World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2060
Chapter 2060 Star Moving Technique Yue'er or first time reveals own Shapeshift appearance in front of Shen Xiang, but she also can only realize in Divine sea, she needs to restore to her initial strength Shapeshift. Imagines compared with me attractive?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, routinely put out a hand to pinch the small cheek of Yue'er. You imagine am I what kind of? Were you ugly me?” Yue'er chuckle, is placing on the hand the Shen Xiang's forehead. At this time Yue'er and Shen Xiang's Divine Soul in the shore of island, Yue'er teaches space cultivation technique that she cultivates to give Shen Xiang. In any case is not disfigured that's it, is only quite accidental, your association president must imagine the beautiful woman more beautiful than me.” Shen Xiang opens the eye, is appreciating Yue'er of young girl appearance. Yue'er is charmingly angry: Mouth is really sweet, no wonder you can deceive that many women.” Shen Xiang laughed, space cultivation technique of Yue'er practice entered in his Divine sea, named Star Moving Technique, listening to the name to make people think that can move the stars to be the same. This cultivation technique is in our Stars and Moon God Clan is quite secret, my grandfather gives me! My grandfather said that does not know this cultivation technique my father, only then cultivates space power to practice, but you grasp the strength of Law of Space, that appropriately cultivated.” Yue'er said. „Is that can move the stars really?” Shen Xiang asked. Really! Moreover can move in each stars, I listened to my grandfather saying that this cultivation technique was intelligential stars comprehends! After that stars grasp this cultivation technique, moves in the starry sky everywhere, goes to the energy rich place practice specially, the time is long, he melts the turn into a human shape, then becomes one of the we Stars and Moon God Clan ancestors.”

Hands down, our Stars and Moon God Clan has ten ancestors, is stars turn into a human or the beasts, then they form Stars and Moon God Clan.” Yue'er said. This matter sounds very mysteriously, but Shen Xiang actually very believes that he most familiar Shui Bingyan, cultivates turn into a human from Spirit Body, but this process is long. Yue'er has passed to Shen Xiang Star Moving Technique quickly, she leaves Shen Xiang's Divine sea immediately, making Shen Xiang somewhat regrettable, he also wants to tease funny Yue'er. Shen Xiang looks around Yue'er, suddenly thought that she is a small kitty is also good, all day hugs her to play also very finds relief. Starts to practice, your third Divine Soul has congealed, now also misses third Godhead.” Yue'er enters Shen Xiang's Divine sea, can induce obtains. Shen Xiang nodded, starts to absorb the Dragon Vein energy, revolution Star Moving Technique start to condense practices third Godhead! Because is Yue'er gives him from Divine Soul directly to pass on merit laws, therefore to this cultivation technique can obtain together with the sensibility of Yue'er, before resembling him, teaches Heaven Refining Technique such to Hua Xiangyue Feng Yujie directly. Now he cultivates is very relaxed, he to increase quick speed, but also coordinates the Heaven Refining Technique use, because he absorbs the energy in within the body also to pass through to build up, after turning into Six Paths Power, concentrates again through Star Moving Technique space power. The energy that front he can absorbing builds up with Heaven Refining Technique, builds up to turn into Six Paths Power directly to use Star Moving Technique to congeal space power, gathers in the place that third Divine Soul is, space power that so long as gathers are many enough, Godhead that concentrates has relationship with space power. Has practiced small after for quite a while, he thought that the speed is not very fast, then before putting out him, Godhead that obtains, with Heaven Refining Technique these Godhead refined into pill.

This should be able to be quicker.” Shen Xiang swallows several grains of this pill, he has Heaven Refining Technique, builds up the speed rapidness, does not fear unable to withstand. Yue'er looks in the corner of this stone chamber, thinks very surprisedly, Shen Xiang has eaten that many Godhead refined into pill, but now cultivates in Dragon Vein, absorption massive Dragon Vein energies! Shen Xiang resembles the bottomless pit to be the same in her eyes, as if many energy is unable to fill up him. Two months passed by, Shen Xiang has practiced continuously for two months, moreover Godhead completely refined into pill who has him, this makes him concentrate third Godhead! How?” Yue'er hastily asked that this for the past two months some of her also very patience the waiting of here, after all this was very arid. Is smooth, my third Godhead can directly the Six Paths Power transformation be space power, space power that later I use will be fiercer! My teleport distance should be farther.” Shen Xiang said: This Divine Ability should move to Divine Ability in star!” Concentrates third Godhead, his Divine sea was also bigger, Divine sea should present third Godhead, the overall quality was also strengthened much! If in his Divine sea has more than ten Godhead, then Divine sea strength will be more fearful. Should in the past shortly after!” Shen Xiang said that these time concentrates third Godhead to come directly, definitely has used many time, although he could not have felt. Two months!” Yue'er said: Outside should have something, before had said Infernal Demon Emperor must start to attack Nine Heavens Sect, I thought almost to start now!” Shen Xiang nodded: May be ahead of time many, because the Yuan Gu Xiechong plan was destroyed by me, definitely will become angry out of shame! Now was worried that they also had these ancient times evil insects! I learned from the memories of these people before that the ovum after the Infernal Demon Emperor refinement, does not know he moved any hands and feet on these ovums!” The worries in some Yue'er this aspects, the reproduction speeds of these evil insects are also fast, the ovum that gives birth to, if some people obtain, definitely will obtain.

This stone chamber sliding door, enters that sliding door to see Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang and Yue'er transmits through this Teleportation Formation above. Above arrives, only then, Shen Xiang sees small village to become very lively, can see the slender pretty female, but they are hurried, probably is busy any matter being same. Xueyi!” Shen Xiang sees Long Xueyi to fly from the sky, hastily shouted one. After Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang, immediately descends: You came out, to hit finally! Nine Heavens Sect was led the Hell demon armed forces to attack by Infernal Demon Emperor.” Nine Heavens Sect is important, cannot make Infernal Demon Emperor occupy, therefore we must help now! Sister Qilian said that was worried that Infernal Demon Emperor will also attack here, therefore we must complete the protection at this time, Sister Meng'er they have refined many formation plate luckily, now played the role.” This place has Dragon Vein, Dragon Vein has the energy, formation plate can absorb these energies to maintain the revolution inexhaustibly, if formation spirit pattern is very profound formidable, then defensive formation will be also fearful. The 9th level space of spirit pattern refinement Nine Firmaments Temple uses, these God Emperor have no alternative, obviously is fearful! That hexagonal plate in Yue'er hand, is Star Moon Hell, is use profound spirit pattern refines. That divine book that Liu Meng'er their several institutes obtain, inside spirit pattern is Nine Spirit Kings hands down from generation to generation, Nine Spirit Kings also obtains from Nine Firmaments Temple there, therefore this is the spirit pattern formation inheritance of Nine Firmaments Temple! Yue'er, you accompany Bingyan here, I go to Nine Heavens Sect!” Shen Xiang said.