World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2080
Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian their not too clear this matter, but Leng Youlan not in detail said with them that was worried they will stop to be the same. Shen Xiang told them this matter. No wonder in the past few days Qilian looked for me, asked that I do want to participate in the ratio to fight anything, we are not interested in this.” Liu Meng'er said: Youlan and Qianxiang these two girls definitely will when the time comes go all out, they most liked fighting with all kinds of matches.” Sees the Shen Xiang's smiling face, Xue Xianxian to ask: husband, you should not participate!” I must certainly participate, you do not know that Little Bald this fellow has underestimates me, thinks that I participate oppressively certainly.” A Shen Xiang face refuses to accept saying: Added that I do not use the right method, does not have any strength.” Liu Meng'er they after all are the Shen Xiang's women, regarding this knows the whole story, although they now not clear Shen Xiang's strength, but knew about Shen Xiang's according to them that Shen Xiang does not do not to have the matter of stratagem which ensures success, now he participates, definitely has very big self-confidence. When the time comes we do not go, you can definitely win, this does not have the matter of suspense, since knows that you can win, we look do not have any meaning.” The Dongfang Xinyue coquettish look like the silk, the chuckle is touching the Shen Xiang's handsome face. Xue Xianxian said: „The Hanrou elder sister came to say with us, you collected uneven all ancient Divine Weapon, can show us!” Liu Meng'er their several females have most been interested in these, is similar to Leng Youlan is the same to fight very captivated with Mu Qianxiang. Shen Xiang also has the White Tiger glove to be placed Azure Dragon Divine Blade and Vermilion Bird Soul Bow and Qilin Fire Chain in the tabletop completely, these things look like are extremely ordinary, but is actually Nine Firmaments God Emperor refines, the Nine Firmaments God Emperor refiner set up formation prestige knows including Star Law God Territory, was top rank Refining Master. Nine Firmaments God Emperor studied to refiner set up formation oneself records on divine book! These also in that book, now see the material object, but also is really fierce.” Liu Meng'er is grasping Azure Dragon Divine Blade, has brandished several, this blade, although looks like very ordinary, the material and interior that but uses carve a numerous and diverse spirit pattern mark that draws not to be ordinary.

Several females have held appreciatively the period of time, makes Shen Xiang receive, now only insufficient is these Divine Weapon divine tool not enough Godhead. This Black Tortoise Cloth temporarily keeps here, we will help you repair as soon as possible.” Liu Meng'er puts in a wooden chest to receive Black Tortoise Cloth: Now you most need should be good pill furnace!” Shen Xiang nodded: You did not say that lacks material? Refines that divine furnace material definitely from Divine Country, I could go to Divine Country to find.” Xue Xianxian receives various blueprint reorganizations on tabletop, has put out several cups, 11 fills to the brim the delicate fragrance to here person the fruit juice. This does not need to go to Divine Country to look but actually.” Xue Xianxian puts out a tray, toward inside the fruit juice, is handing by Yue'er but actually. Thanks Sister Xianxian!” Yue'er said tenderly sweetly. Xue Xianxian lightly smiled, touches the small head of Yue'er gently , to continue saying: You can look for Deity King to want, in our hands this divine book initially was Nine Spirit Kings there class, in their hands definitely had many materials.” Dongfang Xinyue also nodded: They, since has the heart of duplicate country's, that definitely stores up the resources in many this aspect.” Shen Xiang does not want to pass to look for Deity King actually, he now is truly urgently needed good pill furnace, Divine Pill that he then must refine needs to make the attempts of various danger(ous), ordinary pill furnace cannot withstand. Good, I go now!” Shen Xiang nodded.

Initially after Deity King and the others was rescued, constructed Nine Firmaments Temple on that desert, Deity King added that must found Dragon Vein! Where Shen Xiang still remembers, he leaves Hundred Flowers Village, transmits through the Nine Heavens city to that desert recent city, after arriving at this city, he knows Nine Firmaments Temple unexpectedly immediately in the public move of disciple. Deity King was unable directly to participate in the world of Nine Heaven matter now, otherwise Divine Country will also get rid, here erupts great war is not Deity King desired, but he can choose the outstanding seedling to start to train while the present, the present resources are so rich, moreover Deity King they have deep foundation, can train a group of outstanding disciples fast. This city is away from Nine Firmaments God Emperor quite to be far, but Shen Xiang knows that in any direction, he directly uses space wind, after having passed through mountain scene [lineage/vein], suddenly discovered own probably going astray road. Front should be a desert!” Shen Xiang looks at the front beautiful prairie, starts to suspect were one admitting mistakes direction? When he is indefinite, sees front to have one group of people to ride magic treasure to fly, but some rear also unceasingly people ride magic treasure to go to the front, the intercourse person are many. Should right, this place definitely be transformed by Nine Firmaments Temple, depending on their strength, this was too easy.” After Shen Xiang wants to understand , to continue to use space wind to proceed. Soon after he stopped, because he induces to front has weak spaces to fluctuate, this is because formidable formation initiates. Front is that grand Nine Firmaments Temple, is only that leaf of golden front door, makes people think that very has shocked, building that let alone inside stand upright big. Can see the innumerable grand buildings to have mountains among the front door that opens, inside is not construction constantly , many sceneries, making inside scenery exquisite, lives is very comfortable.

Although the front door opens wide, but is no one can go, that leaf can pass front door one of the big dragon to see translucent barrier, who will go is stopped by this barrier. Those who make Shen Xiang puzzled is, outside front door has not guarded, does not have other door, does not know how must go , the person who at this time comes, under that leaf of front door waited for that was chatting. old man very talkative old man sees Shen Xiang to be bewildered, walks, said with a smile:: This little brother, you are the first time! Does not know how to go in?” Shen Xiang has not related the Deity King means now, he nodded, he wants a bit faster to see Deity King. Does not need to worry, waits to arrive at noon, barrier will weaken, so long as can enter this sliding door, even if through the first pass/test inspection, enters the next pass/test, heard that altogether three close the inspection, through can become Nine Firmaments Temple.” old man said: I can through the first pass/test, but the second pass/test always cannot pass.” Shen Xiang understood now, actually will have many people to come to here to attempt every day, wants to close the inspection through ten that Nine Firmaments Temple sets up! Is very interesting!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he also wants to have a look at the inspection of Nine Firmaments Temple is any content. Young people, self-confident are the good deed, but self-confident excessive is not good! This inspection is difficult, especially finally that pass/test, it is said did not cross Heavenly God! But what is very strange, Profound God and True God little rascal actually several can pass, therefore I guessed that some third pass/test people guard.” old man said.