World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2068

The Concealing Heaven Gate sinister plot was very obvious, but Shen Xiang they also think in addition, Concealing Heaven Gate definitely also has other goal. Concealing Heaven Gate can result and the evil insect related news, this definitely is not they inquires.” Gu Dongchen said: Now we know that Concealing Heaven Gate is harbors evil intentions, on must form an alliance with us outwardly, but actually wants to damage Hundred Flowers Village secretly.” Demon Execution Heavenly God coldly snorted and said: Did not need to think, they and Hell Gate definitely had the union, they told us such news, to seek our trusts, were similar, planned our again, let our Nine Heavens Sect and Demon Soul Executing City catches the whole lot in a dragnet, then they also well coped with Hundred Flowers Village.” Heaven Punishment God said: Is good to plan! If massacres several fellows here, too convenient they?” Fu Tiangao has not known that now he has angered here old foxes, angers this flock of old foxes, is not he dies is so simple! Gu Dongchen said: beat somebody at their own game, they did not say that can send one group of elite disciples to come? Before I had not believed his words, but I believe now.” Lu Qilian coldly said: Their this group of elite disciples should be arrived at the bottleneck, is comes to here to seek for the practice resources!” The Concealing Heaven Gate so-called practice resources, use their evil technique, through taking Yang Buyin the way obtains strength. I support Dean Gu beat somebody at their own game, making them transmit the so-called elite disciple, then we massacre them again! The premise is, we must guarantee the person who they transmit does not cause the harm to here, otherwise this can some danger(ous).” Long Huishan said. Demon Execution Heavenly God nodded: Truly so, but this does not need too to be worried that we can arrange powerful big killing formation beforehand, so long as when the time comes puts a Teleportation Formation plate to make them transmit in killing formation again, can catch the whole lot in a dragnet.” Shen Xiang said: Infernal Demon Emperor also knows that cannot storm, change to the way of taking by strategy, had not been prevailed by them fortunately.”

I am responsible for communicating with him, making him think that we trusted him.” Wu Kaiming said. I go back with killing formation.” Lu Qilian said that she hates this Concealing Heaven Gate at this time. We are ready, when the time comes greets Concealing Heaven Gate.” Gu Dongchen he he smiles: For a long time has not slaughtered.” Since everybody has the matter to do, then I cannot idle, the position that after I am responsible for inquiring that insect, is , after having a look to extinguish while convenient kills these insects.” Shen Xiang said that although his cultivation base is not high, but the big shots here, will not suspect that his strength, especially he investigates the concealment the ability. Lu Qilian said: Or lets Yanran and Lan Lanhe you goes together!” Does not use, they also need to stare at that Fu Tiangao here, I went to that's alright.” Shen Xiang said. Good, then starts to take action now.” Wu Kaiming said that then dismisses respectively. Shen Xiang has not moved, he makes Lu Qilian inform Hundred Flowers Village, making Yue'er come, he must move with Yue'er! Yan Zilan brought Yue'er, was worried gently urged Shen Xiang, making him more careful, finally also has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks. ......

Shen Xiang transmits through secret formation in City Lord's Mansion to outside one does not have the Evil Devil place, here is stretch of a forest of cover, but passed by after by Evil Devil, turns into the death Qi endless forest. Yue'er, if you meet very suddenly danger(ous), how you will do generally?” Shen Xiang wants to exchange the use attainment of space strength with Yue'er, Yue'er meets danger(ous) the time, majority are to depend upon her space power. If before is, I do not have awakening to remember, I use continual long-distance teleport to escape, but currently, I use dimensional shift, goes into hiding in directly other space faults, does not use space strength Old Ancestor, could not find my.” Yue'er said with a smile: When you must use your Transformation Technique, does not need to be worried my, I can go into hiding at any time!” After Yue'er awakens her memory, understands to use space power, moreover her foundation is also solid, the whole family has what is very fearful, but she inherited the inheritance of her family member probably, therefore Shen Xiang will think her from now on definitely the unusual terror. Besides using dimensional shift, I can also use space wind.” Yue'er was saying, vanished on suddenly, but presents time, Yue'er already in front. This and teleport has difference! Space strength exists every time, is keen to space strength, can induce obtains space wind, I forward fluttered following space wind a moment ago, does not use any space strength, makes space wind lead me to run, can carry on the long-distance space to travel!” Before Yue'er, thinks that Shen Xiang utilized well to space strength, afterward knows Shen Xiang did not have including space cultivation technique. Therefore she thought that in having the necessity directs Shen Xiang use space strength. Yue'er careful instruction Shen Xiang uses these Space Technique, Shen Xiang cultivates Star Moving Technique that she teaches, had certain foundation, at this time studies is also handy, soon after grasped dimensional shift. Before he also used excessively similar dimensional shift method, but he is hides into the tyrannical space turbulent flow, in is very danger(ous), the especially present space is getting more and more formidable, the space tyrannical strength will be also more fearful, will have slightly carelessly, is torn into shreds by the space. But dimensional shift, is seeks for in space and space the stablest place, Yue'er simply becomes the fault or the slit, so long as grasps well, the flash can seek, and in entry hides, danger(ous) will come out from now on again.

This space wind uses well!” Shen Xiang has used the half-day much time, utilizes space wind on the society, he discovered that own intention moves, own body can integrate in space wind, was having the rapid traverse by strength. „After like this , the time of running, directly used space wind that's alright, did not need teleport also to be able continuously the rapid traverse.” Yue'er said with a smile: Although speed slow little.” Currently Shen Xiang uses space wind with Shen Xiang, suddenly is far away from the forest, Shen Xiang only sees the two sides sceneries to dodge rapidly behind, cannot see anything, because the speed was too fast at this time. After leaving this forest, Shen Xiang arrives on a wild summit quickly, looks that the front that piece is similar to the dark clouds densely covered Evil Devil army! Yue'er, after you know that insect, what characteristics has? How after must be able to find the insect, this thing is the biggest threat.” Shen Xiang said. Yue'er silent, said: Now I cannot ask, must wait night to know, night the star moon/month ray can shine the earth, so long as after the insect, was illuminated, or is a little aura, I can find.”