World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2074
After striking successfully kills an insect, making Shen Xiang they obtain the useful thing, makes Shen Xiang realize, his present strength very weak. Obtains that big Godhead, he enters in Hundred Flowers Village, arrives in that Dragon Vein, he must refine pill this big Godhead! „The Heaven Refining Technique method are many, can definitely have this big Godhead refined into can with Godhead that I fuse.” Shen Xiang urgently concentrates now Godhead, so long as Godhead more than one, the strength of his Divine sea will be more formidable. Shen Xiang Divine Halo dodges suddenly: I had refined skeleton Divine Pill in Divine sea, if can refine in my Divine sea Godhead like alchemy, can fuse with my Divine sea, then I cultivated Godhead not to need to be so difficult!” Concentrates Godhead to make Shen Xiang have a headache, especially his practice way with other person of differences, he concentrates Godhead to be more difficult. Before first congealed Divine Soul to practice Godhead, perhaps but if according to my alchemy way, cultivates Godhead concise Divine Soul also to be again good.” Shen Xiang had three types now quite usefully the assigns Divine Ability, has sufficed him to use, he temporarily does not need to practice now other assigns Divine Ability, therefore concentrates directly Godhead then. He sits in Dragon Vein inside secret room, is looking in the hand that pure incomparable big Godhead, then seeps the creation firepower, meanwhile uses the Heaven Refining Technique technique, lets big Godhead pure strength and creation firepower has the fusion, such one, this big Godhead can be created the firepower assimilation, from now on will be one can produce Creation Fire Godhead! Accepted!” Shen Xiang has attempted, very joyful, he decides to use this way the first Godhead refined into end product, is then connected with his Divine sea. Shen Xiang also sprouted up the fantasy at this time: Godhead through various energy fusions, in other words, I can refine Godhead in pill furnace! Godhead is the life in pill who Divine sea concentrates, if I can complete in pill furnace, the speed will be definitely faster.”

If this method is feasible, then greatly will promote him to congeal the Godhead speed, even can also complete various types of Godhead in pill furnace directly. But the premise is, he needs to refine the Godhead home remedy, this definitely needs various implication energies precious pills to compose, moreover can have herbs of unceasing evolution ability. Concentrates fourth Godhead to start!” Shen Xiang comes back after Highest God Realm, thought that is disappointed, although others will not say that his strength is weak, but in his heart is very clear, now everybody thinks that he is a alchemy master, does not need the strong strength, does not need to kill everywhere, so long as peaceful alchemy that's alright. Shen Xiang also thinks, but this situation is beyond control now he, every so often he must lu have sleeve to do, therefore he must become a formidable alchemy master, needs very strong strength to make itself safe! In, Shen Xiang has said with Yue'er, when the time comes after will let Yue'er leads them to seek for the insect the lair, if possible, makes their as far as possible takes that big Godhead! Concentrates Godhead is more and more difficult, because of Godhead in unceasing promotion!” Shen Xiang cannot help but sighed, his first Godhead just congealed was very weak, but now already adolescence very strong, fourth Godhead that in other words, congealed, needs the same level level with other three Godhead, or compared with other three great strength. He had estimated putting out pill furnace that within the body three Godhead intensities, then very feel relieved, puts in big Godhead pill furnace, because after this big Godhead was refined, enough became his fourth Godhead. First built up with pill furnace slightly, then put in Divine sea to build up.” Operates with pill furnace outside first, will be handier, present big Godhead is big, needs to compress, compression time will make the Godhead internal god profound strength explodes, then extrudes the together words, will be very unstable, is easy to blast.

When is unstable puts in Divine sea is very danger(ous). He used Heaven Refining Technique to refine Godhead perhaps multiple, but before this time and different, before he ate Godhead refined into pill pellet, moreover these Godhead that obtained had massively nonabsorbable, after removing, on only the remaining very few energies. Present big Godhead will not be removed the god profound strength, instead after refinement compression, the quality will have the promotion of leap, therefore he thought that his fourth Godhead will be very strong. Refines this big Godhead not to be relaxed, must carry on the compression promotion quality, must first like alchemy, melt the gaseous state to be good herbs first, now he needs to melt the refined into gaseous state this big Godhead, then the recompression gets up, after will change small, the quality will have very big promotion. But the process is difficult, this is Shen Xiang first time refines this big Godhead, he does not have to experience . Moreover the god profound strength that he needs to get together is vast. „After exiting, must make Meng'er they refine pill furnace to be good.” If normal alchemy, he uses any pill furnace, but now he is not good is carrying on normal alchemy, but is refining this formidable big Godhead. Although difficult, but Shen Xiang for many years had faced many difficult problems, can 11 overcome by him, vibration pill furnace, under passing through his effort, was steady, pill furnace also started to get together. alchemy in Dragon Vein has an advantage, can absorb the air/Qi of boundless Spiritual God in Dragon Vein floods when alchemy, supplemented one consume fast, such comes not to need to eat pills to supplement.

Shen Xiang has refined continuously for three days three nights, has not rested, moreover consumes every time huge, does not have this supplement words, he is hard to insist! Really is awfully!” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, takes out fist size Godhead, before was glittering and translucent carving big Godhead, now had been refined the silver-white color by him, because he in the refinement, has assimilated with massive Creation Fire. Has rested the half of the day, after letting he restores to the best condition, he starts to carry on the refinement of second stage, is makes this Godhead accept the refinement in his Divine sea. This big Godhead was very big, now was reduced by him to the fist same size, not only has not weakened slightly, instead thinks that the polymerization compresses together, the quality has very huge promotion! But the refinement of 2nd Stage, must let this Godhead further reduction. He puts in this Godhead Divine sea, then releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in Divine sea, starts to carry on the refinement of second stage. Others' Godhead through diligently cultivates, but Shen Xiang he through the refinement, he thought that he is the alchemy master, own Godhead should build up like alchemy.