World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2075
Shen Xiang starts the refinement of second stage, this second stage the first stage say the time of requiring is longer, although the difficulty is also very big! He refines in alchemy, to reduce certain risk, must shrink slightly that big Godhead one step in Divine sea is very danger(ous), moreover does not favor him fusing. Must build up this Godhead, making this Godhead produce the familiarity with, such when one, the energy of melting gets together again, is my fourth Godhead.” Shen Xiang such considered that the second stage loses into Divine sea to melt Godhead of fist size, then gets together smaller Godhead, when melted in Divine sea, gets together again time, quite therefore his own fourth Godhead. This can reach one's goal instantly, because is the first attempt, to completely, him be divided into two steps, once after he is familiar, his solution, after all this will have the safety about his Divine sea, he needs be more discrete. After Godhead melts, Shen Xiang will use the formidable god profound strength to wrap, will then soak in tranquil Divine sea, moreover was released a soul strength by own other three Godhead internal Divine Soul, establishes the relation with Godhead that group will melt. Does not know that can become!” Shen Xiang is waiting for patiently, once makes this group turn into the gaseous state Godhead to establish successfully to relate with other three Godhead, then can get together, so long as succeeds, his success is concise fourth Godhead, will be formidable. The process of this waiting is very long, Shen Xiang only needs to control the god profound strength to wrap that luckily to roll Godhead that's alright, does not need to handle the too tired matter, his also ability heart waits. Seven days, Shen Xiang induced to other three rolls Godhead to establish the relation with that in other words he has now been able to start to get together. This speed makes him unexpected, he also thinks takes 1-2 months, that three Godhead will approve this group of external Godhead, the present is only short seven days succeeded. Last.” Shen Xiang makes that roll Godhead from Divine sea float, then releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in Divine sea, starts to get together this group of Godhead.

After this Godhead concentrates, has the Creation Fire characteristics, in other words he has two Creation Fire Godhead, later when he releases Creation Fire, Six Paths Power after these two Godhead, the quantity and intensity of releasing will have very big promotion. Originally when wants Six Paths Power to transform Creation Fire, only then passage can walk, but now is two passage same places, after gets together again, can quickly be stronger. He needs Creation Fire to come alchemy, therefore he must concentrate to be many some can promote his flame Godhead. Because that group turns into the gaseous state Godhead already by his Divine sea assimilation, establishes the relation with other three Godhead, now is not hot tempered, carries on the polymerization the time will be also more relaxed, so long as the riveting lived in the vigor to compress that's alright, in using the Heaven Refining Technique situation, did not need to be worried to explode. „Becoming!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouted excitedly, fourth Godhead has congealed, this is Creation Fire Godhead, moreover is formidable, must do is concentrates together Divine Soul in inside, had Divine Soul, he controls to be handy. 11 days, concentrate successfully fourth Godhead!” Shen Xiang opens the eye, Yang Tang in the ground, must know before him, just took to congeal third Godhead, this also shortly, fourth Godhead 90%! This speed was much faster, who lets him is the alchemy master? Regards alchemy to be the same own Godhead! Also missed Divine Soul!” Before he cultivated the Divine Soul regelation to leave Godhead first, but now already in turn. Divine Soul also wants earnest point to practice, this Godhead has very big significance for me.” Shen Xiang has put out Qilin Fire Chain, he has felt, the interior is contains Godhead and Divine Soul, but Divine Soul is very fearful fire attribute Divine Soul, he has not known temporarily that is any Divine Soul, but he thought that this helps him helping fourth Godhead concentrate Divine Soul.

Good, has a look at this Qilin Fire Chain Divine Soul first earnestly is any thing!” Shen Xiang is inducing attentively, is only shortly, sees Fire Qilin suddenly roaring hiss to get up, moreover purple Qilin, the whole body braves the purple flame. This......” Shen Xiang had a scare, opens the eye to look in the hand suddenly to turn into purple Qilin Fire Chain. He may not only from inside discover that a moment ago purple Qilin Divine Soul, let he more surprised matter, because inside unexpectedly had nine Godhead, but Godhead lacked Divine Soul, only then together Divine Soul. He carefully looked at other Divine Weapon, discovers besides Black Tortoise Cloth, other have nine Godhead, initially Black Tortoise Cloth had been damaged, but afterward had Godhead and Divine Soul, becomes very powerful. Worthily is the thing that Nine Firmaments God Emperor refines, internal unexpectedly has nine strange Godhead!” Shen Xiang thought what is a pity is Black Tortoise Cloth, the unexpectedly damage was so serious, has been short of that many Godhead. He puts in Qilin Fire Chain Divine sea, making Qilin Fire Chain change small, twines that fourth Godhead, he hopes that fourth Godhead comes under the influence of purple Qilin Divine Soul, concentrates similar Divine Soul. Concentrates the Divine Soul process to be somewhat long, Shen Xiang thought, necessary refines to come with big Godhead same Divine Soul, only needs to assimilate to use slightly. Creation Fire has strong restoration ability, at this time absorbs the strength of this Dragon Vein massive Spiritual God, in addition the influence of Qilin Fire Chain, should be able to congeal Divine Soul to come very much with ease.” Shen Xiang uses Heaven Refining Technique, absorbs the energy in Dragon Vein fast, for condense Divine Soul. Two days, his suddenly discovered that fourth Godhead presented a dot, he uses Dao Heart Eye to look, discovered that this dot is the purple energy, and will move!

What's the matter? It looks like probably is a young embryo.” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, if that was true, then his Divine Soul embryo appeared, moreover purple. The Divine Soul final shape is the same with the human form, moreover is vivid, Shen Xiang initially cultivated first Divine Soul time, has undergone this long process, Divine Soul that then cultivates is easier, is rapid adolescence to the maturity perfect condition. Also in one day, fourth Godhead internal Divine Soul will be very obvious, can see that is very small baby, but outside has light purple silk fog to wrap. Shen Xiang continues to practice, after several days, he examines once more, what makes his surprised is, his Divine Soul already adolescence to the turn into a human condition, moreover body unexpectedly also puts on one set of purple armor, on this armor also some designs, unexpectedly is the Fire Qilin calibration line, looks like very attractive. Divine Soul unexpectedly can grow into this!” Shen Xiang suddenly had other ideas, he wants mainly to practice five types of Divine Ability books to assign Divine Ability, is five Lord Divine Soul, because he has five formidable Divine Weapon.