World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2063
Yes! Waits for him and your Dean will come.” Yan Yanran nodded, arrives at the entrance place, is looking at outside the city the far spatial ash-gray evil aura, sighed lightly: „The Nine Heavens city is the same with danger(ous) that Nine Heavens Sect faces.” The Yun Xiaodao and the others complexion changes, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming come personally, that matter is definitely serious. Was right, you said a moment ago your Dean you don't plan to enter Nine Heavens Sect?” Zhu Rong asked. We have joined Hundred Flowers Village!” Lan Lan said with a smile: You could rest assured that now we are help your, our Village Chief will also come.” Lu Qilian was initially ambitious, said that must establish Divine Country, but her the strength is now limited, therefore also said that is a village, but she develops in secret very rapidly, in addition she has Dragon Vein, later will be definitely getting more and more formidable. Good, in any case we are one group, your Village Chief parents in our Nine Heavens Sect.” Yun Xiaodao said. Grandma Lu was too fearful, her two daughters are also same.” Zhu Rong suddenly hit one to tremble: My previous time looks for her, but smelled a fruit on her tabletop, almost wanted my life.” Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Lu Zhen and Grandma Lu are Lu Qilian and Lu Qinlian parents, now also in Nine Heavens Sect, after all Demon Execution Heavenly God also there, Lu Zhen is his apprentice. You have not eaten fortunately, otherwise again could not see your this bastard.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile. Xu Weilong asked: What situation outside city the present is, do you know? Before didn't say the Nine Heavens city to be very relaxed? How to attach great importance to suddenly, has any danger(ous).” Yan Yanran said: I am not very clear, I listened to Elder Wu to say had any insect......” After Shen Xiang hears, suddenly took a deep breath: Then has troubled, Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow really let this fearful thing birth here, hoped not to lead to the tragedy!” Because Shen Xiang listens to Yue'er to mention the great god world by the matter of evil insect destruction, will therefore know the hazardous nature of that evil insect.

„Really fearful?” Yun Xiaodao asked. Shen Xiang nodded: Should, but the initial stage stage is good to cope, if, that troubled!” I must go back to prepare.” Yun Xiaodao said: Goes back with some good equipment, I come time also thinks that is the minor matter!” Zhu Rong said with a smile: I must prepare, eats a meal to be good!” Then, these two sworn enemies together left, Duan Sanchang and Xu Weilong are go back to rest, waiting further news. When do you join that Hundred Flowers Village? How haven't I seen you in inside?” Shen Xiang traces that fifty-fifty transparent wing that Lan Lan puts. Has joined very much long time ago, was Sister Qilian found our, we also frequently in village, but just had the matter to exit.” Yan Yanran said with a smile lightly: little rascal, has not thought that you have that many misdemeanors unknown......” Shen Xiang has hit: You may other Xueyi talk nonsense, this dragon brat discredits me everywhere.” Lan Lan happily said with a smile: I thought actually Big Brother Shen you are very fierce, these fierce elder sisters are probably good with your relationship.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Aren't you good with my relationship?” Yan Yanran and Lan Lan are very clear, in Hundred Flowers Village these outstanding females can gather together, majority because of Shen Xiang, moreover they can become that strong, is because obtains the Shen Xiang's help. We must go back, Sister Qilian she said her quickly.” Yan Yanran said.

Returns to Hundred Flowers Village?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is not, we have the shop here, Hundred Flowers Pavilion is our shops, your does if wanted have a look? If Sister Qilian comes, will transmit to the Hundred Flowers Pavilion transmission secret room.” Yan Yanran said. Walks!” Shen Xiang leaves City Lord's Mansion with Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran, soon after arrives at that Hundred Flowers Pavilion, this Hundred Flowers Pavilion scale is big, several very big store fronts . Moreover the position that more than ten story-high, is at is also best. Here not only sells pills, various Divine Weapon divine tool magic treasure, formation plate has! Business is good!” Shen Xiang goes to a high-level living room with them, here should be their personal places, very peaceful comfortable, in the hall has the light female subfield to be fragrant. Sister Zilan definitely frequently here!” Shen Xiang distinguishes from here remaining fragrance. Dog nose.” Lan Lan said with a smile: „Do you smell Sister Yanran through nose really?” Yan Yanran gave Shen Xiang but actually one cup of tea, was very curious: Definitely is not, I the smell went into hiding!” Shen Xiang has drunk that cup of scented tea, said with a smile: That is I uses Heart Eye to look, at that time various gaseous state energies in that hall got a panoramic view by me, is only you stand in that place the air/Qi of insufficient nature of mobile Spiritual God!” Your concealment way should use the method of stealth, the body releases the air/Qi of Spiritual God, such comes to make you integrate in the nature, was hard to discover you.” Shen Xiang said. Good, your this Heart Eye is actually fierce, unexpectedly can see!” Yan Yanran also has big harvest, she later can improve, although are not many with the Dao Heart Eye person, but she must pursue perfect.

If I am not careful, perhaps is unable to discover you, your this concealment ability was very strong!” Shen Xiang said: If you can add space of points strength, isolates oneself beyond the space, that can go into hiding very well.” Use space is strength easier said than done? I have tried hard, although can use, but actually cannot handle skillfully.” Yan Yanran shakes the head sighs. Later your meeting, when you return to Hundred Flowers Village, looks for Yue'er to teach you that's it, she is skilled to this aspect.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Moreover you are the cats, definitely will be together very happily.” Um, I listened to Sister Feng to say the Yue'er matter.” The Yan Yanran nod said. Lovable small white cat, wants to go back to see her.” Lan Lan wishes one could to go back now. Shen Xiang sees this appearance, said with a smile: You are also very adorable, your this big Elf...... present Hundred Flowers Village came a number of Little Elf, same has the wing with you, you go back to ask them to play.” Puts on white skirt Yan Zilan suddenly to walk, sees Shen Xiang and Yan Yanran they chats, says with a smile: Outside city the demon armed forces built up, you are still merry here.” Sister Zilan, you look like are not anxious.” Lan Lan walks, is pulling her white hands, asked: Now is outside situation what kind of? Is serious?” Does not need to be worried that the formation defensive power of Nine Heavens city is very strong, moreover there is Dragon Vein to support, at least can also support for over a hundred years, that crowd of demon armed forces sufficient resources, definitely could not have consumed, now we are worried is these evil insects.” Yan Zilan looked at Shen Xiang, this matter is Shen Xiang is most recent, after Yue'er the origin of evil insect said that has transmitted all parties, making everybody pay attention.