World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2059
Leng Youlan and a Mu Qianxiang face does not matter, they do not have the concept to this, naturally does not think fearful, but Wang Jinshi and Shen Xiang are serious, the Lu Qilian facial expression fills dignifiedly, she quite had known about Yue'er that Yue'er from Star Law God Territory, is very strong Law Enforcer, including her felt thing that fears, is not naturally simple. Yue'er flies on a table, has added cup inside fruit juice, said: You should know that I come from Star Law God Territory! Then outside the remote starry sky, has the livelihood there, with here almost! Your present world of Nine Heaven did not have adolescence to break the limit, enters the far spatial star territory.” If annexes Highest God Realm, that was OK! In the remote starry sky, except for our Star Law God Territory is the powerful world, several other are quite formidable! And the place of great god world, in is the giant and giant beast, their strengths are very formidable! But this world had actually been destroyed by an insect, this insect unusual bloodthirsty, moreover a birth has very fearful evil strength.” Yue'er took a deep breath: Afterward these insects were because is unable the long-distance migration, unable to find food dead in that great god world! According to your description, that ovum is these insects, does not know that who brings this place! Some abilities travel in the starry sky, should have Divine Country these formidable fellows.” Long Xueyi asked: That great god world and your do Star Law God Territory compare what kind of?” Yue'er thinks that said: Was difficult saying that I listened to the old men in clan saying that was similar! That flock of insects were born in the great god world, just started not to attach great importance, afterward because of insect adolescence, the reproduction, caused out-of-control unceasingly, causes the tragedy.” That insect reproduction speed is fearful . Moreover the ovum that a stronger insect, lives is stronger, a birth very strong destruction strength.” Yue'er said: Legend great god world inside these expert can only be repulsed facing the insect emperors, the majority of giants flee that lands, runs up to the starry sky to live.” I go to Nine Heavens Sect, making them pay attention to this matter! Shen Xiang, be not idling, enters under Dragon Vein to practice well.” Lu Qilian had understood that from Yue'er there Highest God Realm and here time are different, causing Shen Xiang to contrast here person, the time has been less. Xianxian they in refinement fierce formation plate, suddenly will not come out! You practice the practice first, they here, you sooner or later can see in any case their.” Long Xueyi knows that Shen Xiang wants to see Xianxian very much they, then said. Yue'er said: I accompany you to practice, your situation is quite complex, perhaps I when the time comes can you a suggestion, be able to make you avoid the dishonest means.”

Shen Xiang nodded, he also wants to congeal third Godhead to come, becomes Middle-Rank Heavenly God, he discovers here female, somewhat several Godhead, if he a bit faster does not promote, perhaps later will be laughed by them. Has Teleportation Formation to transmit in this mountain village to deeply under! Shen Xiang through Teleportation Formation, transmits to one around is in the white secret room. Here was in Dragon Vein, these were the energy that Dragon Vein congealed crystallize.” Shen Xiang is familiar with this energy, can recognize. I can concentrate quickly third Godhead, I had practiced before for a long time!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You also suffice rarely seen, only then in two Godhead situations, fleshly body cultivated two skeletons, your present strength should the ability put together 56 Godhead Heavenly God.” Yue'er said: You concentrate to be many some Godhead to be good, can strengthen your Divine Power! Your skeleton coordination formidable Divine Power will have the quite good effect.” Shen Xiang nodded, before he puts out some, Godhead that he obtains, he plans these Godhead refined into pill. Yue'er, if cultivates ten Godhead, can have ten types this to assign the strength of Divine Ability? If hundred Godhead, that 100 types?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is not, generally speaking, most people are expert in several types this to assign Divine Ability! Otherwise grasps too Divine Ability, but the strength of Divine Ability is too weak, the Divine Ability might is also insufficient.”

Shen Xiang also asked \; This assigns Divine Ability is not uncontrolled appears?” The strength of so-called Divine Ability, is corresponds the book to assign Divine Ability Godhead interior implication strength! Practices three types this to assign Divine Ability, can control, but only needs your Godhead that's alright, later you thought that you needs any life Divine Ability, cultivates again also!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang's first Divine Ability is World Creating Fire, gives him to bring very big help when alchemy, second is Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, this is he cultivates Heaven Body divine art cultivates, can bring very strong defensive power to him, he usually little uses! He uses Heaven Imitation Divine Ability and Black Tortoise Cloth coordination, can make his defense very firm. But the third type this assigns Divine Ability, he wants to practice and space strength utilizes related. Yue'er, you should be familiar compared with me to the space strength utilization! My third assigns Divine Ability to practice and space strength is related, how can practice?” Shen Xiang he does not have space practice cultivation technique, Heaven Imitation Divine Ability that he cultivated before, cultivates Heaven Body Divine Ability to practice. Your condense third Godhead time, needs to use space strength to come condense!” Yue'er said. With space power condense Godhead? How can this do?” Shen Xiang thought that uses Heaven Refining Technique, perhaps is also quite difficult, but Yue'er said that seems like simply is very same. With cultivation technique! Haven't you cultivated space power cultivation technique?” Yue'er said: cultivation technique that so long as cultivates according to you made that's alright.”

Shen Xiang said: I usually practice with Heaven Refining Technique, but I had not found practice space strength from Heaven Refining Technique at present, I may not have to practice space power cultivation technique!” Yue'er is very accidental, she casually said a moment ago that has not thought Shen Xiang does not have really! Good, I pass to you my cultivation technique!” Yue'er flies in the Shen Xiang's top of the head, starts to carry on to pass on merit laws: I must enter your Divine sea, such to pass on merit laws will be quite quick.” Shen Xiang nodded, relaxes, making Yue'er enter his Divine sea, directly carries on to pass on merit laws to his Divine Soul. After Yue'er enters Shen Xiang's Divine sea, thinks very interesting: Your Divine sea is really simple, ordinary!” Hehe, your Divine sea? To have a look really!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he also found that Divine sea of many people was indulges in fantasy, but Lu Qilian was a sea of flowers world, Sun, Moon and Stars is colored, he went before also had a scare. Security!” Yue'er cracks into a chuckle: My Divine sea world cannot look to others, that is my secret.” After Yue'er enters Shen Xiang's Divine sea, unexpectedly turned into an elegant white clothing young girl, she sees Shen Xiang's Divine Soul to stare visits her, her peach cheek one red, said with a smile tenderly: Looks to suffice, but also if wanted my to pass on merit laws?”