World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2066
To!” Long Huishan has patted the Shen Xiang's back vigorously, she looks all the way their wadding entangles, moreover Lu Qilian does not prefer, is Shen Xiang intentionally does very much obviously to her looked that must make her ugly, thinks of this, in the Long Huishan heart was more indignant. Snort!” Lu Qilian shoves open Shen Xiang, has scratched the red lip with hand back gently, her double cheek is ruddy, fills charmingly, does not dare to look straight ahead Long Huishan. Walks, big matter!” Long Huishan he he smiled, helping Lu Qilian reorganize that by the clothing that Shen Xiang messed up, then went down the car(riage) with her first. Shen Xiang has licked the lip, smiles Hehe to follow in them behind. Gets out, Lu Qilian restored the imposing manner of that female High-Rank, has very big contrast before that charming seductive appearance. Enters City Lord's Mansion, the Lu Qilian light vehicle route ripe region Long Huishan and Shen Xiang enters in a secret conference room, in this sits many people. These person of majority are Shen Xiang is familiar, for example Gu Dongchen, Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God, this was the Shen Xiang's old acquaintance, in addition, Demon Soul Executing City City Lord Ren Tianyong. Here has two people are Shen Xiang did not know that is a handsome white clothing man and a big overwhelming power one-eye middle age. Shen Xiang comes, is paying attention to these two, he discovered that Long Huishan and Lu Qilian come, that white clothing man two eyes shine, Shen Xiang determined that this white clothing man should be the Concealing Heaven Gate Dean son. Dragon miss, you come on behalf of a Ice Dragon clan?” Gu Dongchen is with smile on the face, they know certainly that Ice Dragon came back, and has the good strength, occupies Dragon Vein, an entire Ice Dragon clan is also very formidable strength. „It is not, I have joined Hundred Flowers Village.” Long Huishan also smiles to return a courtesy, then sits down. That white clothing man stands, said with a smile: I am the Concealing Heaven Gate elder, my father, because is Dean, the matter are quite many, therefore cannot come, but also asked everybody to forgive.”

The people nodded, indicated to understand that here also had Long Huishan besides Shen Xiang Lu Qilian, other people were very good to the impression of this white clothing man, because his unusual politeness was polite. This thinks that is Ice Dragon clan famous female Dragon King, below Fu Tiangao, is honored to see you very much.” The white clothing man has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Long Huishan. Long Huishan nodded, the facial expression is somewhat faint. Lu Miss can obtain female Dragon King this senior general, from now on your Hundred Flowers Village will be definitely more powerful, is really may celebrate encouraging.” Fu Tiangao also said to Lu Qilian. In the people heart could see that this Fu Tiangao has other goals to Lu Qilian and Long Huishan, because they come to be so long, has not seen this brat such to flatter them. Was right, is you who this and you come in who?” Fu Tiangao looks to Shen Xiang, although on his face is having very amiable smiling face, but Shen Xiang can actually catch from his look to the extremely intense hostility. Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang said lightly, then sits, sits side Lu Qilian, understood at a glance that he and Lu Qilian relationship is good. Shen Xiang that actually once created a stir, greeting on first meeting greeting on first meeting.” Fu Tiangao sees Shen Xiang to sit in Lu Qilian position very much at will, some envy, said: Our today is to represent a side influence comes this meeting, does not know what Brother Shen represents is which side influence?” He can represent my Nine Heavens Sect!” Demon Soul Executing City!”

Gu Dongchen and Ren Tianyong took a stand immediately, their this tells this Fu Tiangao, making him understand the Shen Xiang status here. Fu Tiangao compensates to say with a smile hastily: Worthily is the man of the hour, admire!” Fu Tiangao had eaten one a moment ago shrivelled, in the heart was not feeling well. He just sat, Lu Qilian also said: Shen Xiang can also represent my Hundred Flowers Village.” In Gu Dongchen their hearts is laughing in one's heart, in Hundred Flowers Village that group of fearful women, basically are Shen Xiang have intimate relationship, Shen Xiang can certainly representative Hundred Flowers Village. Brother Shen really made the little brother admire full of admiration.” On the Fu Tiangao face is still having the temperate smiling face, the drop blood that but in the heart actually hates, he has not thought that Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian relationship unexpectedly is good to arrive so, has entered evidently also Hundred Flowers Village. Picks Yang Buyin cultivation technique him regarding the practice, Hundred Flowers Village that for him is Sacred Land, that inside female which is not the natural talent remarkable wonderful female, if can obtain, not only can his skill promotion, but can also satisfy the conquering desire in his heart. However now, acted swiftly to get there first, therefore Fu Tiangao will hate Shen Xiang, naturally, Shen Xiang this status, makes him envy. Fu Young Master, how many do you have to understand to these evil insects? Knows their weakness?” Gu Dongchen asked that because this Concealing Heaven Gate was also quite formidable sect, so long as were not the enemy, can unite with them, the person many strength were big. Fu Tiangao said: Temporarily does not know that our Concealing Heaven Gate has the disciple to ambush in Hell Gate, knows the matters of these evil insects, the news that we just obtained is, has in Hell Gate, these evil insects were controlled by Infernal Demon Emperor! But Infernal Demon Emperor also only then the temporary domination, can control the evil insect finally, came from these mysterious Divine Country.”

Everybody could rest assured that the evil insect that now attacks, is the first batch, the strength is not very strong! If the evil insect army wants to be formidable, first after the insect, must have strong strength to be good! After the insect , was just born, therefore after the insect , the first batch of insects that gives birth to are very weak. We must do now, after insect kills, after the insect died, other evil insects will commit suicide desperately, because after the insect , has big spiritual influence to them! These evil insects got down by the insect young man, thought that instills into after the insect is living.” Demon Execution Heavenly God asked: „After the insect, wants become stronger, can depend upon these evil insects to bring strength to them?” The Fu Tiangao nod said: Yes, the evil insect goes out to capture and kill, mainly absorbs the blood and energy of human or beasts, they will congeal an evil bead, after congealing, after to insect, eats up. After the insect, through eating massive evil bead unceasing become stronger, after the insect, is stronger, gives birth to the speed of ovum to be quicker, after growing up the evil insect to be also stronger.” Shen Xiang they understand why Yue'er will say a formidable great god world by these evil insect destructions, once after the insect, adolescence to certainly formidable time, that was very difficult to control. „After you know that insect, now where?” Wu Kaiming asked: If knows the words, after we first go to the insect, removes! Naturally, those who most make us be worried after is these insects of Infernal Demon Emperor in secret cultivation, this is the biggest threat.” Shen Xiang wants to know that is the thing that which Divine Country raises, their this is being made to pay for one's evil doings simply, if they lose the control to these evil insects, that is made to pay for one's evil doings.