World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2081

Shen Xiang looked in the sky fierce positive, quick must to noon, he say: It seems like the inspection of this Nine Firmaments Temple mainly looks at the potential, the potential big talented person has the value of training!” old man too does not approve the Shen Xiang words: If said according to you, then the old man I hasn't hoped? I highly diligently, I believe that I can certainly join Nine Firmaments Temple!” Shen Xiang does not know that Nine Firmaments Temple made anything to propagandize, unexpectedly made these many people want to join. Diligently is also potential one!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Old Senior, you are willing to try hard, then you have very big potential.” old man he he smiles: Young fellow, you looks like with other little rascal some are different, is the famous family juniors? Speaks appearance that is as deep as a well.” Noon arrived, shouted in the front door front person, Shen Xiang and old man looked, sees only that barrier of front door to dodge suddenly, turns into the pale golden color, the people also in abundance clash. I went advanced, I in second Guan Nali and others you.” old man sees this group of young people similar to mad bull clashes equally randomly proceeds along no particular course, shook the head, then walked quickly. Shen Xiang induced to old man on experienced a light strength fluctuation suddenly, he controlled god profound strength to shiver probably slightly, this, he very much with ease stepped into that pale golden light screen, entered inside spacious plaza, could see him to come in many. Shen Xiang also walked, present barrier was truly weak, he slightly has utilized space power, crosses this translucent light screen. Mr. Han can go in ease is because he passed through many time has attempted, but who this was brat? It looks like so is also relaxed, I come to here to be so long, has not seen him, his did first time go in?” A middle age said. The people look at the Shen Xiang's back at this time, discuss spiritedly get up. Those who make Shen Xiang quite strange is, now unexpectedly only then he and that Mr. Han have come, other people are unable to enter here, he does not know that the resistance of that ray of light curtain big, he comes in cannot feel completely.

You really came in!” Mr. Han sees Shen Xiang to follow after behind, is surprised, because he makes many attempts to go, he thinks how Shen Xiang is fierce, that must dash several times to be good, but Shen Xiang actually like ordinary walking, the casualness came. Shen Xiang smiled, then asked: Senior, what is the second pass/test inspects?” „The inspection of second pass/test goes to that mountain, will have many hindrance all the way.” old man has referred to a left mountain: Passed to a room under mountain in front.” Is so easy!” Shen Xiang sees that mountain not far, he uses space wind, several sub- can go. „It is not easy, will have many fellows of stop on the road, is some formation traps, occasionally also will have some beasts or entangles the plant of person.” old man shakes the head the forced smile to say. The front is a forest, so long as can go across the forest to that mountain at the foot of the hill, Shen Xiang had tried a moment ago, he can induce space wind, even if on the road has the thing to stop, will not become the influence to other party. When can start?” Shen Xiang asked. Now can start, but I must make a preparation, this was my 15 th time comes in successfully.” old man sighed one. Shen Xiang asked: Senior, where this Nine Firmaments does God Emperor attract you?” old man is somewhat astonished: You do not know that came? Do you come to here for what?” Shen Xiang scratches the head smiles: I passed by, then plans to come to have a look, where this Nine Firmaments is God Emperor good?”

You external, is definitely incomprehensible! We grow up in this region since childhood, but this Nine Firmaments Temple appears suddenly, but also makes the place that this was infertile so full of vitality, moreover here also Dragon Vein, this foot attracted many people to join!” old man said. Shen Xiang nodded, Nine Firmaments Temple truly does not need to do too propagandizes, is only here change, made many people dread the Nine Firmaments Temple strength on the foot. Then I walked first, Senior you must try hard!” Shen Xiang after old man smiled, uses space wind, suddenly on vanish from sight. old man was frightened all of a sudden by Shen Xiang this, he looked at all around hastily, has not been seeing the Shen Xiang's shadow. Shen Xiang entered the forest, several have passed suddenly through the forest, before arriving at old man, under mountain that said hut. Is you!” In front of near hut stone table, the female is eating the thing, this female is really the Jiu Hanrou good sisters, Chu Yunhui! Yunhui elder sister!” Shen Xiang sweet shouted, whole face gentle smiling face: Disturbed you?” Chu Yunhui looked at Sun of sky, somewhat with amazement said: Then at noon shortly, rushed to two to close, very fierce! Hehe, you , if not fierce, cannot save us.” You are looks for Deity King, climbs mountains directly that's it.” Chu Yunhui has referred to a mountain road. Many thanks Yunhui elder sister!” After Shen Xiang expression of gratitude, moves toward that mountain road hastily. Sees the little nine younger sisters and Yujie, makes them have free time to ask me to play, in out of the door shouted that I can hear.” Chu Yunhui urged Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang has complied with one, used space wind to climb mountains. This fellow, space strength utilizes more and more skilled.” Chu Yunhui was mumbling, then continued to eat her thing. Shen Xiang arrived at the summit quickly, here only then a small log cabin, Deity King unexpectedly lives in such simple place, he stood in the summit looked at all around, discovered that here had many this types is not too high, was not too short green mountain, the summit of each mountain had the construction. Shen Xiang?” Shen Xiang looks to the gate of log cabin, sees only a be with smile on the face middle age to open the door, then has referred to an entrance wooden table: Sits quickly!” Present Deity King looks like looks like the average person is the same, here has that many grand buildings, but he actually lives here, obviously has other intentions, he suspected that these green mountain have one to link Dragon Vein passage, can absorb deeply the Dragon Vein energy fast. This new Nine Firmaments God Emperor is very good!” Shen Xiang said that Deity King also puts out thing to entertain Shen Xiang, probably is the old friend meets such. Deity King said with a smile: Was the person were too few, what did you have to suggest?” Now Deity King has the comparison on strength, but does not have the new blood, disciple who therefore they need to recruit the potential. I suggested that you look for Nine Heavens Sect also to have the Demon Soul Executing City eldest children to chat in secret, can like them taking advantage of a person, or be inside forms an alliance.” Shen Xiang said.