World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2069

Yue'er and ability of star moon/month communication makes Shen Xiang envy, he had asked Yue'er can study, Yue'er had said this is inherent, even if in Stars and Moon God Clan uncertain everybody can this skill.

The Evil Devil army has not attacked a city, leads this group of armies should be Infernal Demon Emperor they, the defensive power of their very clear Nine Heavens city, but they defend in city gate at this time, very obviously is when the waiting city defends is broken clashes. Dusk, the day was somewhat black, the Evil Devil army probably becomes very inspired, they very repugnantly daytime by feeling of sun shine, therefore they push together when the time comes, will release some black Qi, resists sunlight. As the day gets dark gradually, the front Evil Devil army had the spirit more and more, noisy, these Evil Devil seemed like the appearances of humanity, but outside them was throwing over beast skin, looked like the big overwhelming power, each Evil Devil has very rogue facial features. These fellow not controlled idiots, unexpectedly understand to chat, are they humanity turn?” Before Shen Xiang, has seen the Infernal Demon Emperor army, is he trains when Hell, uses the massive souls, but now he lacks the resources, if these many armies are humanity cultivate refined into, that is needs to carry on the massive slaughters, obtains formidable strength from the body of dead. Evil devil cultivator line of ways of slaughter, after the slaughter, the soul and fleshly body of dead have very big help to them! But now world of Nine Heaven annexes Gods, the quantity of humanity, especially small and weak humanity, this regarding Evil Devil, is very rich practice resources. That is, after all human that many, the degenerate definitely also has many, but Infernal Demon Emperor provides to walk the shortcut to them cultivation technique, they naturally with Infernal Demon Emperor! This type through massacring obtains the strength fellow innocently, must eradicate.” Yue'er said: „After your this world of Nine Heaven thriving, must cease this fellow to appear massively, initially our Star Law God Territory also had appeared......” Mentions Star Law God Territory that she once trusted, Yue'er cannot help but sighs, Star Law God Territory peak expert for Eternal Life, finds the excuse to persecute Undead God Clan, was different from these Evil Devil at present! What is only different, this crowd of Evil Devil are very weak, but Star Law God Territory that crowd Evil Devil is very strong, but also is controlling the entire Star Law God Territory rule. After the darkness, star-studded sky, Yue'er also starts to carry on the mind exchange with the star moon/month, she has used enough two time of double-hour, had discovered. Had found, after a recent insect, distance here also has the 1st Stage distance, we have a look on the past now.” Yue'er said that then drills into the Shen Xiang's backpack.

After Shen Xiang induces to the direction wind direction that he must go, starts to use space wind, after going to the recent insect, position that is. Soon, Shen Xiang arrived in mountain scene [lineage/vein], he ambushes in a crown of summit, making him feel what is strange, this mountain scene [lineage/vein] are full of vitality, everywhere is the deep green ever green old trees, at all after likely is not the insect, place that is. Is there?” Shen Xiang in a top of mountain, can see the middle that the front several mountains gather round clearly, there has huge deep hole, he made Divine Soul look in the past, unexpectedly looked not. Right, after the insect, hides deeply, this pit is also she digs, the build after insect is very big, mountain such,” Yue'er said. That deep hole that Shen Xiang sees, is bigger than all around mountain, moreover deeply does not see the bottom, looked at the past in the distant place, was scary. It seems like must enter the deep place to investigate, after doesn't know approaches the insect, can have danger(ous)?” After the goal that Shen Xiang comes is to inquire the insect , the position that is, then estimates the strength after insect. Should better not to approach, after the insect, build is big, although the migration is inconvenient, but own defensive power and striking power are very powerful! After the insect, does not hope that was disturbed by humanity, person who guarding therefore here does not have Infernal Demon Emperor, so long as she induces to the aura of a little humanity, she will get angry.” Yue'er said: Does not believe your exposed aura to give a try!” Shen Xiang also really reveals own aura, but just took several of revelation suddenly, gets up on the earth-shaking power, that deep hole all around mountain was shaken the split open collapse completely, but in deep hole also suddenly gushes out the tentacle that red Qi mist turns into, reaches place that Shen Xiang is. Walks quickly!” Yue'er startled shouted, the Shen Xiang hastily concealment aura, uses dimensional shift, hides into the space slit.

Although he hides into the space slit, but induces to a very formidable fluctuation transmits, he is inducing space wind in the space slit, bringing Yue'er to leave long journey after space wind runs. After he comes out, immediately dumbfounded! That mountain scene [lineage/vein] that he entered a moment ago have not razed, that deep hole on flat land, after is the insect , the place that was, all around many mountain forest, turned into the crushed stone at this time completely. Was too fearful, I am unable to extinguish kill this fellow!” Shen Xiang has not thought after the insect, so will be terrorist, just said in him that deep hole has a very strong suction suddenly, absorbs all crushed stones near big hole, the soil-aggregate mixture are many, in a minute, fully enters that deep hole. deep hole disappears, obviously after is the insect, intends to hide itself! „After this insect, should deeply under move under water, unexpectedly will run around, was too fearful, must pass on this news, making them strengthen deeply the following defense, so as to avoid Dragon Vein was destroyed.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang comes out one in the evening, has very astonishing harvest, he puts out formation plate, after entering formation plate, transmission to Hundred Flowers Pavilion. Sister Qilian probably not here!” Shen Xiang came out from the transfer chamber, looked at all around, here was peaceful, he went to the hall, hearing some people to hum the cheerful song. Shen Xiang looks to the side of small hall, that is a bath room . Moreover the gate greatly is also opening, in the Shen Xiang heart told itself, he had the important matter to pass, absolutely did not have other goals.

But Yue'er also finds out the small head, lies in the nearby of backpack, seems anticipating anything. Shen Xiang arrives at the gate of bath room, sees Long Huishan to soak in a bathing pool, she by the nearby in bathing pool, is facing Shen Xiang, but her chest immersion in the water, Shen Xiang can only see her that jade white and beautiful collar bone. Long Huishan still humming a little tune, she, although saw Shen Xiang, but actually resembles No problem to be the same, that pair of aggressive arrogant beautiful eyes also full is the happy expression. Good younger brother, you to have been busy for day, should be tired, does if wanted wash together?” Long Huishan eats to smile. Wants!” Shen Xiang is thick the facial skin saying that has trod the balneation room, but after he goes , the discovery is not right! Although the water of bathing pool braves Qi mist, but actually gives the Shen Xiang very cold feeling, he thought that these definitely cheat!