World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2078

Shen Xiang was not worried very much that many people also know he grasped Deicide Sword Art and Heaven Refining Technique these two taboo divine art, after all time very easy exposed of use, to be hard to cover up.

divine art that however Heaven Body divine art and in Six Paths divine art these two practices was actually hidden by him very well, Six Paths divine art helps him practice formidable Six Paths Power, but Heaven Body divine art is makes him evolve Heaven Imitation Divine Ability! Big Sister Long, Bingyan went out, you can ask her to discuss now well.” Yue'er flies suddenly, said with a smile: How Bingyan will teach you to grasp to approach in strength of ice cold principle.” Shui Bingyan has Dao Heart Stone, so long as granulose, can bring very big advantage to the person, initially Shen Xiang also had given Feng Yujie some, Feng Yujie returns to Hundred Flowers Village, has distributed much, now was one's turn Long Huishan. Long Huishan nodded, said to Shen Xiang: I when the time comes as far as possible go out a bit faster support you!” Yue'er heard Long Huishan saying that immediately understands, Shen Xiang must participate in that selection ratio to fight. After Long Huishan walks, Shen Xiang asked: Sister Zilan, does here have martial arts room? Quite firm that!” Has, deeply, I am leading you to go!” Yan Zilan naturally hopes that the beloved man becomes stronger. Yue'er, I when the time comes must make you direct.” Shen Xiang holds Yue'er, with Yan Zilan behind. Quick arrived at underground exercising martial arts room, Yan Zilan urged the Shen Xiang attention time, then walked, closed. Yue'er flew around Shen Xiang, said with amazement: „Do you cause fourth Godhead? You just cultivated third Godhead shortly after!”

When previous Shen Xiang cultivates third Godhead, is Yue'er directs in the side, Yue'er remembers very clearly, but how long now not to have passed, Shen Xiang caused Godhead. I fused that big Godhead, then cultivates Divine Soul through Qilin Fire Chain.” Shen Xiang said: Fuses big Godhead time I have utilized my alchemy way...... Concrete somewhat complex, in brief this is my new means that but has not thought after afterward insect, did not have big Godhead, was really a pity.” Fusion that big Godhead, but this was also too quick......”, even if Yue'er from Star Law God Territory, thought that this was inconceivable, great distance more than ten days: Good, this is the method that you just fiddled with, should be related with Heaven Refining Technique.” Shen Xiang nodded: I planned to participate in that to select, I need the know-how of some utilization skeletons or am cultivation technique, I did not know about the skeleton! Naturally, I mainly am used to cope with Infernal Demon Emperor.” Yue'er knows certainly the selection the matter, because in Hundred Flowers Village was selecting the person to participate for serveral days, the way of also through the ratio fighting. When the time comes your two younger sisters will participate, don't you fear the wound to their hearts?” Yue'er happily said with a smile: When the time comes you perhaps lenient.” I have to punch them!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This you could rest assured that if with me to, I must defeat them, so as to avoid they always think that my this elder brother needs them to protect.” Was right, does Xianxian participate?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not participate, refiner and alchemy beautiful women do not like fighting, but they look like are not weak.” Yue'er said that for serveral days she was Hundred Flowers Village inside pet, mixed very ripe in inside. Now says the proper business! Divine Soul that your skeleton integrates is that Star Devouring Sacred Cow, this fellow is also Stars and Moon God Clan, in his Divine Soul definitely has formidable star moon power, skeleton cultivation technique that therefore I use is appropriate.” Yue'er said: I suggested that Divine Soul of your later all skeletons integrate star moon/month Divine Soul, like this you can use my cultivation technique, later I teach your star moon/month divine art again, making you absorb star moon power.”

Yue'er you are really good, too thanked you!” Shen Xiang is rubbing gently her face. I also very much thanked you, if not for you saved me, I perhaps still am working as the sacrificial offering now!” Yue'er happily said with a smile. Yue'er entered Shen Xiang's Divine sea, teaches skeleton cultivation technique to him, making him be familiar first. Skeleton cultivation technique that I use is belongs reserved cloudy.” Yue'er said: in other words, leaves a move of time, will not have any aura, only then hits when the body of enemy will have the effect, strength is also negative that type.” „If there is not hit, will then not consume strength! What you practice is Six Paths Power, through the transformation of Six Paths Power, strength that you will hit will be more fearful.” Yue'er said. Cold Moon Divine Power?” Shen Xiang murmured, then revolves this cultivation technique, making Six Paths Power of oneself within the body revolve, emerges the fist time, emits light brilliance, just likes the moonlight is ordinary. Um, this is belt ice cold strength, but not the surface of direct ice cold enemy! For example you hit the body of opposite party, the cold strength can penetrate to the air/Qi of opposite party instantaneously is dirty, even freezes the skeleton blood.” Yue'er said: This naturally is not only then ice cold effect, because you utilize strength of skeleton, was very fearful, this ice attaches coldly.” Shen Xiang nodded, even if not coordinate Six Paths Power, the direct meat fights with the fists, can erupt very fearful strength, if the skeleton and Six Paths Power coordination, that strength will be more terrorist. If wants a violence point, that use Meteor God Energy.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang is attempting according to cultivation technique that Yue'er taught a moment ago, he pulls the sleeve of left arm, only sees strength to cause his skin bulge, is similar to the wave fires into the fist generally, but also is bringing scalding hot strength.

Receives!” Shen Xiang saw that this strength must gush out the fist, hastily controls, otherwise hits to make not the small move. Really has not thought that after the use, the skeleton and skeleton Divine Soul unexpectedly so will be crazy fierce absorption huge portion Six Paths Power! That Six Paths Power after the skeleton, turns into the meteor to run out of the fist generally, strength definitely very Liikka who hits.” Shen Xiang exclaims, is secretly wild with joy. Shen Xiang grasped quickly, especially Meteor God Energy, he has used one after several other times, each time strength was getting bigger and bigger. What's the matter? unexpectedly was hotter than before!” Yue'er surprisedly said: You directly do not use Six Paths Power probably!” The Shen Xiang nod said: „It is not, Godhead that I just congealed is flame Godhead, I two flame Godhead, I first am make Six Paths Power transform through two flame Godhead as the firepower now, then makes the skeleton absorb, turns into Meteor God Energy.” so that's how it is, uses like this very well!” Yue'er said: These two moves of enough you used.” Shen Xiang looked at the left hand, sighed: Was a pity, only then this spot has the skeleton, if other spots also had are good.”