World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2071
Yue'er was also half humanity, but she was actually hard to understand that at this time Shen Xiang and Long Huishan action, in her opinion was very bored, those who kept her from understanding, their this time unexpectedly bored less than half double-hour, moreover in this jet black sinister woods, the distant place also had Evil Devil to let roar, saw that likely was not makes the place of romantic matter. Sufficed?” After Long Huishan Shen Xiang shoves open, has licked the lip. Was similar!” Shen Xiang has rubbed own chest, just pinched him who starts Long Huishan truly to make an effort, but afterward actually turned rubs, makes him very comfortable. You are really bored, must handle this matter, is that bathing pool is quite appropriate, this place is quite suitable to kill.” Yue'er curls the lip to say. Long Huishan said with a smile: This brat wants to do to me in the bathing pool, I satisfy him!” Shen Xiang also said with a smile: Is Big Sister Long you hopes me such to your.” Saying, Shen Xiang holds her hand, uses space wind to lead her to leave this piece of sinister woods, arrives at that by the mountain range of razing. Quite quick, what technique is this?” Long Huishan thought that all around Hua Hua green many luminous spots passed over gently and swiftly, she can also be able to feel the speed very rapidness that Shen Xiang leads her to lead the way. Is Yue'er teaches my space wind, only then uses the space power ability study.” Shen Xiang said. Long Huishan looked at Yue'er, has traced her head, said: Before Youlan looked for my time, she has mentioned the matter of this Yue'er cat with me, has not thought that so was really fierce!” Was right, I listen to the matter that Youlan has mentioned you and she kisses...... This girl unexpectedly also told Jing Jing (quietly) and Ling Ling these two girls.” This...... Turned head I to say well she went.” Shen Xiang shameless one red, Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling very but pure girl, Leng Youlan unexpectedly and they said these matters.

Long Huishan carefully is observing the scene, knits the brows: This should be very intense shake wave causes, this shake can be away from deeply passes to the place, even can be away from the 1st Stage very far distance! After this insect, will use this strength, it seems like after the insect, cultivates to have attribute strength! Words that spoke, the after evil insect of birth should also be the insect, has same familiar strength.” Yue'er, can find that insect , after now?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally, you kissed a moment ago, I started to look.” Yue'er happily said with a smile: Now had found, can have a look, do not alarm the insect after the previous time.” Long Huishan has learned from Shen Xiang there, how Shen Xiang wants to try the vigilant heart after insect, has not thought that the response is so fierce, moreover ran away, could see after the insect, is vigilant. Shen Xiang brings Long Huishan to go to the Yue'er most recent place, the place that this time is was away from the Nine Heavens city to be farther, he used the space wind half double-hour, here also in the mountain range, just here mountain was the death Qi heavy barren hill, did not have the flowers and plants trees! The mountain is very big, especially in inside, if presents huge deep hole, will not be discovered easily, because this place few people come, the air/Qi of Spiritual God is also much thinner. This wants fight not to be easy, after this insect, knows own this time is very weak, once some people in, no matter the strength how, she will choose to leave.” Shen Xiang and Long Huishan on a summit, they look at front under huge deep hole, before this deep hole and Shen Xiang, big that equally discovers. For after does not alarm the insect, Shen Xiang uses space domain to cover him and Long Huishan, does not let their aura revelations. Can know after the insect, hides in deeply?” Long Huishan asked: If knows the depth, I can be good to estimate that causes to think the profound strength.” Yue'er said: 8000 zhang (3.33 m) this, you should better calculate according to 10,000 zhang (3.33 m) depth.” Shen Xiang, your this can space domain block the strong aura? I need to congeal to gather the god profound strength now, when the time comes after I not only need freeze that insect, but must all around all frozen, direct as frozen as deeply ten thousand zhang (3.33 m).” Long Huishan asked earnestly.

Is so fierce? Can consume very seriously? You strong aura I can block.” Shen Xiang said very self-confidently that Long Huishan definitely was Highest God, otherwise she will not give Shen Xiang voluntarily. You felt relieved, I now am ten five Godhead, must cope with an insect to be too easy, I had the antiquity to ice Dragon Bloodline.” Long Huishan has patted his face gently, smiles to him gently, making him feel relieved. Long Huishan can have ten five Godhead strengths also to make Shen Xiang surprised, he thought Long Huishan before, only then ten this, this definitely was Ice Dragon has helped her. Long Huishan said one require the time to gather strength, but shortly after has also completed, the time of half tea, in her hand concentrates a white small bead. Then?” Shen Xiang asked. Quietly goes to that deep hole, then I made that's alright this thing.” Long Huishan holds the ice bead in water, Shen Xiang induces to an ice cold strength, before him imagines that terroristly. He brings Long Huishan to use space wind to arrive on deep hole, Long Huishan is taking the ice bead to that deep hole gently one, sees only her white hands to emit a white light suddenly, there ice bead had been infiltrated under deep hole by her. A bit faster does not make the ice bead fall, will make that fellow have the time to run away.” Long Huishan said that therefore she will catch up a moment ago, making ice integument a beam of light promote, to infiltrate under deep hole. Shen Xiang on the upper air, after only sees other ice bead Long Huishan infiltrates deep hole, cold air on rapid braves from deep hole, but a deep hole surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) ground and deeply under was covered by the cold frost, becomes very stiff ice piece, the cold air is steaming. The deep hole side is also congealing the thick ice layer, at this time under also unceasingly emits the fearful cold air!

Quite fierce!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he thought the words that one must be frozen, definitely will be seriously injured. This is my first Godhead and second Godhead the might of strength of fusion Divine Ability.” Long Huishan said with a smile: Feared?” Um, Big Sister Long is quite fearful.” Shen Xiang is smiling, then suddenly has kissed her cheek. „The following thing had the sound.” Yue'er just said that on Long Huishan emits cold air, turns into the snow white Ice Dragon armor, in her hand also presented a snow white long blade. Long Huishan broke in deep hole. Shen Xiang float in upper air, uses Dao Heart Eye to look below, under he uses Dao Heart Eye to see is snow white, this was Long Huishan a moment ago froze this stretch of earth ice cold strength, but in that deep hole middle, actually one group of black things, he suspected after that was the insect! This thing was also too small!” Shen Xiang thought that he said sees incompatible that and Yue'er Fu Tiangao said that because after the insect in their mouth, is very huge, such as the mountain is common. „After this is not the insect!” Yue'er also discovered that some are not right, hurriedly said.