leaf shape, the butterfly shape and dragonfly.” Is they, they are my same race!” Little Yao said excitedly that has flown on the Shen Xiang's palm, before she by far is always leaving Shen Xiang, now knew that Shen Xiang brings an entire Little Elf clan, her very grateful Shen Xiang. Little thing, knows that now I was the good person!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, poked Little Yao that exquisite beautiful cheek with small finger. Shen Xiang asked: Little Yao, since they are your same race, then you thought where they are appropriate settle down? They said with me before, so long as security that's alright, Sacred Land that because they construct was occupied has seized twice, so long as ensure Sacred Land was not occupied that's alright! But I thought that since complied to help them find the place to settle down, then must look for one well, therefore I look for Sister Qinlian to ask.” You put them, I lead them in all directions to have a look here!” Little Yao is jumping in the Shen Xiang's palm, very excited, this adorable appearance, making Yue'er cannot help but fly from the backpack. Since Yue'er has been in others eyes adorable little brat, but at this time Little Yao in her eyes is also a very adorable little thing. „...... She is not my clansman, but also is so big!” Little Yao sees Yue'er suddenly to fly, was frightened to cry out strangely, this let Lu Qinlian and Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled, Yue'er also in hee hee smiles. She is Yue'er...... is that small white cat that Bingyan mentioned frequently!” Although Lu Qinlian has not seen Yue'er, but actually listens to Shui Bingyan to mention, she extends the white hands to touch the small head of Yue'er gently.

„...... I thought that Brother Yue'er was good!” Little Yao immediately shouted, but also flutter her transparent small wing, flies carrying on the back of Yue'er, at this time Yue'er is also flying. Shen Xiang and Lu Qinlian laugh immediately. Must shout the elder sister!” Yue'er also cannot help smiling, she thinks initially Shui Bingyan shouted Shen Xiang for the elder sister time. Yue'er seems like small, but her psychology is old, and has experienced many matters, but she can still play now noisily like the mischievous child. Shen Xiang has put in Hidden Jade Ring that crowd of Little Elf clans, these Little Elf come out, sees that many attractive flowers, cheers, but they do not have to fly randomly, because they before coming out, was urged by Shen Xiang do not run all over the place. Sees Little Yao , is very happy, moreover in using the conventional way in their clan welcome Little Yao to return to their tribal groups! Does not need to be worried that we do not fear the toxin.” Little Yao sees an appearance of Shen Xiang face worry, knows that Shen Xiang was worried Little Elf were given to be poisonous by here poisonous flowered poisonous herb. Little Yao to the Shen Xiang very big favorable impression, continually thanks to Shen Xiang now, although she and Lu Qinlian is together well, but thinks of this world only then her Little Elf, felt very lonely, now Shen Xiang has brought several thousand to her, making her happier much. Shen Xiang has also put small lightning, this Lightning God Lion also plays to make well, one group of Little Elf clan Xiong children in Hidden Jade Ring with this crowd of little things pushes on carrying on the back of small lightning at this time, rides such an everybody to these children is most formidable matter, is similar to big heroic such. Walks, I lead you to choose the place, here is very safe.” Little Yao flies in front, several thousand Little Elf flutter all kinds of wings with her, are flying sky over sea of flowers, this picture looks like very beautiful.

But small lightning and Yue'er also in the past played to make, is all the way laughing, is full of the happy talks and laughters. Here only remaining Shen Xiang and Lu Qinlian! „Hadn't little rascal, looked to suffice a moment ago?” Lu Qinlian discovered that the Shen Xiang's vision is very dishonest, said tenderly. Sister Qinlian, before you still remember, our together time!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Once I want to kiss you, because on you that fragrance is very poisonously fierce, I have not always gone well.” Lu Qinlian said with a smile tenderly: This, only then this honest...... However, your Sister Ziqian bean curd dares to eat, I at that time also very danger(ous), almost by you............” Saying, Shen Xiang was grasping Lu Qinlian, struggles Lu Qinlian to make an effort oversized, making them pour in the lawn of ground, this made Shen Xiang hug tightly.