World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2058

The person that suddenly arrives at wears the red robe, was being wrapped by one group of red fog, after the red fog disperses gradually, the person who presents is a middle age, Shen Xiang thought that looks like looks familiar very! „Isn't this fellow Fire God Palace's Fire God?” Shen Xiang has recognized, initially this Fire God with Infernal Demon Emperor together, God of Wealth they. Shen Xiang told Leng Youlan them this matter. These fellows already and Infernal Demon Emperor colluded with together, but we did not have their news.” Wang Jinshi said: God of Wealth should also and Infernal Demon Emperor they unites, perhaps also cultivates the strength of Evil Devil, this way winding speed is quick, Infernal Demon Emperor tossed about one set of very maturity practice way.” 20 days can be completed!” The Fire God sound is somewhat excited: When the time comes you certainly can become the Demon Soul Executing City nightmare!” Hears this saying, Shen Xiang determined that this aims at Demon Soul Executing City! After Fire God has caressed the insect cocoon lightly, turned into together the red light news, other black-robed man here continued to work, does not know that they where acquired blood, unexpectedly was very but actually long, understood at a glance that they obtained through the cruel method. Must destroy their plans, does not know them, for this plan has killed many people.” Shen Xiang looks that these flow in the blood altars continuously, in the heart is secretly angry. Two double-hour pass by, wall above Stone Gate opens suddenly, went out of more than ten black-robed man from inside, they replace the work, beforehand black-robed man is enters in these stone chambers to rest. Shen Xiang in the instance that Stone Gate opens, turns into the black smoke to float, he had not gone before , because restored similarly in inside person, must cope is not too difficult, but was worried that the opposite party will have the opportunity of revolt, causes very big sound. At this time that 15 black-robed man that traded to rest was exhausted, they not only need go in the blood but actually, but also needed to use the strength of Evil Devil to help the insect cocoon absorption build up, this consumes strength.

Shen Xiang enters a stone chamber patiently to wait , the gate has closed, he must wait for in this stone chamber black-robed man to start to rest to be able fight, moreover must, in that type in the situation of not having the vigilance. Soon, that black-robed man falls into deep sleep, absorbs the evil strength that outside is absorbing to restore, Shen Xiang in this time fight, has directly used Grasping Soul Devil Curse, launches the spiritual attack, after defeating the defense of opposite party Divine sea, his strength directly enters in opposite party Divine Soul, steals to remember. The memory goes well, he loads in this black-robed man Divine Mirror of Six Paths immediately, then stimulates to movement Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside killing formation, cuts to kill this black-robed man! Outside Demon Soul Executing City, unexpectedly has ten this type of things!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: These things are Infernal Demon Emperor act according to secret method that ancient times Evil Devil kept to breed, was a very fearful evil insect, itself can release evilly poisonous!” Except for evil poisonous, is the strength what kind of?” Wang Jinshi asked. Should be very strong, because ovum is Infernal Demon Emperor does not know where from makes, it is said is very ancient! Perhaps Yue'er knows.” Shen Xiang has not made Yue'er with coming, because there is Yue'er, he must change the body is not easy, but Yue'er is unable to enter in Hidden Jade Ring. Has the means to cope?” Wang Jinshi cared, because this threatens Demon Soul Executing City. Has!” Shen Xiang puts out the sand size the pellet, said: I, so long as puts in this type of thing the insect cocoon, at certain time detonated that's alright.” This is young pill of Shen Xiang refinement, can have the explosion, this is he uses one type stone refinement that has very strong explosive force, is Long Xueyi remnant soul hideaway the stone of that mountain. Shen Xiang leaves this stone chamber, after fluttering to outside, uses space power, puts in that very small pill pellet the insect cocoon, is not very deep, is only in the outside very shallow place, was discovered very much difficultly.

I must go to other places to complete, that fellow had gone to other places a moment ago, I know the road.” Shen Xiang flutters to formation plate, by the formation plate aspiration outside. The ovums of these evil insects outside Demon Soul Executing City, Shen Xiang have used the half-day time, finally completes, places in that finely ground particles the insect cocoon completely. „Before I detonate, it is necessary to inform Demon Soul Executing City to be ready! Because this regarding Infernal Demon Emperor them is the massive loss, I worried that they therefore attack Demon Soul Executing City.” Shen Xiang said to Wang Jinshi. Wang Jinshi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, transmits Demon Soul Executing City the situation with the pass on message jade symbol, then said with a smile: Many thanks you Junior Brother, you, although cultivation base is not high, but you are same as usual, many good methods.” The Wang Jinshi jade symbol vibrated, some people subpoenaed to her, after she read inside news, said: Eldest Senior Brother they already prepared, he said before them, person who also investigates to have Infernal Demon Emperor sends out near Demon Soul Executing City.” Shen Xiang nodded, said: Then we are far away, then detonates!” Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang also ran from Hidden Jade Ring, after they also want to take a look at the detonation, will have anything. Wang Jinshi has put out formation plate, Shen Xiang and their three stands on formation plate, detonates them to leave. In that ten finely ground particles has Shen Xiang's to keep inside Divine Soul, so long as his intention moves can detonate! Started!” After Shen Xiang laughed, the earth trembles suddenly, the distant place transmits the explosion sound that is depressed, they currently a nearest ovum also has 1st Stage to be away from, but can have such sound, obviously that ovum is hiding how fearful strength.

You look!” Leng Youlan is pointing at the front sky, under the setting sun, black Qi ascends, this is the Shen Xiang detonation ovum, causing ovum interior condense strength spout to form. In Demon Soul Executing City inside person, in can feel that a moment ago from rumbled and vibration in all directions, that ten ovums is surrounding Demon Soul Executing City, therefore Demon Soul Executing City most can feel fallout that the explosion brings clearly. After the detonation, Wang Jinshi stimulates to movement formation plate, returned to that small village. Lu Qilian in that mountain village, Wang Jinshi they one will go, immediately told her the matter of that evil insect. After Yue'er hears, the sound is bringing panic-stricken: „Does this fellow get so far as these ovums? This thing is fearful, once were bred, then on danger(ous)!” Said that looks!” Lu Qilian knits the brows: Perhaps they have, we must complete the worst plan!” Before Shen Xiang, thought that Yue'er will possibly know, because that ovum came from the ancient times, should be the earlier world, was similar to Star Law God Territory this type! Yue'er really knows that also understood evidently!