World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2073
„Are you all right? A moment ago what's the matter?” Long Huishan sees Shen Xiang not to have what to obstruct greatly, felt relieved, her also had had a moment ago a scare, first time saw Shen Xiang to meet this danger(ous), almost scared to death her, she suddenly discovered one lost Shen Xiang frightened. All right!” The Shen Xiang forehead seeps out the sweat: This fellow from Divine Country, I obtained a point a moment ago his memory.” Shen Xiang used Grasping Soul Devil Curse a moment ago, to have a look at this person is any background. A moment ago I, because wants to go to his Godhead, will make a false counter-accusation, this fellow protects very well to Godhead, if must take Godhead, then Godhead will become very unstable, then must explode, will have a spirit to attack, direct attack opposite party Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang has a lingering fear said that he was almost attacked a moment ago. It seems like behind Infernal Demon Emperor has the support of Divine Country, initially we also think that he was abandoned by Divine Country, has not thought that this is only makes us think Infernal Demon Emperor was weak.” Long Huishan said. Shen Xiang nodded, after he looks at the following insect, revolved Dao Heart Eye, discovered that the body after insect has one group of luminous, he uses to separate takes the thing spatially, took that group of things directly, this is together is similar to the crystal of watermelon size. This is...... Big Godhead!” Yue'er said: This thing refines with massive Godhead, moreover is very pure!” Godhead is similar to crystal is ordinary, glittering and translucent carving, understood at a glance that internal energy is very pure! „After this fellow the head from this insect drills.” Long Huishan said. That side Divine Country had found the means after control insect, directly allows a person to enter Divine sea after insect, becomes Divine Soul after insect, then through the evil insect that this control insect young man gets down! But in order to integrates Divine sea after insect, after that enters the Divine sea person must practice and insect , the close evil strength.” Shen Xiang is looking in the hand that very big Godhead , to continue saying: This Godhead is Divine Country they refines, for promotes the strength after insect rapidly, after letting the insect, has the strength of self-preservation in the initial stage stage.” This is Shen Xiang knows from the memory of that man.

Long Huishan puts out formation plate, transmits in Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Lu Qilian at this time also here, now is the night, but she is still waiting for in the hall, because after that insect, is very strong, this makes her extremely be worried about Shen Xiang and Long Huishan. How?” Before Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang and Long Huishan complexion does not have , when exits good: Has injured?” All right!” Long Huishan sat: I have big discovery!” Shen Xiang said: Matter we after insect have not imagined that simply, is complex, this thing is also that side Divine Country makes.” Shen Xiang tells Lu Qilian that he knows completely! „After at present besieges the three insects of Nine Heavens city, is the first batch breeds, inside has strength good Evil Devil.” Shen Xiang puts out him Godhead that within the body after the insect makes , to continue saying: Divine Country to train this type of thing, needs to consume very in a big way, therefore this type of thing definitely cannot the mass make.” This is makes Shen Xiang compare to feel relieved that if the quantity are many, moreover hides, then when the time comes unified attacks, they resist are strenuous. Now Divine Country causes several this type of things, is used to support Infernal Demon Emperor, how also for wants to have a look at the effect. That Fu Tiangao should momentarily maintain the relation with Infernal Demon Emperor, these hide after the insect Divine sea inside fellow can also momentarily receive the news that Infernal Demon Emperor spreads, therefore knows that I just came Nine Heavens Sect.” Long Huishan said: „Do you complete to cope with the plan of that brat? Do not let him run away!” Gu Dongchen told him, because now the situation is desperate, prepares to start the general attack to outside Evil Devil, needs the strength support, to manifest is very anxious, therefore is the midnight looks his, the Concealing Heaven Gate elite disciple can arrive probably tomorrow.” Lu Qilian said: I have given Gu Dongchen them formation plate, they in the arrangement receive place, when the time comes opened kill that's alright!”

„Can't you go?” Long Huishan asked Shen Xiang. Does not go, I quite practice.” Shen Xiang lifts big Godhead that raised hand just to obtain, he thought that this thing is appropriate he to practice, but needs to refine. Long Huishan said with a smile to Lu Qilian: Qilian, this brat said to me that he very long has not bumped the woman, he came back also some days, were you have reached an agreement, made this brat touch intentionally!” Snort, he very long has not bumped the woman, do you and I said do, did you make him not bump that's alright?” Lu Qilian said ill-humoredly that then stared Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is somewhat unexpected, Long Huishan unexpectedly will say this matter with Lu Qilian directly. Although on the Lu Qilian mouth said that but she has stood up, enters in a room, goes, but also ambiguous casting a sidelong glance Shen Xiang. Good younger brother, how you to thank me?” Long Huishan happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang gives Long Huishan Yue'er, smiles to her demon: Later you knew!” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to enter the Lu Qilian room anxiously, hearing inside to spread some sounds, she spits the tongue, said: In Highest God Realm, he all day and Feng Yujie smooth in room, is quite bored!” Long Huishan in great surprise: What? Feng Yujie? unexpectedly also with him on good, this young brat, I underestimated him actually.”

Yue'er said with a smile: He is a wolf, but actually installs the lamb before you, you may be the small white rabbits in his eyes.” In the room, Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian meet again after a long separation, at this time absorbed is feeling each other love, joy when feels the body and mind is blending brings, is practicing also Life Slaughtering Technique, is concise crystallization that they like...... Big Sister Long, you also practice the ice cold strength, moreover your utilization to the ice cold strength results in Perfection, if you grasp the ice cold principle again, that will be definitely formidable.” Yue'er said: After all on you were keeping the bloodlines of antiquity Dragon God Clan!” Long Huishan nodded: Grasps Xueyi of ice cold principle to be fiercer! Was only a pity, to grasp principle not to be easy!” Is uncertain, after you return to Hundred Flowers Village, found Bingyan, making her give you grain of Dao Heart Stone, when the time comes you could not grasp the ice cold principle, but can also obtain profound strength of ice cold [say / way] through this.” Yue'er said: You must repay Bingyan, teaches her to use the ice cold strength the skill!” Long Huishan did not suspect that Yue'er words, she listened to Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang has said that Shui Bingyan had a very fierce stone, after the Highest God use, can obtain to approach in controlling strength of principle strength. This is the affirmation, I also frequently and [say / way] of Xueyi share ice cold strength utilization, I will go to Hundred Flowers Village definitely also carefully to teach Bingyan, I will certainly treat as the sisters to regard her, although I have not seen her, but I have known from Youlan and Qianxiang mouth.” Long Huishan strokes gently is lying Yue'er on her thigh, she also gradually liked this mysterious small white cat.