World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2064
Lu Qilian came, as soon as she enters this shop Shen Xiang to induce to her aura! She somewhat worries obviously, enters the shop, in a hurry comes up in this hall. You also here?” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang then to say. „Does Sister Qilian, what important matter have? You look like the appearance that worries very much.” Shen Xiang thought that Lu Qilian has any very anxious matter probably, moreover appears regarding him here, probably somewhat was happy. The Lu Qilian nod said: Now we had the news of these evil insects, the news that at present inquires is, after evil insect insect, after this insect, just trained shortly, moreover every day the birth massive evil insect ovums, will be similar to the ant and honeybee such.” Then after now how many insects?” Yan Zilan hastily asked that if were a troop evil insect appears, that may be serious. Only discovers five, after Infernal Demon Emperor trains these five insects, is not easy! Before had ten outside Demon Soul Executing City, that was he trained very for a long time, but by you were ruined.” After Lu Qilian does, Yan Yanran has given her to carry one cup of tea. Lu Qilian sip, continued saying: Currently has three near the Nine Heavens city, but another that side Nine Heavens Sect, the overall strengths of these evil insects is very strong, definitely is very much long time ago was born!” It seems like these evil insects had been controlled by Infernal Demon Emperor, otherwise definitely not being obedient of obediently.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: It seems like this their essential target is the Nine Heavens city!” Lu Qilian said: „It is not the Infernal Demon Emperor control, but is behind a Infernal Demon Emperor mysterious influence! Before we have thought Infernal Demon Emperor had gotten rid of by these Divine Country, actually, they have not been supporting secretly the Infernal Demon Emperor development! Because they also know the world of Nine Heaven potential. If world of Nine Heaven has annexed Highest God Realm, then when the time comes definitely is Infernal Demon Emperor is responsible for suppressing us.” This does not need too to be worried but actually, Nine Firmaments God Emperor! Deity King they should hide, their goals should be these Divine Country, therefore solves the Infernal Demon Emperor matter, is managed by us.” Shen Xiang said.

Yan Zilan asked: Sister Qilian, your does suddenly know these matters? Our scouts should not inquire these matters, the estimate of Nine Heavens Sect is not good, very obviously only then ambushes in the Hell Gate internal person can know . Moreover the status is not low!” The Lu Qilian nod said: Truly is not we inquires, but is the Concealing Heaven Gate influence provides to us, Gu Dongchen and Ren Tianyong they presented at that time.” Concealing Heaven Gate? I have heard, this is a conceal very deep sect . Moreover the development was very in secret long!” Yan Yanran suddenly said that she looked at Lan Lan, Lan Lan also nodded. „After the past Subduing Dragon Sect dismissed, I and Sister Yanran travelled for pleasure in all directions, has heard this Concealing Heaven Gate.” Lan Lan frowned slightly: But this Concealing Heaven Gate gives our impression is not very good.” Lu Qilian asked hastily: Said? Gu Dongchen and Ren Tianyong they also know nothing about this sect, I do not know.” Yan Yanran lightly snorted and said: cultivation technique that that Concealing Heaven Gate Dean cultivates is...... Is that type evil art that picks Yang Buyin, I and Lan Lan initially passed through that small town time, the inside about half female is bears a grudge to that Dean, the men in small town are wish one could to massacre that Dean.” Some Lan Lan also angrily said: We just arrived in the small town, does not know how news travels, all day please go to that Concealing Heaven Gate by one group of people, we knew after such matter, wants to teach that Dean, who knows that Dean and one group of elders are very strong, we are not the matches , can only leave.” „After afterward I and Lan Lan strength was increased, actually knew that Concealing Heaven Gate has been missing, but was also ruined in Concealing Heaven Gate nearby small town.” Yan Yanran said: That Dean such hiring hates, absolutely is not the good thing.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Village Chief of beautiful woman village, you may probably pay attention to that fellow!”

Lu Qilian white his eyes: Should pay attention to you to be right!” Sister Qilian, do you see that fellow are Dean?” Lan Lan said: Heard that he has very young appearance!” „It is not Dean, he said that he is the Concealing Heaven Gate Dean son! Also does not know how he knew my Hundred Flowers Village matter, several times proposed that must go to sit, added that must give the big present to us.” Lu Qilian shot a look at Shen Xiang one: So far, our Hundred Flowers Village only then male has gone.” Really is honored!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile. Although Long Xueyi they teased Shen Xiang all day are little rascal, but their very clear Shen Xiang's bottom line. Qilian...... Qilian...... you here?” Out of the window hears the weak shout, this sound is very familiar. Huishan?” Whose later the Lu Qilian hear the sound is, immediately gives following person sound transmission, making them come up the Long Huishan belt. Is Big Sister Long!” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited: I very long have not seen her, your years not with her together?” No, after Ice Dragon comes back, a Ice Dragon clan gave Ice Dragon, she and Ling Ling also frequently closed up the practice! As far as I know, Ice Dragon he found ice cold Dragon Vein, their entire Ice Dragon clan there! Naturally, for many years we also frequently provided pills to them, they will also give many ice cold herbs or the refiner material we.” Yan Zilan said that is she has been responsible for this exchange.

Lu Qilian said: Youlan and Qianxiang have Jing Jing (quietly) to look for them frequently! A few years ago, I held Youlan they to help me bring a letter, asked that she and Ling Ling is willing to come Hundred Flowers Village, here also had Dragon Vein, moreover formation plate that Xianxian they refined can also the conversion of energy of Dragon Vein ice cold attribute.” Long Huishan had been led by a young girl, she puts on very ordinary, is wearing the bamboo hat, she goes to the hall to pick. Shen Xiang first time sees Long Huishan time, she is one looks like the gentle beautiful female, afterward she obtained the Ice Dragon inheritance, changed, turned into formidable aggressive female Dragon King. Now before she compares, does not know that formidable many, she has not put on that dragon armor, looks like on very had might. Big Sister Long......” Shen Xiang hastily stands, at this time he also noted Long Huishan behind Shen Lingling, this little girl was very initially pitiful, Shen Xiang thought one and she is predestined friends, has helped her, moreover receives her for sworn sister, after the cultivation of Long Huishan, she totally escaped that pitiful destiny. Brother!” Shen Lingling sees Shen Xiang to walk, shouted one excitedly tenderly, jumped into the Shen Xiang's bosom, wept. Could see that she misses Shen Xiang.