World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2067

Now Fu Tiangao provides is not the key point, is some superficial news , after only then kills the insect, this is quite useful, but they must know now after the insect, where conceal, can extinguish kills. Everybody does not need to be worried, after our Concealing Heaven Gate disciple can eavesdrop on the insect , the position that quickly is, when the time comes we work as one, certainly after can several insects, cuts to kill.” Fu Tiangao said with a smile: Now does not know whether to arrange our Concealing Heaven Gate disciple to transmit?” Teleportation Formation of Nine Heavens city had been closed, cannot transmit. Our Concealing Heaven Gate has chosen 3000 elite disciples , helping helping hand, shows our Concealing Heaven Gate sincerity, we are the sincerity want to form an alliance with everybody, eradicate Infernal Demon Emperor this type Evil Devil that damages the common people.” Fu Tiangao stands up, very earnestly said. Wu Kaiming nodded: This we will consider that again, if must open Teleportation Formation, requires several days of time to establish, is not that quickly can open, Teleportation Formation that we receive is special, needs to penetrate protects city large formation.” Can understand, if has decided that please inform below, I contact with my father immediately! When the time comes I will make him increase some disciples to come again, I arrive at the Nine Heavens city to discover that here situation compared with me expected must want terrible.” Fu Tiangao nodded, after sitting, to Lu Qilian lightly smiled: Lu Miss, does not know when the time comes your Hundred Flowers Village may have any course of action.” Has not formulated!” Lu Qilian somewhat light should say. Then Senior?” Fu Tiangao looks to Gu Dongchen they. Our Nine Heavens Sect has sent an elite squad to come, when the time comes they can various belt 10,000 elite disciples, in the night in the way of assassination, reduce the Evil Devil quantity.” Gu Dongchen replied. Demon Soul Executing City uses the Divine Ability magic arts of long-distance attack on the city wall, the Evil Devil army who the attack approaches.” Ren Tianyong said. Demon Execution Heavenly God looked at Heaven Punishment God, said: I and penalty will submerge in the Evil Devil army, kills the leader specially.”

Fu Tiangao nodded: Is the good strategy...... I use the rare treasure now and hide in the Hell Gate disciple carry on the relation, first I must say good bye now.” In conference room people stand, although they did not know about Fu Tiangao, but this politeness must have. Fu Tiangao hastily left City Lord's Mansion, he led some people to come, already stayed in the recent hotel. ...... After Fu Tiangao, Shen Xiang said: How can you say planning for action?” Demon Execution Heavenly God laughs: My that is talks nonsense.” Gu Dongchen also smiled: Also casually said that can this plan make this half fellow know? The ghosts know that he is not Infernal Demon Emperor arranges.” Heaven Punishment God said: Cannot open transmits passage to make his Concealing Heaven Gate disciple come, I do not trust this fellow! Performed to say some side thing.” Sits here was some slippery customers, was not can deceive at will. This fellow comes to my Hundred Flowers Village evidently.” Lu Qilian said: You have not felt, the fellow like must accept uncritically me.”

Wu Kaiming happily said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle, you are very probably discontented with this fellow, your first meeting, he has not offended you! Should not be......” Wu Kaiming ambiguous looked at Lu Qilian, those present has been probably able to see Lu Qilian and Shen Xiang's relationship, although Lu Qilian looked like pure, before and Shen Xiang also had enmity, but after afterward and Shen Xiang reconciled, had the contact with Shen Xiang frequently, now comes with Lu Qilian, could see their relationship well to any degree blindly. Did not have, but Yanran and Lan Lan have mentioned the Concealing Heaven Gate broken matter......” Shen Xiang initially knew about Concealing Heaven Gate Yan Yanran and Lan Lan the situation of said. Heaven Punishment God said: This cultivation technique I have heard! Concealing Heaven Gate must unite with us, should be Dean comes personally is right, but I always felt that he does not dare to come, these excuses are not full.” Demon Execution Heavenly God took a deep breath: Listened to you saying that Concealing Heaven Gate Dean possibly was you knows? Moreover what he fears is you?” Good, in the past I captured one to practice this picking Yang Buyin cultivation technique person personally specially, this person has damaged many females, just I go to know that to a city this matter, I and he have fought, his strength is very strong, strength of use is also very strange! He by my severe wound, but I have not caught him.” Heaven Punishment God said. Shen Xiang said: „The fellow who Heaven Punishment God cannot catch, this person should be very sly!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Now penalty, but Highest God.” No problem, I quite like Heaven Punishment God this name, after all was called to be too long, I own name soon forgot.” Heaven Punishment God smiled. Demon Execution Heavenly God asked: Penalty, you have captured that fellow a period of time, should understand to him very much!”

The Heaven Punishment God nod said: Not only knew about him that also very much understood to cultivation technique that he cultivates! Listened to Shen Xiang saying that I also thought they came to Hundred Flowers Village, they cultivated this cultivation technique, arrived at the bottleneck, the strength weak female was unable to satisfy them! Therefore they need to look for a more outstanding and formidable female...... This cultivation technique is weird, was occupied by them seizes the body to use this cultivation technique to claim the cloudy Yuan female, is the same with the poison, will send dead to the old age poisonously, dies a tragic death.” Lu Qilian knits the brows, the anger upwells: If the situation is true, I extinguish surely personally kill the thing that this flock of bastards are inferior. Now unexpectedly projected on our heads to come the idea.” Now looked that Yanran and Lan Lan their side how......” Shen Xiang just said that Lu Qilian puts out is vibrating the jade symbol, some people subpoenaed to him. Is Yanran, has not thought that they such quickly had the result!” Lu Qilian said: Elder Wu, they outside.” Wu Kaiming opens the door to walk, meets Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, after their two females come, is saluting to here Senior. Your girls, polite anything, sit down quickly!” Gu Dongchen said that in the past Gu Dongchen also in Subduing Dragon Sect, his very clear Yan Yanran and Lan Lan skill. This group of fellows are really not the good things, they arrive at this city, has locked several formidable strength strong females, is preparing to plan fight, has our Hundred Flowers Pavilion.” Yan Yanran very life Qi/angry: Their essential targets are our Hundred Flowers Village, they plan to bestow we large quantities of precious divine medicine, wants to gain our favorable impressions, then little hauling in distance.” Shen Xiang is also very angry: My goodness, cannot make this brat die too with ease.”