World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2077

Wu Kaiming sees such firmly, in the heart regretted secretly, he should not such exciting Shen Xiang's, but he was also worried when that limit compared with fighting loses. Remembers that helps me register, if you have not gone, Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiles dark, then leaves City Lord's Mansion, alone is taking a walk in Nine Heavens city inside. The evil Devil Qi potential beyond city was not strong, since Infernal Demon Emperor they had the agreement with Gu Dongchen, now then they must do is ready that the ratio fights. For here to select a more outstanding candidate, will therefore carry on a competition, when the time comes Gu Dongchen they as referee, will seek for the outstanding seedling to train through the fight. The Shen Xiang item walks without the destination on the lively street, this time thoughts have not placed compared with fighting above, but how through the alchemy way, to refine Godhead to come, he needs to found a concise Godhead home remedy! Before he big Godhead through the alchemy way, was practiced fourth Godhead to come by himself fast fast, after getting to know the benefits, he wants to continue, this can make him promote, to obtain formidable strength rapidly. Can through eating various Divine Pill cultivates Godhead to come, but the process built up again polymerization that's alright the Divine Pill efficacy! But the process is slow, efficiency is also very low.” Shen Xiang thought that can directly promoting strength various Divine Pill builds up, then refines the become god standard. This will do, the time of but requiring is very long! After he cuts the insect disinfestation, big Godhead that obtains, is these Divine Country consumes many time and resources is concise, unusual is not easy. Shen Xiang strolls in the city night, returned to Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Long Huishan also Yan Zilan here. Sister Qilian?” Shen Xiang asked that he wants to look for Lu Qilian to ask a matter.

She can Hundred Flowers Village instruct Youlan and Qianxiang they.” Long Huishan said: In ten days, must compete with his little rascal, strives for that three quotas, this matter you should hear.” Shen Xiang nodded, moreover he also participated, Long Huishan they have not known matter that obviously he enters. That Concealing Heaven Gate Fu Tiangao? Has massacres him successfully?” Shen Xiang asked that plays a trick the matter that extinguished kills the Concealing Heaven Gate elite to be very secret matter, Yan Zilan not necessarily knows. No, Fu Tiangao and his father ran away, more than 4000 disciples but who they transmit die in killing formation completely.” Long Huishan shook the head: That Concealing Heaven Gate Dean is very strong, the anticipation of strength far superegos, unexpectedly can also lead his son to run away for instance.” Then after cutting the insect disinfestation, there are to obtain big Godhead?” Shen Xiang also asked that he may like this type of thing now. Has not obtained, does not know why we haven't discovered that big Godhead? After only then the first insect, has?” Behind Long Huishan also participates extinguishes the fight after insect disinfestation, she knows Shen Xiang urgently needed big Godhead this type of thing, therefore she also paid attention at that time. This made the Shen Xiang brow wrinkle wrinkle, if, only then that insect has, explained that this big Godhead imagined him must be hard more concise, even if were the resources and strength that Divine Country had is difficult to achieve. He also planned how carefully studies that big Godhead to refine. „When Infernal Demon Emperor do they compete with?” Shen Xiang sees everybody is not that anxious, that many time carry on the ratio to fight the selection. One month later! Now we are worried will have the person from Divine Country to help Infernal Demon Emperor they carry on the competition.” Long Huishan said: Therefore me sends is the outstanding disciples!”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Big Sister Long, you thought that if I also participate in the selection, can struggle that three quotas?” Yan Zilan that has not spoken in side has said with a smile: This also with saying? You can definitely compete!” Long Huishan also said with a smile: That is, but this little rascal deep conceal does not reveal, even if hides to us very much deeply!” You are really confident to me, Wu Kaiming this Little Bald was worried unexpectedly I participate in the selection time loses, added I when the time comes lost the words, definitely will lose face.” Shen Xiang happily said. Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly: His worry not Tyrannical principle, because when the time comes participating fully displays, moreover can not use other methods, needs open and aboveboard! Since you, to the impression of person have been the method in many ways! Is because Highest God Realm and here time are different, therefore cause you to come back, lost many time, cultivation base have not achieved six Godhead this demarcation lines, he did not favor you is very normal!” Shen Xiang touches the jade face of Yan Zilan: Analyzes well, why you favors me?” Long Huishan sees Shen Xiang to move the foot to Yan Zilan fight, knows that Yan Zilan was also his person. Because you practice to have taboo divine art, competition time had not defined that you cannot use these taboo divine art, but many people did not know about these taboo divine art, even if we, has the big might to taboo divine art that you practice, knows nothing.” Yan Zilan said: Although sees you to use, but always one pattern after another.” The Long Huishan nod said: „The taboo divine art formidable place lies in expedient is very big, Deicide Sword Art that for example you practice with differing from Wang Jinshi, but Heaven Refining Technique was more difficult saying that Yujie has said that only then you sensed deeply, moreover they sensed was very shallow.”

Yan Zilan said with a smile: Wu Kaiming he is worried that your Shen Xiang's first illustrious name ruins in this trials, will therefore say your, however, do you plan to participate really?” Shen Xiang is curling upwards the leg, said with a smile: „Should you not have this worry?” Long Huishan and Yan Zilan silent, they knew about Shen Xiang that method, if Shen Xiang exhausts the skills, perhaps even if Highest God can be done by him! But if the competition of open and aboveboard, were very difficult to say. Shen Xiang in their eyes is also only three Godhead, in addition the skeleton perhaps reluctantly can with six Godhead competions of limit display. This actually, I heard you cultivated the skeleton, in addition when the skeleton and you fought used taboo divine art, must win six Godhead is not the issue.” Long Huishan said that Shen Xiang has experienced that many fights, is only going on an expedition Slaughter Qi that type accumulates, as well as various rich experiences, are not the young people can compare. Shen Xiang smiled: I participated, but I only told you! With some Youlan Qianxiang do not say that this matter, they have wanted to compare with me, I when the time comes give them a pleasant surprise, teaches them while convenient, these two girls proud were probably excessive.” Yan Zilan is somewhat surprised: Ah? you participated, if Infernal Demon Emperor knows that definitely happily will die, he could not be hateful to kill you, by any means possible will look when the time comes definitely for strongest six Godhead Heavenly God and you hits.”