World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2057
formation plate was bringing Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi transmits a dim forest, after Wang Jinshi received good formation plate, asked: Junior Brother, how many Godhead have you now congealed?” Nearly three!” Shen Xiang suddenly thought one need to close up a period of time, concentrates to be many some Godhead, he in the Highest God Realm time and here different, here time is quite slow, now returns to here, here person cultivation base is very high, in addition uses the Dragon Vein practice of that heaven defying, the speed of promotion was more fearful. Wang Jinshi is quite accidental, but she also listened to Feng Yujie saying that Highest God Realm time and here different reason. That two wild girl?” Shen Xiang asked that Mu Qianxiang and Leng Youlan were his sworn sister, was that type is militant and was very wild, Shen Xiang very long had not seen them, he before Gods, their two accompanied the wanderer, at that time made him be worried about the period of time. Shen Xiang asked that felt two aura on suddenly, when he responded, Mu Qianxiang and Leng Youlan threw from front, grasped him. Brother!” Two female tender sweet shouted. Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang put on black skintight clothes, was bringing also the mask, but has taken down now, Shen Xiang is looking at their two beautiful face, said with a smile: Your these two dead girls, attractive that many, I almost could not recognize.” Saying, his double cheek separately had been kissed by two females, this makes Wang Jinshi somewhat startled stare, Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang, although is the beautiful women, but they may be the tube kill Lord, no matter buries, when goes out to carry out the task repeatedly, Wang Jinshi has witnessed their savage, but now they side Shen Xiang's, are clever likely are human and animals harmlessly small lamb such. Shen Xiang is pinching their face, said with a smile: In the past I heard you to accompany together insanely, made me extremely be worried that now sees you well, I felt relieved.” Mu Qianxiang put out a bulk meat to hand Shen Xiang reluctantly: Brother, a moment ago we in barbecue, this was just roasted.” Shen Xiang ridicules saying: Xiao Xiang you are same as usual, is delicious.” Shen Xiang received several to eat, was acclaiming the delicacy of barbecue, afterward they were bringing Shen Xiang and Wang Jinshi arrive at their lighting a fire barbecue the place. Wang Jinshi looks like carries out the task with them frequently, has been used to Mu Qianxiang this big glutton, but Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang have been together the a period of time very long time, learned eating. How did you observe? Confirmed that place was enters Hell Gate lair?” After Wang Jinshi has eaten several meat, mentioned the proper business, Shen Xiang remembers before her , was very hurried, but to here, actually became at a moderate pace. The Leng Youlan nod said: „It is not, but is related with Hell Gate, that Hell Gate fellow who before we tracked, entered that place, he had not come out.” Shen Xiang knit the brows: You such big sound, did not fear that here alarms them? Moreover perhaps what the way of Divine Soul supervision do they have?”

Did not fear that what you do have a look under fire of high-piled firewood are?” Mu Qianxiang happily said with a smile. Leng Youlan blows on fire of high-piled firewood some ashes, unexpectedly is formation plate, although is not big, but Shen Xiang acts according to above spirit pattern, this formation plate has very strong might, does not know that has any effect. We in barrier of formation plate release, here are equal to a small space, already and outside isolated!” Leng Youlan said: I have to refine this thing!” Was good, you can sink the heart to come and Meng'er their refiner, this was rare.” The Shen Xiang praise said. She very much for a long time.” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile: She could not follow Xianxian their rhythm.” Some Leng Youlan non- good fortunes, said: I am not interested, therefore gradually unfamiliar, if I want, so long as I ponder over a period of time with single-hearted devotion, can follow Sister Meng'er they.” Was good, I mix in that place that you said to have a look first!” Shen Xiang said. We must go, we can enter your Hidden Jade Ring.” Leng Youlan said that she has also entered inside. Mu Qianxiang and Wang Jinshi nodded, their some do not feel relieved Shen Xiang, after all person many strength are big. After Shen Xiang lets they enter Hidden Jade Ring, then receives here formation plate, starts to go into hiding, walks in the direction that they said. Where is here?” Shen Xiang now is not familiar with this world of Nine Heaven. „A evil aura very heavy forest, here approaches Demon Soul Executing City.” Wang Jinshi said: Demon Soul Executing City has reconstructed, because was led oversized batch of formidable Evil Devil to be stationed by Infernal Demon Emperor in the past in this place, therefore this forest will turn into this.” Shen Xiang turns into the black butterfly, here has many this butterflies, will therefore not be realized easily, he arrives at outside the cave that Leng Youlan they discover. Has quite profound barrier to protect, moreover this Stone Gate does not open easily.” Shen Xiang flew several outside the cave, although this mountain is not very high, makes Shen Xiang induce to the interior is containing very fearful evil strength. Shen Xiang has displayed Dao Heart Eye, sees only front is light gray, the only that mountain is the paint black, moreover is a huge black vortex, the massive black energies were being absorbed by this mountain.

