World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2061

Shen Xiang through Teleportation Formation, direct transmission to the Nine Heavens city! Although cannot see Xue Xianxian and Hua Xiangyue they, but Shen Xiang is not anxious, they are very busy, this great war eruption, urgently needed pills and formation plate as well as massive Divine Weapon divine tool, have these things, quite in many several lives, very important. Shen Xiang arrives at the Nine Heavens city, discovers outside the Nine Heavens city to transmit an intermittent evil ghost, one wants to know that is the demon armed forces approaches . Moreover the quantity are many! Make him feel what is quite accidental, such Evil Devil army outside city, but this huge Nine Heavens city confusion, here Teleportation Formation has not closed, does not allow to transmit, in order to avoid there is Evil Devil to mix in this! But can actually transmit, but in the Nine Heavens city people are still many, has not reduced. Only can explain that trusts the Nine Heavens city in this inside person, believes that the Nine Heavens city will not be defeated by Evil Devil, many people also plan to go to battle, helping the Nine Heavens city repel Evil Devil, this possibly is because many expert can gain divine yuan stone in the Nine Heavens city! This city is so big, many shops are hire, can be occupied by the people in shop is not the generation of commonplace, if Divine City were destroyed, their shops definitely will be affected, this is equal to affecting their business, they naturally must boldly thrust forward to go to battle. Shen Xiang arrives at City Lord's Mansion, his previous time sees Wu Kaiming, jade token of optional turnover, he entered in a City Lord's Mansion hall, saw the familiar face. Xiaodao, old pig!” Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised. Big Brother Shen!” Shen Xiang!” Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang with Zhu Rong is also same, is excited and excited, after many years, they finally saw the past good friend! Yun Xiaodao did not have the past naivete, becomes maturity is steady, was bigger, moreover his strength is also very strong, unexpectedly has five Godhead! Zhu Rong is same as usual, smiles the human and animals harmless fatty chubby, does not look like the battle efficiency, but his strength is not weak, is the same with Yun Xiaodao, is five Godhead. Old pig, has not thought that your cultivation base can be the same with Xiaodao, remembers before , he surpassed you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

You remembered incorrectly, when can little rascal Yun the cow result in me? He is fierce except for the mouth, other aspect where have me.” Zhu Rong said with a laugh. Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted: Old pig, your previous time also lost to me, you boasted also had, left extremely!” Zhu Rong he he smiles: That is I loses to intentionally your, who makes your wife so fierce, I win you each time, she always scolds me to scold endlessly, I give her the face intentionally to lose to your!” You were said that I have won you, because of me by wife?” Yun Xiaodao refuses to accept very much. This was you says.” Zhu Rong said with a smile, the appearance owed to pull out. Shen Xiang has cannot help but smiled, although in the past these many years, but they as before, because always a little minor matter bickers to fight to keep, but will not hit. Was good, said the proper business! Where Little Bald?” Shen Xiang has not seen Wu Kaiming. He went to that side Nine Heavens Sect, we were responsible for here! Because attacks a city is ineffective and worthless troops, that side Nine Heavens Sect calls fiercely.” Yun Xiaodao resembles some not to be slow, because he thought that copes with the little thing not to have what challenge. Being afraid of getting into trouble Zhu Rong is opposite, he said with a smile: Good, we are here relaxed can handle! Shen Xiang you came, will be easier.” Zhu Rong thought now one do not use fight, he knows that Shen Xiang is very definitely fierce. Is regrettable, I have three Godhead now.” Shen Xiang smiles bitterly to say intentionally: I went all out, just cultivated third Godhead, I before dull that place, time and your here different.”

Zhu Rong „”, was somewhat disappointed, but he smiled: No problem, I will not look down upon your! However little rascal Yun was different, in his heart definitely crisply overturned the heavens, because he thought that he is more than two Godhead you, a hand can turn you dry!” Shen Xiang ridicules saying: Perhaps old pig, this is in your heart thinks that I looked at heart crisply overturns the heavens should be you!” Yun Xiaodao also said with a smile: Dead fatty, do not think that Big Brother Shen like you stupid, will unable to see your dirty thoughts.” Zhu Rong happily said with a smile: Where has where to have! Good, formulates one to cope with the plans of these Evil Devil now, although the Nine Heavens city has large formation to resist, but these Evil Devil attack a city unceasingly, made that is not flustered good.” Shen Xiang said: Only then you?” Naturally is not, depends on them, definitely could not complete the task.” Out of the door walks a smilingly man, he wears the grey tattered clothes, on the face full is the beard, but Shen Xiang recognizes him. Intestines!” This person of Duan Sanchang, that small Tomb Raider. Tunnel intestines, here may not have what grave to dig to you.” Zhu Rong curled the lip. I did not have the grave to dig, but I can dig a big grave to these Evil Devil.” Duan Sanchang laughed, arrives by Shen Xiang, has patted the Shen Xiang's arm: My goodness, looks like not weak, although you three Godhead, but defers to your consistent explosive force, your strength at least is five Godhead, even is six Godhead.” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: Tomb raider look is good.” At this time walked one person, was long, although handsome, but his eye actually slanting, was that Xu Weilong.

squinted dragon, were you also lost?” Zhu Rong said with a smile: You came well, like this I can not use fight.” Xu Weilong smiled to Shen Xiang stiffly, looks at his left arm, said: Practices the skeleton? I have eaten several grains of skeleton Divine Pill, but has not actually practiced.” Shen Xiang smiles not to speak. Yun Xiaodao said: Each of us has eaten several grains, but has not practiced, Dean said that we did not have when the time comes, will therefore not embark the turning point of practice skeleton.” Shen Xiang thought that his skeleton Divine Pill should be very good, before Shui Bingyan also ate several grains to practice the first skeleton, but Yun Xiaodao their several have eaten several grains, does not have. Dean cultivated, he has eaten probably only three grains.” Duan Sanchang said: He was the Highest God above strength, this was quite good to practice!” This bastard is really fierce, such quickly was Highest God!” Shen Xiang sighed one run up to Highest God Realm, runs, the flaw the too much time, he was fiercer than Gu Dongchen in the past. Yun Xiaodao earnestly said: Big Brother Shen you are fierce, can refine skeleton Divine Pill.” Zhu Rong their several consistently approve, three Godhead are also what kind, can refine high level Divine Pill that's alright, especially skeleton Divine Pill, this can make many Highest God flatter.