World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2062

These skeleton Divine Pill that Nine Heavens Sect obtains are Feng Yujie and Hua Xiangyue their several refinements, they provide skeleton Divine Pill to Nine Heavens Sect, exchanges many resources, now they most deficient is the refiner set up formation thing! The Nine Heavens Sect scale is very big, can help them get so far as with ease. That side Nine Heavens Sect also knows that skeleton Divine Pill is Shen Xiang refines first, but Shen Xiang and Nine Heavens Sect big shot relationship is good, Dean Gu Dongchen must shout that Shen Xiang is Young Martial Uncle, for this reason, Lu Qilian they will provide skeleton Divine Pill to Nine Heavens Sect, this can also make Nine Heavens Sect stronger, in the future they will also need a formidable reliable ally. Shen Xiang, this time you did not need to get rid, we could handle.” Xu Weilong very earnest saying. Looks at the situation! Is here so really relaxed? I always thought that some do not suit, you must know that beforehand Demon Soul Executing City was ambushed, this matter you should know! Does Infernal Demon Emperor have near this Divine City starts, was very difficult to say.” Shen Xiang is also serious, these ovums near Demon Soul Executing City, may not be the simple things. Around this Nine Heavens city he has not investigated, does not know to have, but he finds that around the Nine Heavens city some people go on patrol, moreover does not have the massive evil strength to cultivate the ovum like Demon Soul Executing City around. Heard, initially because of this matter, the Infernal Demon Emperor that side was responsible for Fire God of this matter becoming angry out of shame, threatened that must turn into Hell Demon Soul Executing City.” The Xu Weilong nod said. Shen Xiang is just about to speak, the suddenly whole body ties tight, looks at a corner in hall, a face is vigilant, he drinks to this place: Who there?” Some unexpectedly people here! Zhu Rong Yun Xiaodao they also immediately jump from chair, looks to the direction that Shen Xiang looks, only hears the giggle tender laughter to transmit: Shen Xiang is fierce, can discover me in this, although Godhead of your fellows are more than Shen Xiang, but responded that so is slow, if I wanted fight a moment ago, perhaps you must be finished.” What appears is one wears the adorable young girl of blue skirt, on her exquisite beautiful oval face full is mischievously the smiling face. Lan Lan!” Shen Xiang is very delighted, hastily walked, has pinched her adorable small face: Not being able to grow up Lan Lan, these many years, you is a little girl!”

Lan Lan some are not convinced, very her full chest, said: Others are only diminutive, has a childish face, I was an Sir.” Shen Xiang and Lan Lan relationship is good, initially together experienced the danger to be difficult, was the good friend, although Lan Lan was older than him, but actually treated as the brother Shen Xiang. A moment ago Lan Lan use is her very unusual talent, she can by her stealth, Shen Xiang in the past and she compares to fight, because her stealth had been punched by her, but afterward had won her. „Should that cat female also come?” Yun Xiaodao trembled suddenly, looked at all around: Your these two fellows, meet again after a long separation each time, always likes scary.” Cat female who Yun Xiaodao said that is Yan Yanran, the body has very fearful toughness, initially Shen Xiang had beaten violently her, but she is actually all right, she vigorously like cat, attack time also liked in the way of cat claw, Shen Xiang afterward also being together with her a period of time, experienced many matters. Was directed afterward also by White Tiger, because she is rare and precious Nine Lives Cat Demon. Yan Yanran is very charming beautiful woman, Shen Xiang first time sees her time, by her type charmingly is given to charm, she and Hua Xiangyue Su Meiyao's is charming, her type flatters is full of the fondness of countryside and violence. Lan Lan chuckle said: She, looked that here anyone of you can find her!” The Shen Xiang release space induction domain, had not discovered that here has other anything person, he has pinched Lan Lan face: Lan Lan, intentionally do not tease us!” Yun Xiaodao also said: „Does young monkey, you deceive us? The cat female, intentionally does not play here our!”

Zhu Rong said with a smile: Had not discovered including Shen Xiang that said this is definitely false, she from the start not here!” Lan Lan happily said with a smile: „Does old pig, if wanted bet one?” Must bet with the Shen Xiang gambling, but he said the cat female not here.” Zhu Rong always the disagreement acquaintance gambling, lost is laughed a while. Duan Sanchang also confirmed changes, said: According to I many years of experience, here should not have to hide other people, cat female definitely not here!” You are so definite, does that dare to bet?” Lan Lan said with a smile that smiles, although is very sweet, looks like is also very adorable, but always gives people a very deceitful feeling, understood at a glance cheats surely. Does not bet!” Duan Sanchang believes own investigation method, but initially the Subduing Dragon Sect's time, they and Yan Yanran have worked together as colleagues a period of time, that time Yan Yanran was fearful, moreover cultivated vigorous, including their several male could not hold a candle. Afterward Subduing Dragon Sect dismissed, the Yan Yanran and Lan Lan of sentiment with sisters' travelled for pleasure in all directions, many years passed by, they see Lan Lan to the present. Shen Xiang has used Dao Heart Eye, carefully looks at this hall once more, he had suddenly discovered anything, after Dao Heart Eye, he can see various attribute energies to flow here, is the quite uniform distribution, but now somewhat is chaotic, moreover there is a shape of attribute energy to be very unusual. I saw her!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, puts out a hand, traces side a Lan Lan place gently, saw only there to dodge suddenly, presents one to put on the charming female of red skirt, although on her face was having smiling face slightly, but made her look like more charming gorgeous.

You are that fierce, do you discover my? I use this means to hide the truth from Nine Heavens Sect several elders and Dean.” Yan Yanran asked with that gentle sound, her pair such as the silk coquettish look is looking at Shen Xiang, the eyes sparkles, was trembling slightly the eyelash like must cancel the Shen Xiang's soul. Shen Xiang touched with the hand a moment ago, touched her charming jade face, at this time he has not moved out of the way, but has traced taking down gently, said with a smile: Is only because you were too fragrant, I am familiar with your fragrance.” This cat female perhaps also only then Shen Xiang can handle.” Zhu Rong said low voice that Yun Xiaodao hastily is far away from him, was worried that the Yan Yanran merit will come right in the face. Yan Yanran does not certainly believe Shen Xiang this nonsense, but she had not asked that but the pupil contains the eyes, having intoxicant tender feelings to look at Shen Xiang one, Shen Xiang also just left that affectionate missing from her look. „Have you gone to Nine Heavens Sect? Is Elder Wu makes you come?” Xu Weilong asked. Initially Subduing Dragon Sect also, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan specifically were responsible for inquiring the news, occasionally also made some assassination duties, they make splendidly, Wu Kaiming make them come now, should have any matter to make them do.