World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2076
Shen Xiang had decided that must such do, three Divine Soul that this in other words, his front cultivates need to carry from the new practice! Naturally, he did not plan that cancels from the beginning has come, this required the time, will let his strength sharp drop. His procedure is to let that three Divine Soul carries on a promotion! Five Lord Godhead, moreover these five Godhead and five Divine Weapon are connected, later Divine Weapon internal Godhead adds on my Divine sea inside Godhead again, will be definitely more fearful.” Shen Xiang thinks that somewhat is excited, because this can make him very formidable, but the premise is he needs to carry on the long-term preparation. Naturally, he is a alchemy master, he planned that carries on through the alchemy way, Heaven Refining Technique can build up in various instances, can build up many things, but he most familiar is alchemy, to conceive with him is the same, he must pass omnipotent Heaven Refining Technique to go to alchemy! Four Godhead!” Shen Xiang has transmitted from Dragon Vein. Leng Youlan sees the Shen Xiang facial expression to be very good, on the face also full is the joyful smiling face, then asked: Brother, you closed up for more than ten days to come out, couldn't sit still?” A appearance of Leng Youlan fight, the white armor, in the hand two big swords, she also is very probably excited at this time, Shen Xiang knows that she definitely be excited because of can great war one. What did outside have?” Shen Xiang has knocked on her shoulder that hard white armor, that seems like the scale of White Dragon. „After the insect, was killed completely, but Infernal Demon Emperor and we sign the contract.” Leng Youlan said with a smile: These fellow unexpectedly must send out " The Three Represents " to challenge us, said us, so long as wins them, they immediately retreat, moreover in ten years do not come out to do evil.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: If we did lose?”

If we lost, must give them 100 hundred million divine yuan stone.” Leng Youlan lightly snorted and said: These fellows definitely went mad because of poverty.” „It is not good, like this we owed! We lost, they obtain hundred hundred million divine yuan stone, but they lost left here! They do not have what risk!” Shen Xiang is the alchemy master, buys and sells pills frequently, was a businessman, if were he, will not comply with this matter. Leng Youlan said: Does not have the means that this is Gu Dongchen they decides! If you want to know concretely, can ask them, I also know that this matter is not simple, they are not the idiots, definitely has other ideas.” „Were you arranged to go to battle?” Shen Xiang sees Leng Youlan to be so excited, then asked. Yes, they request are the fights of six Godhead, most cannot over six Godhead.” Leng Youlan said that concentrates sixth Godhead is very difficult, that is a minute of scenery lead(er) of stage. In Heavenly God, nine Godhead slightly few, to attack ten Godhead, majority close up many years, closes up ignorant, is not suitable to draw to carry on the limit fight. But just congealed six Godhead, is the most active time, most suits this limit the ratio to fight. I look for Gu Dongchen to ask!” In the Shen Xiang heart had too doubts. Lu Qilian and Long Huishan these know truth here, he only cannot transmit to Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Hundred Flowers Pavilion only then a Yan Zilan person here, she does not understand many, Shen Xiang and has flirted with one another a while, goes to City Lord's Mansion.

Person?” Shen Xiang only sees Wu Kaiming here. Trained little rascal, you should not know.” Wu Kaiming also knows that Shen Xiang went to close up: Such quickly came out? You close up alchemy?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: „It is not, I know that you accepted the Infernal Demon Emperor condition, us will send out three people to represent to go to battle, right!” Wu Kaiming nodded, says with a smile: Now we worry for this matter, we have made six Godhead about enter, is going to determine the final outcome three, your does if wanted try?” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat funnily, because before him, sees Leng Youlan that excited appearance, but also thinks that Leng Youlan was elected, the actually selection compared with fighting has not started, but she actually thinks one have won, she is as before self-confident. I also go, Infernal Demon Emperor definitely is glad I to go.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Is agreement that you and he set reasonable?” Does not need to be worried that we are not the fools!” Wu Kaiming said: Although looks like this resolution format somewhat owes regarding us, but currently speaking, can receive in exchange for their ten years not being noisy like this, then regarding us is very good development, you are clear, strength that the Hell Gate back lets is formidable, is not we hardly touches now.” After these insects, is Divine Country supports in behind! world of Nine Heaven must fuse Highest God Realm, therefore this stage is best to strive for the time evolution as far as possible, if meets the tough head-on with toughness with Infernal Demon Emperor, then the dozen is many years, will let world of Nine Heaven life uttery misery, when the time comes fuses Highest God Realm, nine Divine Country start to be easier, controls world of Nine Heaven. „Do you have to send for contacting with Nine Firmaments Temple?” Shen Xiang also understands why at this time Gu Dongchen they will accept this condition, no matter the victory and loss, can make Infernal Demon Emperor no longer continue with them to get down noisily, from comes long-term, has very big advantage to the entire world of Nine Heaven people.

Has, that Deity King told us, he temporarily will not meddle these matters now, once because he meddled, hideaway Divine Country expert here also met fight, world of Nine Heaven immediately became their battlefields.” Wu Kaiming said: Nine Divine Country currently have many matters, can therefore disagreement Deity King make war, they will avoid as far as possible.” The interior of nine Divine Country various countries have very big confusion, strength dispersed completely, has no time to have scruples this world of Nine Heaven, but arrangement extremely few manpower are responsible. Was right, you determined really can participate? You are not joke! Has saying that but now many outstanding seedlings, when the time comes do not lose too miserably.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile: Said Hundred Flowers Village, these girls are are not a vegetarian.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth curl upwards, said with a smile: Little Bald, you underestimated me! Do not think that my Godhead is little good to bully, do not think that I am only all day the dwelling alchemy.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile: I have not despised you, if with not the conventional method, I thought that I could be tossed about by you do not remain the dregs! But ratio under rule restrict fights, your tricks cannot use, is very big to your limit.” Before, many expert died does not know how dead on Shen Xiang, therefore Wu Kaiming did not suspect to the Shen Xiang's strength, but he found that was Shen Xiang has used not too bright method, if the open and aboveboard ratio fought, he thought the Shen Xiang not anything stratagem which ensures success. Naturally, Young Martial Uncle you, if carries on the alchemy competition, we give you directly a quota, matter that but this fights, gives little rascal that crowd year to year passes through teaches especially, they compare to be an expert.” Wu Kaiming also said that he planned and Shen Xiang says casually, but has not thought that Shen Xiang must go. No, helping me report a name, I must go!” Shen Xiang said firmly that Wu Kaiming also knows one have made mistakes, because Shen Xiang is the person who does not concede, his words stimulated Shen Xiang a moment ago.