World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2055
little rascal, you did not fear that was killed by poison? My present toxin very fierce......” Lu Qinlian, although is struggling, but on the face actually full is tenderly smiles, the look also fills with a light anticipation. Died is also worth!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, is embracing Lu Qinlian gently, has kissed several her cherry lips, she has not revolted, but also caters to Shen Xiang. At this time how Lu Qinlian does not know, the body thinks warm, but also releases one body that made one be enchanted by to be fragrant, caused Shen Xiang maliciously took a deep breath. That is my toxin...... Could not control.” During the Lu Qinlian speeches, in small mouth is also emitting the rich fragrance, after Shen Xiang has attracted several continually, to this fragrance is infatuated with. Lu Qinlian also somewhat was worried, but saw Shen Xiang to attract several that thick being all right, felt relieved that Shen Xiang cultivates the skeleton now, the body was intrepid, can resist on Lu Qinlian the toxin. Well...... little rascal!” Lu Qinlian felt that Shen Xiang is infatuated with her, hugs her also to hug very tightly, she as if somewhat is also enchanted by, unknowingly, with the Shen Xiang absorbed kiss, tumbles in the soft lawn. After less than half double-hour, Lu Qinlian from being enchanted by wakes up, the body had also been caressed by the Shen Xiang's bad hand, because she worried that they will make that intimate matter to come in this environment, therefore she has to a bit faster prevent this matter occurrence, so as to avoid and other was hit, that is not good. Has sufficed, here is not good!” Lu Qinlian somewhat charmingly said that her beautiful adorable nose wrinkled the wrinkle, smells on her the remaining body to be fragrant from Shen Xiang, although did not have the toxicity, once approaches, definitely will be heard. Yue'er also flew at this time, she already came back very much obviously, but does not want to disturb Shen Xiang, therefore was hiding in the, she did not think to feel strange regarding Shen Xiang, before Lu Qilian and Yan Zilan and Shen Xiang intimate time, she also had to see.

On you have my fragrance, makes quickly! By my elder sister was discovered is not good, I always feel in her heart a little to conflict you.” Lu Qinlian said that somewhat worried one and Shen Xiang's circumstances were discovered by her elder sister. Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Thanks to you her younger sister! Her that is installs, she was already good with me...... Hehe, Xianxian and Sister Meng'er they know, but also with me greatly with sleeping.” Ah? Lu Qinlian is very surprised, she has not thought of Lu Qilian unexpectedly and Shen Xiang such, but also crosses with Shen Xiang's his her woman, she thought of these matters, the jade face blushes. Sister Qinlian, leading me to look for Bingyan! Although she and I separate shortly, but Highest God Realm and here time are different, for her, were very separately long with me.” Before Yue'er flies the Lu Qinlian body, making her hug. Some Lu Qinlian worries said: Yue'er, my poisonous, I am worried poisonously to you!” In her eyes, how Yue'er said that also is a cat, she worried that she releases that type of toxin to be fragrant, Yue'er will unable to withstand. No problem, I also smelled that type of toxin a moment ago! Actually I know that your main body is Lotus Flower, I have not guessed that wrong words, should be the sentiment poisonous emperor lotus!” Yue'er is rubbing the chest of Lu Qinlian very mischievously, looks at Shen Xiang very to envy. I am...... Sentiment poisonous emperor lotus?” Lu Qinlian or the first time hear this name: I had asked Sister Feng elder sister, she does not know that I am any origin, Grandma Lu do not know, has not thought your unexpectedly knows! What unusual place does this sentiment poisonous emperor lotus have?” Shen Xiang also very much wants to know when his first time almost on Lu Qinlian strange the body kills by poison fragrant, knows that Lu Qinlian is not the ordinary Lotus Flower spirit.

Yue'er said: Quite unusual is your sentiment is poisonous, was that body was fragrant a moment ago! Actually you do not need to worry that this body fragrant and your mood sentiment has very big connection! If you have not controlled initially, this type of toxin is acute poison, even if the anti- poisonous ability very strong people must meet with a disaster! Cannot control this type of toxin, is very easy to damage person.” Lu Qinlian nodded: I initially do not dare with others together, to control this type of toxin not to release until me...... However actually lost control a moment ago.” Yue'er said with a smile: That is because your some mood and some sentiment arrived at a very stimulated condition, your heart is clearest, therefore released! The sentiment that but you release is quite poisonously special, under is comes to you most beloved opposite sex specially!” Shen Xiang hastily asked: What meaning? Was I poisoned?” Was poisoned, moreover is very fierce sentiment is poisonous! This type of toxin also only then at your meeting, I smelled a moment ago will not have the matter, releases according to Sister Qinlian to your sentiment and mood because of this type of toxin! in other words, you are her loved one, is she most loves! If after you, must abandon her, or must kill her, or she hates you...... Your sentiment poisonous opportunity outbreak, how as for me does not know that because does not have such example.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang hit one to tremble: Yue'er, I know few, do not frighten me!” Yue'er also said: I do not frighten you really! Sister Qinlian you should little use on you that type of toxin to be fragrant.” Lu Qinlian has such effect also to feel to oneself this sentiment poisonously surprised, some do not believe that but must confirm that this is real, only if that she hates Shen Xiang to be good, but she, will not love absolutely also without enough time.

I little use, because of danger(ous), is worried to injure to person very much.” Lu Qinlian nodded. Actually you do not need to be worried! You have been able now the optional first round on you poisonous fragrance, then this type of toxin will act fragrant also according to your wish, whether poisonously but actually others. For example with your sentiment very good person, or is not the person who you are hostile toward, will not be poisoned.” Yue'er said: Sentiment poisonous emperor lotus is rare, the Shapeshift later sentiment poisonous emperor lotus basically does not have, I also see from the ancient book record.” You should reach the second stage now, can control own poisonous fragrance! If to the third stage, your toxin fragrant were not poisonous, but therapy Qi Xiang of disintoxicating, the fourth stage possibly can also to promote strength, through to the infection of others mood, stimulated strength of human body deep place hideaway.” Lu Qinlian is very surprised: So is really fierce? My unexpectedly did not know about own matter!” Yue'er meow: This is I have seen in the book, really I am not clear, but after you, can confirm!” Lu Qinlian saw Shen Xiang to be said in the heart to be scared by Yue'er, then Yingying said with a smile: Good younger brother, not to be worried, I will not hate your!” Saying, kisses the Shen Xiang cheek, making him leave such is worried. Walks, we look for Bingyan!” Lu Qinlian is embracing Yue'er, on the face full is the joyous smiling face, results in jubilantly in sea of flowers.