World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2072

Shen Xiang was shocked, they have thought after this thing is the insect, but now is actually not, what is that? Moreover looks like so is fearful! Big Sister Long can she have the matter?” Shen Xiang said that was hurrying to toward under. Does not need to be worried her, her strength is not weak!” Yue'er said: Under after this had the insect, but after this insect, suddenly turned into any thing, after or is the insect, died, but there is in within the body of any thing after the insect to brave.” Shen Xiang said: I use my Dao Heart Eye to see one group black, that is evil strength, what thing is?” Because all around hole wall was used to freeze thick by Long Huishan, below is white one piece, after Long Huishan arrives at the base, all around ice also sends out white light glow, illuminates the base well-illuminated. This is......” Long Huishan stands on a black giant insect, this insect seems like the centipede, has the foot of double belting thorn, moreover is pregnant very much. The insect was frozen, however in the forehead hole of insect, had any thing to run from this hole probably, but also penetration thick ice. Who are you?” When Long Huishan thinks strange, she behind hears one to yell, she had just turned the head, a sword thorn to her throat, her hastily is sideways to avoid suddenly, the long blade in hand also suddenly wields to divide, the lasing leaves incisive sharp ice blade edge rain. Has strength of dragon!” That person somewhat surprised, he wields the long sword in fight to turn on the ice blade edge of Long Huishan release, he is very clear, if projected on, definitely will not feel better.

Long Huishan saw clearly that person, unexpectedly is a white and tender handsome man, the body puts on one set of black armor, the long sword in hand is not the ordinary goods, the body releases the intermittent strong evil strength! You are not here person!” Before Long Huishan, frequently with here Evil Devil confrontation, but has not met likely at present the evil strength of this man. Good, who are you? Is Nine Heavens Sect?” The man asked that his unexpectedly also knows that Nine Heavens Sect must cope with them: But I had not heard Nine Heavens Sect has the people of your sort, was just female Dragon King that came from a Ice Dragon clan?” This man responded suddenly , not many idle talk, the body evil strength welled up, held the sword to attack crazily, the evil aura of long sword spout, when wielded a sword raised an evil Gang ghost, the evil ghost raided, making Long Huishan think the face stabbing pain, after causing her standard has kept off several blades, on hastily is far away from this man, was extremely fearful because of the opposite party evil strength. In the Long Huishan heart is angry, opposite party unexpectedly knows her matter, moreover probably just knows that some people told him very much obviously these matters, did not need to know that was Concealing Heaven Gate that Fu Tiangao. Shen Xiang nearness quietly, he has gotten down time, witnessed process that Long Huishan and this man fight, heard their dialog, at this time he also darkly hates to that Fu Tiangao. It seems like I must help busy!” Shen Xiang deeply inspires, said to Yue'er: I used space strength to fetter before the person...... Is releases one with others body exactly the same space wrap, wraps the person after this space, is unable to move.” But that was I used massive space strength to make into the past forcefully, did not have what technicality!” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Yue'er understands the Shen Xiang's meaning, is asks that she did understand this method, she understood certainly.

Um, this move is called space bind, has certainly skillful, needs to understand that utilizes some space power know-how!” Yue'er uses way of Divine Soul exchange immediately, spreads to his Divine Soul, making him comprehend fast. Before Shen Xiang, has used, therefore he studies also the quite easy seat of honor at this time. This, you tie him first, then I carry on space bind outside, such two, can win some time to Big Sister Long.” Yue'er said. Under, the man and Long Huishan has fought, they play intensely, hit very temporarily do not know one's place, when above Shen Xiang was also battled by them qi wave that produces blows to rise, making him have to use space energy shield by oneself with the space separation, avoids affecting. Thick ice on this deep hole wall presented the fissure, is the massive giant ice sludge crashes in the place above , to continue again, this deep hole will definitely collapse. How to grasp? Must a bit faster use, Big Sister Long and that fellow, although fights to a draw, but drags to be disadvantageous to us, what because nearby this are most is this Evil Devil, it is estimated that the opposite party is also delaying the time, waits for the helper to come.” Yue'er said. Can use!” Shen Xiang deeply inspires, making Six Paths Power in Divine sea emerge in that space Godhead, after space Godhead, Six Paths Power can transform formidable space power instantaneously. Six Paths Power contained other attribute strength, although can also utilize on the space directly, but also insufficiently is actually expert, was transformed after by Godhead, can become stronger. Decides!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, his condense massive space power have welled up, separated the spatial penetration in the past, wrapped on that man, formed visible space bind, moreover his Divine sea inside Six Paths Power also continuous welled up, was providing strength, maintained space bind.

Yue'er also at this time sends the merit, the Yue'er awakening memory the time restored many strength, do not look at this, her body can have fearful star moon power, moreover can utilize the strength of Law of Space skilled! At this time Yue'er has also used space bind, with the Shen Xiang stars twofold space bind, having kept that man suddenly from moving, now Shen Xiang also feels his space bind to start to burst, because strength of that man is fearful. Long Huishan responded is rapid, she saw opposite party suddenly unable to move, float in the air, knows that some people got rid in secret, she passes immediately, uses the most god profound strength, condense on the long blade, a blade cut the head of opposite party, was hitting to a that headless body palm, after the headless body and Divine sea were separated, did not have the Divine sea strength support, became very weak, was frozen instantaneously by Long Huishan. After the headless body was frozen, a Long Huishan vigorously foot kicks, unexpectedly is very strong shake strength, shakes a piece of ice crystal that body. Shen Xiang separates to empty the head of that separation to grasp, is using Grasping Soul Devil Curse for the head, but he just used, on the complexion big change, hastily loosens the hand. Long Huishan sees that head to brave curiously below, she worried that Shen Xiang has the matter, startled shouted one, hastily flies, to a head blade detachment, cutting will be becoming two halves, then froze with the intense ice cold strength.