World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2070
Shen Xiang arrived at the basin to anchor, has not planned to get down, he felt that a faint trace cold air/Qi, knows that this water absolutely was not the hot water. How to get down?” Long Huishan giggle said with a smile, Shen Xiang that eye is looking at her front at this time, but there by a red flower petal covering, his anything could not be seeing. Big Sister Long, I have important matter, after I found an insect, but ran away by her.” Shen Xiang arrives at that bathing pool that Long Huishan closes right up against, the eye looked unscrupulously from top to bottom, but the Long Huishan audiences can cover very well, lets thing that he cannot see to look. I remember that Fu Tiangao has said that the build after this insect is very big, therefore does not facilitate to move, her did unexpectedly run away?” Long Huishan knits the brows gently, thinks somewhat surprisedly: „After you attack that insect?” Naturally is not, where I dare to attack! I to that place, slightly revealed a aura, causes the vigilance after insect, after this insect flies into a rage, after the entire mountain scene [lineage/vein] raze, from the deep underground facing set walks.” Shen Xiang recalled that also has fear: „After that insect is powerful, I at all am not a match.” A Long Huishan slender jade leg extends from the water, then rubs to soften with the white hands gently, puts, looks at Shen Xiang secretly to swallow the saliva, but Long Huishan gently is actually smiling. Helps me rub the back.” Long Huishan said with a smile. „.” Shen Xiang complied with one, both hands could not control probably, reaches Long Huishan that jade tender back, was rubbing her shoulder gently. The Long Huishan ten shares receive was reciting lightly: Has not thought that your big uneducated person, unexpectedly can handle that careful matter.” Shen Xiang was only hey has smiled two, he truly earnestly helped Long Huishan rub the back to rub the shoulder at this time, secretly used his Creation Fire, making his both hands have warming up, like Long Huishan this Ice Dragon, year to year cultivates the ice cold strength, occasionally felt this warmth, was very comfortable matter. I now on notice Qilian, Gu Dongchen they.” After Long Huishan puts out the pass on message jade symbol, makes Shen Xiang tell her the detailed matter, then big shots of her 11 places passing to initially in conference room. Long Huishan said with a smile: Good younger brother, you always so to be been also tired! Don't you get down really wash together?”

Does not get down.” Shen Xiang looks at the cold and gloomy cold air that the water surface has overflowed, shook the head. Snort, you such fear me!” Long Huishan is charmingly angry: Before on that car(riage), you added that anything must handle me, now instigates!” Sees the color of Long Huishan whole face teasing, Shen Xiang took a deep breath, in the both hands like lightning thorough water, according to the chest of Long Huishan, both hands makes an effort to grab. Long Huishan is really unexpected, she only planned to tease Shen Xiang, but has not actually thought that Shen Xiang will hold her desire so to be intense, before so was timid, now gently is stimulated by her, the so violent response, really will make her be caught off guard, has called out in alarm. Young bastard, no joking.” Long Huishan hastily shouted. Shen Xiang that pair of big hand just right places on her chest, keeping her from withdrawing, moreover is rubbing gently, that feeling, she will die will not forget. When Shen Xiang thought some satisfying, the entrance stands in a person, is Lu Qilian there, she somewhat surprisedly looks, although does not have the angry facial expression, but can actually feel her jealousy. She can certainly see, this is Shen Xiang forcefully, because Long Huishan is struggling slightly. Knows after Lu Qilian came, Shen Xiang hastily receives the hand, has let loose Long Huishan, sees only blushing place of Long Huishan face to look at Shen Xiang, although the color of whole face anger, but in her eye is having faint trace tender feelings. Dead little rascal!” Long Huishan scolded one tenderly, congealed the cold ice water heavily to fling on the Shen Xiang's face, after Shen Xiang was hit, flew, hit on the wall, but on his face was also congealing incorruptible. Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang to be hit, on face also full is the happy color, then indifferently said: Came out to say the proper business quickly!” Shen Xiang feels the face, curled the lip, then goes out of the bathing pool, sits on the chair outside hall, his face is a little red, Long Huishan that palm of the hand was also a moment ago heavy, he bears to hit, otherwise the average person definitely will be killed.

Afterward, Long Huishan also came out from the bathing pool, moreover puts on an ice cold armor, looks like competitive, in addition her jade face full is incorruptible, makes Shen Xiang somewhat fear. formation plate I have attained, waits to look for Gu Dongchen they to discuss that again can only cope with Concealing Heaven Gate! Shen Xiang, you said after the insect, ran away?” Lu Qilian asked. Ran away, but does not need to be worried that Yue'er can unable to find, now I after the insect also somewhat understood that at present I cannot solve, at least wants the Highest God strength!” Shen Xiang said. Nearby Long Huishan said: I and he go, if not good comes back to shout the person again, you must stay here to defend a city.” Shen Xiang does not dare to look at Long Huishan, Long Huishan always look at him with that ominous look a moment ago, made him somewhat fear. This...... Good!” Lu Qilian can also see Long Huishan at this time in the fit of temper, she witnessed Shen Xiang to occupy Long Huishan convenient a moment ago, now Long Huishan proposed unexpectedly can go with Shen Xiang? This makes Lu Qilian suddenly be worried that Shen Xiang comes. Long Huishan stood up, stared Shen Xiang, said: What fears? I will come back your young boyfriend perfect region!” Snort, he now is also your young boyfriend, moreover your good younger brother.” Lu Qilian lightly snorted and said, but both eyes actually full are the happy expressions. Shen Xiang has coughed two, then said: Walks, while the present or night, after can be easier to find that insect.” Long Huishan looked at Shen Xiang backpack inside Yue'er, then nodded, walks into the transfer chamber with Shen Xiang, the transmission goes out of town. With previous time is the same, they appear in that piece of evil aura everywhere forest, after arriving here, Long Huishan also receives on her the snow white Ice Dragon armor, turns into black skintight clothes.

Big Sister Long, really sorry a moment ago, hotheadedly how does not know...... Could not control.” On the Shen Xiang face said completely guilty, because the Long Huishan later fierce reaction, making him very restless. Dead brat, you are how long hasn't bumped the woman?” Long Huishan in could feel Shen Xiang that passion a moment ago. Was very long, although my side has many women...... But always could not find the appropriate time.” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry. Long Huishan has hit a fist his chest, ridicules saying: You fear my life Qi/angry, but I have not thought that really you plant, unexpectedly dares to come, if not for Qilian just arrives, perhaps also will get up by you.” Saw on the Long Huishan face frank smiling face, in the Shen Xiang heart to feel relieved secretly, said with a smile: I feared after you, pays no attention to me! I do not want to lose you...... However, Big Sister Long you thought that Sister Qilian comes is not the time, in the heart has small losing.” Other beautiful stench.” Long Huishan has patted his head, Long Huishan is also very high, to Shen Xiang's forehead there, almost and Shen Xiang was equally high. Oh! Shen Xiang loses actually, however at this moment, making him occur unexpectedly, Long Huishan unexpectedly suddenly was hugging him, then shut his mouth with that wing celtis mouth, unexpectedly initiative and he kisses, but what awfully was, Long Huishan hand unexpectedly held his chest vigorously, pinched him to be painful, her unexpectedly was revenging.