This mountain Neibu gathered the massive evil strength . Moreover the absorption, these evil strength condense together, do not know that for a long time makes what use!” Shen Xiang inquired Hidden Jade Ring inside Wang Jinshi: Senior Sister, had here initially died formidable Evil Devil?” Um, after you go to Supreme Temple, Divine Prison damaged, more than ten formidable Evil Devil must retaliate Demon Execution Heavenly God, therefore erupted great war.” Wang Jinshi said: Now Demon Execution Heavenly God went to Nine Heavens Sect, Demon Execution Temple was Eldest Senior Brother takes over control.” Junior Brother, you thought that they such do do for what?” Shen Xiang had pondered, said: They in set up formation! But these evil strength of accumulation is a source, moreover not only this, other definitely hides in these places of Demon Soul Executing City distant place, it seems like they must arrange this formation to plan long time.” Demon Execution Temple regarding Infernal Demon Emperor is top-quality threat, because there cultivation technique restrains their this Evil Devil, Demon Execution Temple Indestructible, they so long as later faces Demon Execution Temple, enormously will be lost. Leng Youlan they may unable to see the thing that Shen Xiang sees, they felt that here evil strength is very thick, has not seen that evil strength gathering the place to be fearful clearly. Shen Xiang said: If in has the person, my going in could know that they plan truly.” Leng Youlan said: That barrier is quite fierce, even if attacks forcefully is also quite difficult to break through, will be discovered by them! Brother, can you handle?” Naturally does not have the issue, do not despise me, although my present Godhead not necessarily has you to be many.” Shen Xiang laughed, displayed the strength of Law of Space directly, the relaxedness surmounted this barrier. He entered in cave very much with ease, moreover turns into wisp of black smoke, floats carefully on the cave, in order to avoid being discovered. This cave arrived at end quickly, does not have other accesses, Shen Xiang carefully observed around, discovered that the ground has formation plate of square shape. Under place?” Shen Xiang uses Dao Heart Eye immediately, looked below, really sees the massive evil auras to rush under through that formation plate. This formation plate does not transmit person to go, but places here, strengthens absorbs the evil strength the speed. You determined really some people do enter this place?” Shen Xiang said: I only see one to absorb the evil strength formation plate, anything did not have.” We personally see.” Mu Qianxiang definitely said.

Shen Xiang thought that only then a possibility, is these people can turn into Qi mist, was absorbed the place of that mysterious evil strength condense by this formation plate. He now is also the Qi mist shape, was relaxed by oneself, enters in that formation plate. Soon, he goes to a dim place, at this time he is the black Qi mist shape, float above, after he sees here picture, cannot help but had a scare. This is a giant underground stone chamber, has one in the stone chambers likely is the construction of altar, places one group to send out the pale colored light glow on the altar the thing, this group of things seem like a giant insect cocoon, probably is breathing, varies is changing. Shen Xiang uses Dao Heart Eye to look, the things of absorption massive evil aura, are this seem like the thing of cocoon are fearful, the interior seems breeding formidable Evil Devil. But near the altar, there are wears the black clothed, with the black cloth wrapper the person of head, their eyes is not having the dew to come out, they are taking 11 jar blood to induct in the drainage ditch, under altar has several drainage ditches, leads to the altars. That insect cocoon is absorbing these blood! Shen Xiang passes to Leng Youlan all that oneself see their three females, they do not know that this is doing, in brief was not the good deed is right. That do you plan to do now? Here has 15 Evil Devil, their strengths are not bad, can you cope completely? Or we come out, tidies up them together.” Leng Youlan said. Temporarily not! According to my observation, their not only 15, here regarding them should be very important, formation that altar, can construct with many painstaking care and massive precious materials.” Shen Xiang guards the threshing floor with Dao Heart Eye again carefully the wall of this stone chamber, had discovered many, these have one group of black fog. Really also some people, they hide in the wall stone chamber.” Shen Xiang said: I guessed that they should change shifts!” Now Leng Youlan they also can only wait for Shen Xiang many to discover! When Shen Xiang waited for they change shifts, red light appears by altar that giant insect cocoon together suddenly, other black-robed man come to worship on bended knees immediately, understood at a glance that this person of status is very high . Moreover the strength is also very strong.